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Listed below are some of the mills that are/were found in Perry County.  

Baer Mill

Barkey Mill

Barnett Mill

Baughman Mill

Beck's Mill

Bernheisel Mill

Bistline Mill

Blemel Mill

Briner Grist Mill

Brownawell (Shermans Dale) Mill

Clark's Mill

Cless (Heckendorn) Mill

Clover Mill (on Witherow Run)

Cove Mill

Dellville Mill

Devor Mill

Donnally's Mill

Dugan (Shearer) Mill

Duncannon Flouring Mill

English Mill

Enslow Mill

Everhart Mill

Fairview Mill

Fickes (Smith) Mill

Fravel Grist Mill (on Witherow Run)

Fry Mill

Garwood Mill

Gibson (Westover) Mill

Glenvale Mill

Jacob Grove Mill

Haas Mill

Hart Mill

Hohenshilt Saw Mill (on Witherow Run)

Hulings Mill

Ickes Mill

Kimmel Mill

Kings Mill

Louck's Mill (aka- Stouffer's)

Lower Shuman Mill

Lupfer Mill

McAfee Fulling Mill

McKenzie Mill

Mt. Patrick Mill

Markelsville Mill

Martin Mill

James Moose Mill

New Germantown Mill

Patterson Mill

Francis Patterson Mill

Pine Mill

Rice Mill

Roddy (Waggoner) Mill

Rowe & Williamson Mill

Sanderson Mill

Secrist Mill

Shambaugh Mill

Shoaff Mill

Shrenks Mill

Smith (Buffalo) Mill

Snyder (Butturf) Mill

Steam Mill

Stoke (Smith) Mill

Stouffer's Mill (aka- Louck's)

Tharp Mill

Thompson Mill

Toomey Mill

Trostle (Moose) Mill

Upper Shuman Mill

Ward Mill

Weaver (Heim) Mill

Wentzel Mill

Wentzel (Red) Mill

Wentzel Flour Mill

Zeigler Mill


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