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The first newspaper to be published in the newly formed county of Perry was the Perry Forester on 12 July 1820.

Below are various papers that have been published in Perry County, Pa., throughout the years.

Bloomfield TimesPublished every Tuesday morning by Frank Mortimer & Co., is a five-column, 12x19, eight-paged weekly.  It was first issued in January, 1868.  Subscription price is $1.25 per year in advance.  The Times is the only paper in the county published on a steam-powered press.

Duncannon Record


(later known as the Newport Ledger)

Liverpool American

Liverpool Mercury and People's Advertiser (
aka- Mercury & Perry Intelligencer):  A weekly newspaper owned and edited at Liverpool, Perry county, by John Huggins.  The Mercury was a five-column, 12x16, four-paged paper, devoted to politics, literature, local news and advertising.  It was started July 1, 1831, and finally became merged into the Perry County Democrat in June, 1836.  The subscription price was $2.00 per annum.

Liverpool Sun

Marysville Advance

Marysville Journal

Millerstown Gazette
a five column, 12x18, four-paged weekly, was started at Millerstown by Levi Klauser, Jan. 1, 1857, and continued until April 22, 1858, when the press was removed to Newport and the paper took the name of Newport Gazette.  At the latter place it was continued by Klauser & Bowman, from April 29, 1858, until September 20, 1859.  Subscription price was $1.50 per annum.

Millerstown Ledger
(later known as the Ledger)

Newport Gazette
see Millerstown Gazette.

Newport Ledger

Newport News: 
A weekly newspaper, started by Hervey Smith and E. T. Williams, January 1, 1869.  It is independent in politics and specially devoted to general literature, local news, agriculture and advertising.  It has been greatly improved by its present editor and proprietor, George Shrom, and is a seven-column, 15x21, single sheet, mailed to subscribers at $1.50 per annum in advance.

Newport Standard:
  Started at Newport, September 1, 1841, by Samuel Schrack.  It was a five-column, 12x18, weekly.  The press was removed to Bloomfield, and continued from August 22, 1844, as Perry County Standard, by J. D. Crilly.

People's Advocate & Press (aka- Advocate & Press)
An eight-column, 19x25, single sheet, weekly Republican newspaper, started in Bloomfield in June, 1853, by a joint stock association, with John H. Sheibley, Esq., as editor.  It is devoted to literature, politics, local news, agriculture and advertising.  Mr. Sheibley has become proprietor and greatly increased his facilities for job printing.  The subscription price of the Advocate is $2 per annum in advance.

Perry County Democrat
(see the Liverpool Mercury):  is the title of the Democratic paper continued in the office of the Perry Forester at Bloomfield by Major John A. Magee.  It is devoted to literature, politics, general and local news, and agriculture.  It is the oldest of the weekly papers now published, dating its Vol. No. 1 June, 1826.  It is an eight-column, 19x26, four-paged weekly, mailed to subscribers at $2.00 per annum in advance.

Perry County Freeman (
aka- Perry Freeman, Freeman):  A Republican seven-column weekly, of which Hon. John A. Baker is editor and proprietor.  It was started June 20, 1839.  Subscription price, $1.50 per annum in advance.

Perry County Standard  (see the Newport Standard)

Perry County Times

Perry Forester: 
The title of the oldest newspaper published in the county.  It was started in Landisburg, July 12, 1820, by H. W. Peterson, and Alexander Magee.  It was a five-column, 12x17, single sheet weekly, devoted to politics, foreign and home news, literature and advertising.
H. W. Peterson was an associate editor of the Forester from July 12, 1820 until January 13, 1821.  He wielded a ready pen and for erudition stood A No. 1 in his profession.  After he left Perry, Peterson edited a paper in Lebanon county, which he quitted to remove to Gault, Upper Canada, where he became probate judge under His Majesty George IV.  He died at the latter place.
In the first issue of the Forester we are informed that but one mail reached Landisburg weekly.  The Perry Forester was continued by Alexander Magee at Landisburg until April 9, 1829, when the first issue was sent from the office on Main street, Bloomfield.  The subscription price of the Forester was $1.75 a year in advance.

Town and Country

Weekly News-Sun

SOURCES:  The Perry Historians Library, New Bloomfield Pa.;  History of Perry County in Pennsylvania, From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time; S. Wright, Lancaster, 1873.



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