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Children of Robert Paiden
John, 8 years
Joseph, 6 years

Children of John Owens
Samuel, 10 years
Sally, 6 years


John, son of Jacob Donefeltzer, 11 years

Children of Filo Johnston
Sarah, 9 years
David, 11 years
Filo, 7 years
John, 5 years

Children of Jacob Snider
Elwina, 10 years
Jacob, 8 years
Margaret, 6 years

Children of Jacob Peck
Sarah, 8 years
James, 6 years

Children of John Owen
Sarah, 10 years
Mary Ann, 8 years
Samuel, 11 years

Children of Paterick McCardon
David, 7 years
James, 5 years

Samul Hess, son of John; 7 years

Children of Robert Padon
John, 11 years
Joseph, 10 years
William, 8 years

Children of Jacob Reader
Mary, 11 years
Margret, 9 years
James, 8 years


Children of Abraham Reeder
Mary, 10 years
Margret, 9 years
Elizabeth, 6 years

Children of Jacob Reeder, Jr.
James, 11 years
Mitilda, 9 years
Jacob, 7 years
Margret, 5 years

Children of George Peck
Samuel, 10 years
Isabela, 7 years
Jacob, 6 years

Children of Hugh Anderson
Mary Ann, 7 years
William, 5 years

John Krider, son of Susan Bower, 11 years

Children of Peter Shower
David, 8 years
Cathrin; 5 years

Children of David Fulton
Mary, 8 years
George, 7 years

Children of John Owins
Mary, 9 years
John, 6 years

Children of Robert Padon
William, 11 years
Margret, 7 years
Robert, 5 years

Children of Benjamin Kindel
Poly Ann (crossed out)
Arabel (crossed out)
Cathrin, 10 years
John, 8 years
Margret, 6 years

Children of Peter Kooney
Susan, 6 years
Elizabeth, 5 years

Children of John Titler
Henry, 11 years
William, 9 years
Samuel, 5 years

Children of William Anderson
John, 8 years
James, 5 years

Children of Jacob Reeder, Sr.
William, 9 years
Sarah Ann, 7 years
Jacob, 5 years

Children of William Berrier
William, 10 years
Henry, 8 years
George, 6 years


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