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The following information is *not* a complete listing from the above listed Register.

There are almost 50 columns on each page of this register, of which I will list below.  For the transcription of the register pages, I will only be listing the information which is filled in for each entry. 

Register#; Ward or District; Name; Age; Sex; Color (White, Mulatto, Black); Date of Admission; If committed, by whom; Place of Settlement; Nativity; If Foreigners (Time in U.S., At what port landed); Occupation; Education (Unable to read or write, Could write their name); Civil Condition (Was never married, Married, Widowed); Habits (Abstinent, Moderate Drinker, Intemperate); Moral Condition (No. times had been in jail, Had frequented house of Prositution) Beginning of 2nd Page.  Re-Admissions (No. of times received, Former Register #'s); Physical Condition (Able-bodied, Not able-bodied); Classification (Sane, Insane, Idiotic, Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Hospital Case, Vagrants); Inmates of Hospital (Disease, Result); Date of Discharge; How Discharged; Number of Days Supported; Cause of Pauperism; Remarks.

#630:  Sara Ellen Raymond; 8yrs.; female; mulatto; July 4, 1895; G.D. Taylor; Greenwood Twp.; Perry Co.; Removed to Soldiers Orphan School; Sickness of father, Frank Raymond (colored).

#631:  Margeret May Raymond; about 5yrs.; female; mulatto; July 4, 1895; G.D. Taylor; Greenwood Twp.; Perry Co.; Removed to Soldiers Orphan Home at Chester Springs Pa.

#632:  Frank Raymond; male; black; July 8, 1895; G.D. Taylor; Greenwood Twp.; Perry Co.; Laborer; Could write their name; Married; Abstinent; not-able bodied; sane; Consumption; July 20, 1895; Death; 12 days.

#633:  Burt C. Sweger?; about 90; male; white; July 15, 1895; Tuscarrora Twp.; Perry Co., Pa.; Aug. 6, 1895; 21 Days; New Kingston Cumber. Co., Pa.

#634:  Brady Gragor; about 11; male; white; July 16, 1895; Tyrone Twp.; Perry Co., Pa.; Able-bodied; Sane; Died Jan. 12, 1897 from Measles with John F. Belt__ in Penn Twp., Perry Co., Pa.

#635:  Minnie A. Miller; 19y; female; white; July 20, 1895; Duncannon; Perry Co., Pa.; Domestic; Was never married; Able-bodied; sane; Discharged Nov 27, 1895.

#636:  Mary Miller; Born Jan 10, 1894; female; white; July 20, 1895; daughter of above Minnie Miller; Duncannon Twp.; Perry Co., Pa.; Indentured to Mary E. Ti__ney Oct. 18, 1895.

#637:  Harvey Sweger; about 8; male; white; Aug 30, 1895; B.H. Inhoff; Tuscarrora Twp.; Perry Co., Pa.; Oct. 10, 1895; Indentured to S. Robinson Saville Twp.

#638:  W. H. McClintock; 55y; male; white; Sept. 10, 1895; New Bloomfield; Perry Co., Pa.; Gentleman; Widowed; Abstinent; Not able-bodied; Sane; Admitted to Soldiers Home Dayton Ohio; Dec 1896.

#639:  John Boyles; male; white; Oct 28, 1895; Centre Twp.; Perry Co.; Laborer; married; abstinent; not able-bodied; sane; April 2, 1896 Died; Old age.

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