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Below is a listing of Perry County Church Records that are available at the Perry Historians Library.

KEY:  Name, Location, Dates

Asbury Methodist & Otterbein United Brethern; Duncannon; 1857-1869

Bealor's (St. John) Lutheran; Markelsville; 1840-1877

Bealor's (St. John) Lutheran; Markelsville; 1840-1880

Bethany United Mehtodist; Marysville; 1897-1927

Bethel Evangelical; Griers Point

Bloomfield Circuit Methodist Episcopal; Bloomfield; 1837-1839
Bloomfield Methodist; Bloomfield; 1851-1940
Bloomfield Methodist Episcopal; Bloomfield; 1851-1895
Bloomfield Presbyterian; Bloomfield; 1834-1921
Bloomfield Reformed; Bloomfield

Buffalo Lutheran; 1889-1965

Centre Presbyterian; Madison Twp.; 1778-1819; 1857-1916; 1892-1980
Centre Presbyterian Church; Madison Twp.; 1779-1785

Centre/St. John's Lutheran; Buck's Valley

Christ Lutheran; Duncannon; 1907-1957
Christ Reformed; Duncannon

Church of God; Kennedy Valley; 1886-1986

Church of God; Little Germany

Dick's Gap Presbyterian (now Pine Grove); Miller Twp.

Duncannon Presbyterian; Duncannon; 1830-1882

Emanuel German Reformed, Buffalo Mills; Saville Twp.; 1842-1887
Emanuel Reformed; Saville Twp.; 1885

Ickesburg Evangelical Lutheran; Ickesburg; 1889-1964
Ickesburg Reformed; Ickesburg; 1952
Ickesburg Reformed/United Church of Christ; Ickesburg
Ickesburg United Church of Christ/Reformed; Ickesburg

Joint Consistory Records; 1849-1907; 1908-1960

Keboch United Methodist; Bloomfield; 1992

Landisburg Reformed; Landisburg; 1790-1887

Lebanon Evangelical Lutheran; Loysville; 1851-1879; 1880
Lebanon Lutheran; Loysville; 1860-1899
Lebanon Reformed; Loysville; 1860-1916

Liverpool Evangelical Lutheran Charge; Liverpool
Liverpool United Methodist; Liverpool; 1872-1904

Loysville Lutheran; Loysville; 1858-1920
Loysville Lutheran Charge; Loysville; 1884-1977; 1921-1945

Ludolph; Elliottsburg; 1841-1868; 1921-1945

Ludolph (Little Germany); Elliottsburg; 1843-1869

Lutheran & Reformed Fishing Creek Valley; Carroll Twp.; 1816-1878

Lutheran Parish, Landisburg/Loysville; Landisburg; 1994

Mannsville Evangelical Lutheran; Mannsville; 1856-1925

Marysville Evangelical; Marysville; 1869-1959

Messiah Lutheran; Elliottsburg; 1880-1963

Middle Ridge Presbyterian

Millerstown Presbyterian; Millerstown; 1832-1957; 1834-1879

Mouth of the Juniata Church, Presbyterian; Duncannon; 1804-1906

Mt. Zion (aka- St. Peter's); Spring Twp.; 1921-1945

Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran; 1888-1889

Mt. Zion Evangelical, Cradle Roll; Elliottsburg; 1908-1959

Mt. Zion Lutheran; Bridgeport; 1880-1993

Mt. Zion Lutheran; Spring Twp.; 1850-1878

Mt. Zion Lutheran; 1851-1980

Mt. Zion Lutheran & Reformed; Fishing Creek, Rye Twp.; 1817-1881

Nativity Episcopal; Newport

New Bloomfield Presbyterian; Bloomfield; 1886-1892

Newport Methodist; Newport; 1845-1913; 1897

Newport Presbyterian; Newport; 1864-1959

Newport Reformed; Newport; 1861-1928

Otterbein United Brethren; Duncannon; 1857-1869, 1869-1883

Perry Valley Presbyterian; Perry Valley; 1869-1935

Rev. Jacob Scholl-Zion Union; Blain; 1829-1832

Rev. John Linn; Baptisms; 1800-1819
Rev. John Linn; Marriages; 1778-1793
Rev. John Linn; Membership Lists; 1809-1810

Rev. John William Heim; Marriages; 1846-1847

Rev. Reily Pastoral Acts; 1812-1815

Shermansdale Presbyterian; Shermansdale; 1868-1956

Squire Rhea; 1873-1918

St. Andrew; Saville Twp.; 1849-1878

St. Andrew Evangelical Lutheran; Eschol; 1830-1877

St. David Reformed; Dellville

St. David Reformed at Fio Forge; Dellville; 1801-1836

St. John (Bealor's) Lutheran; Markelsville; 1840-1877, 1840-1880

St. John Reformed; Markelsville; 1863-1894

St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran; Pfoutz Valley; 1774-1902

St. Michael's Lutheran; Pfoutz Valley

St. Paul Lutheran; Ickesburg

St. Paul Lutheran; Madison Twp.; 1855-1955, 1881-1940

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran; Madison Twp.

St. Peter; Bridgeport; 1860-1902

St. Peter's (Mt. Zion); Spring Twp.; 1921-1945

Trinity German Reformed; Landisburg; 1850-1899

Trinity Reformed; Marysville; 1862-1984; 1869-1984

Trinity United Brethren in Christ; Bloomfield; 1896-1990

Trinity United Methodist; Bloomfield; 1992

United Brethren in Christ; 1856-1916

Walnut Grove United Methodist; Walnut Grove; 1992

Zion Evangelical Lutheran; Blain; 1867-1898

Zion German Reformed; Blain; 1845-1892

Zion Lutheran; Blain; 1867-1895

Zion Lutheran; Marysville

Zion Lutheran & Reformed; Blain; 1818-1826; 1818-1848

Zion Reformed; Blain; 1842-1971

Zion Union - Rev. Jacob Scholl; Blain; 1829-1832



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