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Residents of 1900


Poorhouse residents- 1900
(Per the 1900 PA Census; Perry Co., Tyrone Twp., ED#154)
Key= Name; relation; DOB; Age' Marital Status; Place of Birth; Father's POB; Mother's POB; Occupation.

243/248:  John R. BODEN; Jan 1840; 60y; md-38y; PA-PA-PA; steward
Henrietta H. Boden; wife; July 1842; 57y; md-38y; 0/0; PA-PA-PA; matron
Mary E. WOLFE; employee; Jan 1853; 37y; wd; 6/5; PA-PA-PA; baker
Maud R. WOLFE; ---; Oct 1885; 14y; PA-PA-PA

Ezra CLOUSER; Inmate; Apr 1850; 50y; s; PA-PA-PA
Jerry Dougherty; Inmate; Dec 1860; 39y; s; PA-PA-PA
William SNYDER; Inmate; Nov 1835; 64y; s; PA-PA-PA
Levi WAY; Inmate; Jan 1845; 55y; s; PA-PA-PA
Emanuel MEFFORD; Inmate; Feb 1850; 50y; s; PA-PA-PA
Samuel ROUSE; Inmate; Aug 1846; 53y; s; PA-PA-PA
Samuel SHATTO; Inmate; Nov 1832; 67y; s; PA-PA-PA
Thomas C. FUNK; Inmate; Dec 1839; 60y; s; PA-PA-PA
John CHUBB; Inmate; Mar 1870; 30y; s; PA-PA-PA
William STEWART; Inmate; Nov 1815; 84y; wd; PA-PA-PA
Andrew SHERIFF; Inmate; Apr 1867; 33y; s; PA-PA-PA
Frank DANNER; Inmate; Oct 1878; 21y; s; PA-PA-PA
Harvey MEFFORD; Inmate; May 1880; 20y; s; PA-PA-PA
Henry MUMPER; Inmate; June 1816; 83y; wd; PA-PA-PA
Charles MILLER; Inmate; Jan 1816; 84y; s; PA-PA-PA
Elmer HEBEL; Inmate; May 1865; 35y; s; PA-PA-PA
Simon SHERIFF; Inmate; May 1877 23y; s; PA-PA-PA
Albert DICKINSON; Inmate; July 1863; 36y; s; PA-PA-PA
Joseph BARRITT; Inmate; Oct 1814; 85y; wd; PA-PA-PA
Peter MILLER; Inmate; Dec 1845; 54y; s; PA-PA-PA
Jacob HECK; Inmate; Apr 1844; 56y; s; PA-PA-PA
Frederick SMITH; Inmate; Feb 1866; 34y; md-6y; PA-PA-PA
Benjamin BAXTER; Inmate; Jan 1826; 74y; s; PA-PA-PA
Susan C. FUNK; Inmate; Apr 1842; 58y; wd; 3/3; PA-PA-PA
Tillie MILLER; Inmate; May 1856; 44y; s; PA-PA-PA
Alice MILLER; Inmate; June 1858; 41y; s; PA-PA-PA
Matilda STEWART; Inmate; Aug 1848; 51y; s; PA-PA-PA
Mary A. STEWART; Inmate; Sep 1851; 48y; s; PA-PA-PA
Ellen STEWART; Inmate; Sep 1854; 45y; s; PA-PA-PA
Lydia A. STEWART; Inmate; Dec 1850; 49y; s; PA-PA-PA
Susan MILLER; Inmate; Mar 1850; 50y; s; PA-PA-PA
Mary SULLIVAN; Inmate; Jan 1800; 90y;wd; IRE-IRE-IRE; 1830/60
Eliza FICKES; Inmate; Mar 1844; 56y; md-30y; 3/3; PA-PA-PA
Nancy O'LEARY; Inmate; Apr 1825; 75y; wd; 3/3; PA-PA-PA
Jane KEISTER; Inmate; May 1870; 30y; s; PA-PA-PA
Elizabeth FINLEY; Inmate; Dec 1826; 73y; wd; 4/4; PA-PA-PA
Beckie FRANK; Inmate; Nov 1839; 60y; s; PA-PA-PA
Malinda GREAGOR; Inmate; Jan 1872; 28y; s; PA-PA-PA
Sallie SHUMAN; Inmate; Mar 1855; 45y; md-10y; 0/0; PA-PA-PA
May SHERIFF; Inmate; Dec 1870; 29y; s; PA-PA-PA
Mary A. YOUNG; Inmate; July 1872; 27y; s; PA-PA-PA
Annie ARNOLD; Inmate; May 1876; 24y; s; PA-PA-PA
Barbara SPAHR; Inmate; Feb 1824; 76y; wd; 1/0; PA-PA-PA
Alice J. HARRIS; Inmate; Apr 1874; 26y; s; PA-PA-PA
Mary FESSLER; Inmate; Oct 1818; 81y; wd; 1/0; PA-PA-PA
Mary SMITH; Inmate; Nov 1869; 30y; md-6y; 0/0; PA-PA-PA

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