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Residents of 1850

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County Home Residents- 1850
(Per the 1850 PA Census; Perry Co., Tyrone Twp.)
Key= Name; age; Place of Birth; Miscellaneous

167/168; Henry Kleckner; 61y; steward; $8000; PA
Elisabeth Kleckner; 37y(?); PA
David Kleckner; 7y; PA
Daniel Kleckner; 1y; PA

John Shannon; 32y; PA

Jacob Freed; 70y; PA

Samuel Simpson; 50y; PA; criple

Crawford Duncan; 41y; PA; criple

John Hammer; 25y; Germany; sick

John Reightor; 81y; Germany

Daniel Sherriff; 15y; PA; criple

Abraham Gammer; 40y; drunkard

James Heiser; 8y; PA

George Sebold; 6y; PA

James Duncan; 4y; PA

Godleap Eddinger; 65y; PA; criple

Jeremiah Leary; 40y; Ireland

Richard Roberts; 35y; Ireland

William Roberts; 83y; PA

Josiah Owens; 6y; PA

Benjamin Bender; 55y; PA; Insane

Adam Flisenhart; 26y; Germany

Henry Eschelman; 28y; PA

Daniel Raush; 24y; PA

John Wallace; 1y; PA

William Hess; 5y; PA

Eliza Rinehart; 35y; PA

Caroline Fisher; 65y; Germany

Elisabeth Resso_yder (?); 63y; PA

Elisabeth Heig_ (or Heiz); 32y; PA

Nancy Heig_ (or Heiz); 4y; PA

Elisabeth Fry; 35y; PA

Mary Washington; 8/12m.; PA

Sarah Crist; 8/12m.; PA

Mary Ma___; 35y; PA

Susan Rhoads; 50y; PA

Susanah Duncan; 37y; PA

Mary Duncan; 3y; PA

Sarah He_ich; 37y; PA; Insane

Angeline Trip; 30y; NY

Nancy Ross; 70y; PA

Elisabeth Reister; 45y; PA; Idiot

Mary Hess; 11y; PA

Harriet Reighter; 50y; PA

William Reighter; 5y; PA

Henry Bumgardner; 60y; PA; Poverty

Elisabeth Bumgardner; 60y; PA; Poverty

Black Motty; female; b(lack); 65y; unknown; Idiot

Alexander Washington; b(lack); 16y; PA

Andrew Washington; b(lack); 7y; PA

Margaret Shade; 20y; PA; Idiot

John Reader; 11y; PA

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