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Residents of 1880


Poorhouse residents- 1880
(Per the 1880 PA Census; Perry Co., Loysville, District# 129)
Key= Name; age; Marital Status; Occupation; Misc.; Place of Birth

Theodore Orner; 40y; md; Steward; PA
Deliah Orner; 35y; md; Matron; PA
Mary E. Orner; 15y; PA
Laura J. Orner; 12y; PA
William W. Orner; 10y; PA
Theodore Orner; 9y; PA
Joel D. Orner; 8y; PA
Annie Orner; 6y; PA


John Ram-sy; 65y; md; farmer; Insane; PA

Sam'l Hoover; 66y; s; laborer; maimed; PA

Barbara Siders; 65/45y; s; maimed; PA

Mary Hasinger; 75y; D; none; PA

Lydia Comp; 67y; wd; none; insane; PA

John Deck; 65y; s; laborer; PA

Julia Bender; 60y?; s; insane; PA

John Campbell; 40y?; s; laborer; insane; PA

William Snyder; 40y?; s; laborer; insane; PA

John Allen; 71y; s; PA

Hanah Gutshall; 68y?; wd; none; PA

Matilda Steward; 36y; s; insane; PA

Lydia Steward; 32y; s; servant; insane; PA

Mary Steward; 30y; s; insane; PA

Ellen Steward; 28y; s; servant; insane; PA

Mary Dreisler; 60y?; s; blind; PA

Wm Weirich; 29y?; s; laborer; insane; PA

Lydia Richter; 48y; s; servant; insane; PA

Mary Mathers; 78y; wd; servant; PA

Sue (Mi)ller; 38y; s; servant; PA

Mary E--inger; 61/68y; s; servant; PA

Michael Bower; 79y; s; laborer; PA

Thomas Davis; 64y; wd; blind; PA

George Allen; 7y; PA

Sue Fetterhoff; 65y; s; servant; PA

(Alice) Miller; 17y; servant; PA

Tillie Miller; 21y; servant; PA

Kate -eisman; 70/78y; md. within census year; PA

Ezra Clouser; 30y; s; laborer; insane; PA

John Shatto; 38/28y; s; laborer; insane; PA

Calvin Hess; 5y; PA

Wm Clouser; 39y; s; insane; PA

Sue Griffin; 80y; wd; maimed; PA

Barbara Hufford; 46y; md; insane; PA

J. Gallagher; (male); ??y; s; insane; PA

------ McDonald; 76y; wd; PA

John B--ts; 37y; s; laborer; insane; PA

Kate Billman; 49y; wd; PA

Jere Daughtery; 19y; s; laborer; PA

Sue Funk; 40y; md; servant; PA

Erasmus Miller; 10y; PA

Ellen Steward; 77y; s; PA

Sallie Gallacher; 77y; s; maimed; PA

Mary Harmen; 32y; md; PA

Mary A. Harmen; 6y; PA

Wm Reifsnyder; 68y; wd; PA

Alexdr. Mcgowen; 69y; md; laborer; PA

Susan Mcgowen; 65y; md; servant; PA

Lizzie -armen; 3y; PA

Wm Ashwell; 80y; wd; PA

Minnie Bower; 2y; PA

Mahala Updegraff; 37y; s; servant; insane; PA

Elisabeth Paden; 35y; s; servant; PA

James Stum; 2y; PA

Kate Byers; 78y; wd; maimed; PA

Petter Clouser; 67y; s; laborer; insane; PA

Liuisa Mage-; 29y; s; servant; PA

Lewis -uay; 3/8y; PA

John Hufford; 52y; md; PA

Jacob Boltoser; 80y; wd; PA

William Potter; 5y; PA

Minnie Potter; 11y; PA

Margaret Potter; 8y; PA

Samel -treely; 76y; wd; maimed; PA

Henry Smith; 54y; s; laborer; PA

Levi Way; 35y; s; laborer; PA

Saml Rouse; 33y; s; maimed; PA

Mary Harris; 60/40y; wd; PA

Kate Markley; 70y; s; PA

Elisabeth Harmen; 68y; wd; insane; PA

James Berkheiser; 67y; wd; PA

Stewar Harris; 13y; PA

John Harris; 10y; PA

Alice Harris; 6y; insane; PA

William Harris; 4y; PA

Georg Harris; 3mos; PA

Eliza Fick--; 36y; md; insane; PA

James Burns; 70y; s; maimed; PA

John Miller; 8y; maimed; PA

Annie Silks; 7y; PA

Daniel Swerger; 58y; md; insane; PA

Kate Trostle; 6y; PA

Harriet Potter; 6y; PA

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