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Residents of 1860


County Home Residents- 1860
(Per the 1860 PA Census; Perry Co., Tyrone Twp.)
Key= Name; age; Place of Birth; Miscellaneous

480/480; Adam Hopple; 35y; Steward of Poorhouse; PA
Mary Ann Hopple; 31y; PA
Abraham Hopple; 12y; PA
Sarah Hopple; 5y; PA
Samuel Hopple; 2y; PA

Sarah Calla_sser(?); 23y; PA

William Carson; 76y; PA

Danuel Carling; 50y; PA

Peter Leighly; 56y; PA

Noah Trimmer; 43y; PA

John Mor___; 53y; Ireland

Henry Eshelman; 45y; PA

William Snyder; 28y; PA

George C__ser; 49y; PA

A_salom Agney; 28y; PA

Benjamin Bender; 69y; PA

Peter Homes; 84y; Ireland

Alfred Johnson; 45y; PA

John Mattheis; 30y; PA

Engelhard Engls; 69y; Germany

Frederick Smith; 50y; PA

John Reeder; 21y; PA

John Wallace Smith; 5y; PA

William A. Robinson; 5y; PA

James Williams; 3y; PA

Jacob Miller; 6y; PA

Samuel Cook; 22y; NY

John Shular; 71y (or 91y); PA

Blai_s Shie_; 50y; PA

John Bohn; 14y; PA

Solomon Bohn; 12y; PA

John Robinson; 2y; PA

Molly     ; 91y; black; female; Unknown

Elizabeth Keckler; 29y; PA

Margaret Shade; 31y; PA

Julian Bender; 32y; PA

Lydia Comp; 41y; PA

Elisabeth _____; 91y; PA

Susana Rheem; 41y; PA

Elizabeth Poler; 49y; PA

Mary Miller; 40y; PA

Margaret Hess; 19y; PA

Mary _eland; 77y; PA

Barbara _idors; 52y; PA

Mary Hessinger; 44y; PA

Eliza ___il; 38y; PA

Margaret Kleckler; 71y (or 91y); PA

Matilda Miller; 3y; PA

Nancy Stuart; 76y (or 96y); PA

Susan Noman; ??y; PA

Ellen K_se_; 3y; PA

Sarah E__huser; 18y; PA

Rosasina Moses (or Moser); 46y; PA

Elizabeth Boner; 25y; PA

Susan McClure; 5y; PA

Catharine Robinson; 40y; PA

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