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KEY= Parent's Name; Children's Name; Age

Henry Swarner
    William Swarner, 9y
    Adam Swarner, 7y
    Henry Swarner, 5y

Abraham Henry, Jr.
    Elizabeth Henry, 7y
    Jacob Henry, 5y

Abraham Henry, Sr.
    Wilson Stone, 7y

Phillip Coon
    Sally Coon, 9y
    Caty Coon, 6y

Jacob Murphy
    Elizabeth Murphy, 8y
    John Murphy, 6y

Patrick McCardel
    David McCardel, 10y
    James McCardel, 6y

Robert Paden
    Joseph Paden, 10y
    William Paden, 8y
    Margaret Paden, 6y

Peter Straw
    Martha Straw, 9y
    Alexand__ Straw, 7y

George Peck
    John Peck, 9y
    Samuel Peck, 7y
    Ezibel Peck, 5y

Filo Jonston
    Sarah Jonston, 11y
    Filo Jonston, 9y
    John Jonston, 7y
    William Jonston, 5y

Andrew Robison
    Elizabeth Ann Robison, 11y
    Mary Ann Robison, 7y
    Sarah Jane Robison, 9y
    Euphrania Robison, 5y

Henry Ada___
    John Ada___, 9y

William Anderson
    Samuel Anderson, 10y
    Rachel Anderson, 8y
    John Anderson, 6y

George Gibbons
    David Gibbons, 9y
    Mary Gibbons, 7y
    Jacob Gibbons, 5y

Benjamin Kindle
    Arabell Kindle, 9y
    Caty Kindle, 7y

John Owings
    Sally Owings, 9y
    Mary Owings, 7y

William Chestnut
    Mary Ann Chestnut, 10y
    Simon Chestnut, 8y

Mathies Hartman
    Jacob Hartman, 10y
    Mary Hartman, 10y
    Susanna Hartman, 9y
    Samuel Hartman, 7y

Jonathan Sharf
    William Sharf, 10y
    Madelien Sharf, 8y
    Catharine Sharf, 7y

Daniel Beasten
    Boy, Kinzyballart Beasten, 10y

Jacob Rader
    Alexandrew Reder, 11y
    James Reder, 9y
    Ma-- Reder, 7y

Jacob K_etner
    William K_etner, 10y
    Liza K_etner, 8y
    Henry K_etner, 6y

Thomas Beasten
    Millison Beasten, 10y

Widow of Samuel Shower, deceased
    John Shower, 10y



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