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KEY= Parent's Name; Children's Name; Age

Benjamin Kindle
    Catharine Kindle, 10y
    John Kindle, 8y
    Margret Kindle, 6y

Henry Barrack
    Arabella Barrack, 8y
    Henry Barrack, 6y

Hugh Anderson
    Polly Ann Anderson, 7y
    William Anderson, 5y

Harkness Armstrong
    George W. Armstrong, 5y

Jonathan Smith
    Elizabeth Smith, 11y
    Michael Smith, 5y

William Berrier
    William Berrier, 8y
    Henry Berrier, 7y
    George A. Berrier, 6y

Abraham Reeder
    Mary Ann Reeder, 10y
    Margaret Reeder, 9y
    Elizabeth Reeder, 7y
    Jacob Reeder, 5y

Jonathan Sheriff
    Catharine Sheriff, 10y
    David Sheriff, 8y
    Sarah Sheriff, 7y
    Daniel Sheriff, 5y

George Peck
    Isabella Peck, 7y
    Jacob Peck, 6y

Andrew Beers
    Martha Beers, 6y

Peter Showers
    David Showers, 8y
    Catharine Ann Showers, 6y

David Fulton
    Mary Fulton, 9y
    George Fulton, 7y
    Sarah Fulton, 5y

George Lacey
    Hannah Lacey, 8y
    Margaret Lacey, 6y

William Stump
    William Stump, 11y
    Henry Stump, 10y
    David Stump, 8y
    Barbara Stump, 6y

George Johnston
    George Bennett (_ Maryland), 10y

Robert Everil
    William Everil, 9y
    Sarah Agness Everil, 6y

Mary Reeder
    James Reeder, 11y
    Matilda Reeder, 9y
    Jacob Reeder, 7y
    Margaret Reeder, 6y

Elizabeth Shambaugh
    Michael Shambaugh, 9y

William Roberts
    Rachel Beetle, 8y

Barbara Stump
    Margret Stump, 11y
    Simon Stump, 5y
    Thomas Stump, 5y

John Titler
    Henry Titler, 11y
    William Titler, 8y
    Samuel Titler, 6y
    Elsabeth Titler, 5y

Robert Peden
    William Peden, 11y
    Margret Peden, 8y
    Robert Peden, 6y

John Owings
    John Owings, 6y
    Polly Ann Owings, 9y

William Anderson
    John Anderson, 9y
    James Anderson, 6y

Peter Kuney?
    Susannah Kuney, 7y
    Elizabeth Kuney, 6y



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