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Below is a listing of publications that the Perry Historians Library offers for sale.  If you are interested in any of the items, you will need to contact the folks at the Perry Historians directly, for pricing and availability.

Perry Forrester (first newspaper in Perry County)

Roll Call - Duncannon High School

1877 Atlas of Perry, Juniata, Mifflin Counties-
        shows homes, churches, schools, etc.. hardbound
        published 1990 by Perry Historians

Everyname INDEX of the 1877 Atlas of Perry, Juniata & Mifflin Co.-
        69pgs.; hardbound, published 1993 by Perry Historians

A Perry County Collection-
        A reprint of 4 local histories. A Long Road Home; 40 Letters to Carson Long; Emigre Sage; and Tales of the Cocolamus.

School Houses in Perry County-
        By Margie Becker; Volumes I-IV available at this time.

Surname Index to H.H. Hains History of Perry Co.-
        11,000+ names, hardbound, 283 pgs., by Perry Historians.

Long Since-
        Accts. of the early settlers of New Bloomfield, by Alberta Clouser Pollard; 212 pgs., hardbound, published 1970.

300 Years with the Pennsylvania Traveler-
        by William H. Shenk, P.E.

Perry Review, Entire Collection-
        Volumes 1-25; as outlined below.

(Note the following may be purchased as a set as above listed or separately)

Perry Review (PR) Vol. 1; 1976
New Bloomfield Recollection 1832; Landisburg burials- 1893; Baxter Berkstresser Zion Church; 12 pgs. 
(Note that this is a photo-copy of the original)

PR Vol. 2; 1977-
26 pgs.; History of Bloomfield & land grants; 1891 Grave Diggers Report; 1771 Road Petition; Van Camp & Ogle Burial Grounds; Limestone Pres. Churchyard; Zion (Toboyne) Church, Mumpers Sawmill; Caroline Furnance; Jacob Briner; and Rausch-Roush.

PR Vol. 3; 1978-
48 pgs., Little Germany, 1763 Tax Assessment; Everhart's Mills; Bloomfield Burials- 1890; Acct. of seeing Abraham Linclon; Early History of Bloomfield; Liggetts & Clinton Foundry; Harry Lenig.  Historically informative obituaries.

PR Vol.4; 1979-
48 pgs., Mumper/Bixler-Beck Mills, Perry Valley Burial Grounds; Duncannon Methodist Church, Newport 1829-Present; James Bell, The Land of the Turtles; Airy View Dedication.

PR Vol. 5; 1980-
45 pgs., Owen Family; Historians 4th Annual Meeting & Tour of Blain; Millerstown Bicentennial; The Andersonburg Academy, Perry Co. Orphans School List; Patterson Mill, Sheaffer's Valley; 1890 Perry Co. Deaths.

PR Vols. 6 & 7; 1981 & 1982-
84 pages; 1820-1840 Paupers School List

PR Vols. 8 & 9; 1983 & 1984-
94 pgs; WWI Army Training Camp in Newport; Wm. Weaver; Massacre at Ft. Freeland; The Long Rifle; Early Settlements nr. County Seat; Colonial Churches in county; 1892 Cattlemen's Reunion- Blain; Perry Co. Cemeteries, Marklesville Graveyard; Rededication of St. Andrew's Church by family/desc. of Adam Klinepeter.

PR Vol. 10; 1985-
52 pgs., Grand Army of the Republic in Perry County; Story of the 133rd Regiment.

PR Vol. 11; 1986-
44 pgs., History of Mansville; 1859 & 1873 List of Dealers- Goods, Wares & Merchandise; Cattle Rustling 1816; Children in PA Soldier's Orphans School, Recollections of Canal Days

PR Vol. 12; 1987-
50 pgs., Shoemaker-Soul Saver; Pensioner's List, Nov. 1883; Ashton Family; Perry Co. Railroad; Duncannon Cem. Burials, 1923-25; The Years at Amity Hall; Noah Sheaffer; Rope Ferry, Marysville; My Call.

PR Vol. 13; 1988-
52 pgs., Index to Vol. 1-12; Perry Co. to Ogle Co., IL; Laying David Hohenshill to Rest; Dealers of Goods, Wares & Merchandise 1923; Duncannon H.S. Graduates, Blain H.S. Graduates; Newport merchandisers 1940; A Dream Come True.

PR Vol. 14; 1989-
44 pgs., Ickesburg (check newer publication for more).

PR Vol. 15; 1990-
101 pgs.,  Newport 1840-1990; Business families; Photos; Advertisements from Newspaper & Town Plot, 1834.

PR Vol. 16; 1991-
80 pgs., Milford (Wila), Pa., People 1900's; Buildings, Then & Now; The Mill, Bridges, Landmarks, Incidents-Pranks; Pets & Entertainment.

PR Vol. 17; 1992-
60 pgs., Short stories of Helen Bell Quick; Twp. Lines Toboyne & Jackson Twp.; Blaine-Smith Mill; Insights Toboyne Twp. 1798.

PR Vols. 18 & 19; 1993 & 1994-
150 pgs., Landisburg area Walking Tour; Reminiscences; Dr. Niblock Ledgers; Bits & Pieces  50-75 years ago; Juniata Twp., Town of Centre;  area during 1790 Whiskey Rebellion.

PR Vols. 20-23; 1995-1998-
268 pgs., Taufscheins, PA German Birth & Baptismal Certificates; Details from over 1400 certificates.

PR Vol. 24; Newspapers

PR Vol. 25:  Civil War

PR Vol. 26:  Court House

PR Vol. 27:  Historical Gleanings from Local Newspapers

Pennsylvania Transportation History-
        72 pgs. by W. H. Shank, 1990.

Indian Trails to Super Highways-
        72 pages; by W. H. Shank

History of Tressler Lutheran Services

Towpaths to Tugboats-
        Canal engineering, 72 pages, by W. H. Shank

The Canaler's Songbook-
        88 pages; by W. H. Hullfish

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #3

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #4

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #5

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #6

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #7

The Best from AMERICAN CANALS #8

Along the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal; 1826-1857
     A picture journey; 80 pgs., 1993; by P.J. Hoffman

The Canals of New York

        60 pgs., A Publication of the American Canal Society.

Great Floods of Pennsylvania
        90 pgs., by W. H. Shank

History of the York Pullman Automobile, 1903-1917 
        32 pgs., by W. H. Shank

The Columbia-Philadelphia Railroad

Vanderbilt's Folly
        45 pgs., History of the Pa. Turnpike, by W. H. Shank

Historic Bridges of Pennsylvania-  
        70 pgs., by W. H. Shank.

Perry County Grist Mills (by Eugene E. Eby)

Briner Family History

Lewis the Robber-
       Robber, counterfeiter, The Terror of the Cumberland Valley

Guidelines for Writing and Reading Local Origins
        35 pgs., 1991, by Wm. T. Swaim, Harrisburg PA.

The History of Ships
        288 pgs., hardbound, many colored pictures.

Note Cards
        8 Perry Co. photo scenes to each pack; cards are identified with location of each photo.

Cry A Symphony
        by Carolyn Epply Clouser

Christmas Ball; Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Christmas Ball; Airy View Library

Christmas Ball; Rockville Bridge

Christmas Ball; Caroline Furnace

Pennsylvania Heartlands; Volume I

Pennsylvania Heartlands; Volume II

Pennsylvania Heartlands; Volume III

Every Name Index of Biographical Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley

Cemeteries in Dauphin County, PA (locations by GPS, no inscriptions)

Cumberland Valley Farm Tracts Licensed by Samuel Blunston

Pennsylvania Folk Art

2008 Perry Historians' Calendar

My Memories; by Muriel (Showalter) Rice; Poems; 163 pages.

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