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Return of Children in Saville Township whose parents are unable to pay for their schooling made to the Commissioner of Perry County by Edward Miller, assessor for the year 1828.

KEY= Parent's Names; Children's Name; Age

Margaret Stuart
    John Stuart, 11y
    Sarah Stuart, 9y

Vincent Leeds
    Jane Leeds, 9y
    Daniel Leeds, 6y

George Gibbons
    Henry Gibbons, 8y

Joseph Wilson
    Mary Ann Wilson, 6y

John Rhode
    William Rhode, 10y

Mathias Hawn
    Mathias Hawn, 10y

William Bitner
    Betsy Bitner, 6y

Widow Orris
    Sarah Orris, 6y

Sam'l Shull
    Samuel Shull, 8y

Polly Matthews
    Jacob Fritz, 6y

Susannah Lutman
    William Lutman, 10y
    Catharine Lutman, 8y

Peter Creek
    Polly Creek, 11y
    Daniel Creek, 10y

Sarah Campbell
    Robert Campbell, 10y

John Snider
    Rossannia Snider, 10y
    John Snider, 6y
    Christian Snider, 5y

William Campbell
    William Campbell, 11y

John Yocum
    Rusman Yocum, 9y
    Polly Yocum, 6y

John Hawn
    Margaret Hawn, 7y
    John Hawn, 5y

Henry Bouseman
    Polly Bouseman, 8y
    Liddy Bouseman, 5y

Mrs. Sweager
    David Robison, 8y
    William Miller, 5y

Barbara Bixler
    Polly Bixler, 11y
    James Bixler, 9y
    Ellis Bixler, 7y

David Zigler
    Samuel Zigler, 8y
    John Zigler, 6y



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