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KEY=Name; Residence; Age; Occupation; Married/Unmarried

THE MILITARY ROLL for Madison Twp., Perry Co., PA, for the year 1890.

Wm B. Anderson; Andersonburgh; 33; agent; unmarried

A. C. Anderson; Andersonburg; 26; farmer; unmarried

James S. Arnold; Kistler; 34; farmer; married

Ben H. Adair; Cisna Run; 31; farmer; married

James K. Adair; Center; 37; laborer; married

Wm H. Adair; Center; 41; laborer; married

Wm Adair; Center; 37; farmer; married

Andrew Adair; Center; 39; farmer; married

Ben H. Anderson; Andersonburgh; 23; teacher; unmarried

Geo W. Barkley; Cisna run; 33; laborer; married

Reuben L. Booda; Andersonburgh; 24; teacher; married

Andrew Barkley; Cisna run; 35; laborer; married

Geo W. Borrol; Cisna run; 34; farmer; married

Jacob Bower; Andersonburgh; 29; laborer; married

John Bower; Cisna run; 35; laborer; married

Theo M. Bryner; Cisna run; 37; blacksmith; married

Abert K. Bryner; Cisna run; 36; sawyer; married

John N. Borrol; Cisna run; 41; farmer; married

Abraham Bistline; Andersonburgh; 43; Miller; married

Amos Bower; Andersonburgh; 33; laborer; married

Geo W. Barkley; Center; 42; wagonmaker; married

Wm F. Bear; Center; 42; miller & farmer; married

Geo. M. Bear; Center; 27; painter; married

Ezra Bryner; Cisna run; 26; teacher; unmarried

Ira Bryner; Cisna run; 23; teacher; unmarried

Robert Campbell; Blain; 29; laborer; married

Joshua B. Comp; Blain; 43; farmer; married

John W. Coony; Andersonburgh; 41; laborer; married

Andrew B. Couch; Andersonburgh; 30; laborer; married

Thos. F. Couch; Center; 35; farmer; married

Andrew Clouse; Center; 25; laborer; married

A. B. Calwell; Landisburg; 44; farmer; married

Benjamin J. Comp; Cisna run; 24; laborer; unmarried

Edward F. Ernest; Cisna run; 28; laborer; unmarried

Wm. H. Ernest; Cisna run; 25; laborer; unmarried

Fergison Elder; Andersonburgh; 42; married

James Foose; Cisna run; 43; A soldier in late war; laborer; married

Elmer Fleck; Andersonburgh; 23; laborer; married

Wm. C. Garber; Andersonburgh; 23; clerk; married

Nathaniel Gutshall; Andersonburgh; 27; farmer; unmarried

Andrew Gutshall; Blain; 27; laborer; married

John P. Gregor; Landisburgh; 27; laborer; married

Wm. B. Gutshall; Andersonburgh; 35; laborer; married

Wm. Hassinger; Blain; 25; farmer; married

David H. Hess; Andersonburgh; 23; laborer; unmarried

David Hess, Sr.; Blain; 40; laborer; married

John F. Hockenberry; Andersonburg; 29; laborer; married

James Hockenberry; Andersonburg; 27; laborer; married

Geo J. Hench; Center; 35; laborer; married

Andrew Hollenbaugh; Andersonburg; 41; farmer; married

J. C. Hollenbaugh; Center; 37; farmer; married

Grosh M. Hench; Center; 37; farmer; married

William M. Hench; Andersonburgh; 35; farmer; married

Henry Hazel; Newville, Cumberland; 33; farmer; married

James A. Johnson; Andersonburgh; 35; farmer; married

William Kell; Blain; 25; laborer; married

Wilson Kitner; Center; 30; farmer; married

Clark D. Keck; Cisna run; 25; merchant; unmarried

Wm. H. Kingsborough; Cisna run; 22; laborer; unmarried

Daniel Keck; Andersonburgh; 32; saddler; married

D. G. Keck; Cisna run; 23; laborer; married

Jacob Leiby; Blain; 36; wellborer; married

John Leiby; Blain; 34; laborer; married

William H. Loy; Cisna run; 42; farmer; married

Jacob Loy; Andersonburgh; 40; farmer; married

J. C. Martin; Andersonburgh; 27 cabinetmaker; married

Solomon Moose; Cisna run; 41; farmer; married

Thos. F. Martin; Andersonburgh; 41; farmer; married

John E. Motzer; Andersonburgh; 31; laborer; married

James M. Moose; Andersonburgh; 25; laborer; unmarried

Wm. S. Moose; Andersonburgh; 30; farmer; married

Richard Morrow; Andersonburgh; 43; laborer; married

Gast A. Mort; Andersonburgh; 44; soldier in late war; married

Geo. D. Mort; Andersonburgh; 22 laborer; married

Geo. D. Martin; Cisna run; 24; farmer; married

Ira J. Metz; Loysville; 25; farmer; unmarried

WIlliam Metz; Loysville; 23; teacher; unmarried

Charles L. McKee; Andersonburg; 24; laborer; unmarried

William Owings; Andersonburgh; 38; laborer; married

Jacob Parker; Landisburgh; 40; laborer; married

John Parker; Landisburgh; 35?; unmarried

Jefferson Rowe; Andersonburgh; 24; laborer; married

Edward F. Rowe; Andersonburgh; 33; laborer; married

Taylor Z. Roush; Cisna run; 35; farmer; married

John J. Rice; Center; 41; merchant; married

John Robinson; Center; 31; laborer; unmarried

Emaniel K. Sowers; Andersonburgh; 27; farmer; married

Geo. F. Stine; Andersonburgh; 31; farmer; married

Charle D. Stine; Andersonburgh; 29; farmer; married

Louis F. Stambaugh; Andersonburgh; 29; farmer; married

A. N. Stambaugh; Andersonburgh; 31; laborer; married

Samuel Sheaffer; Andersonburgh; 44; laborer; married

Henry Sheaffer; Cisna run; 40; laborer; married

David Sheaffer; Cisna run; 40; farmer; married

Allen F. Smith; Cisna run; 36; miller; married

Wm. F. Stambaugh; Cisna run; 29; farmer; married

Harvey Snyder; Cisna run; 38; farmer; married

Howard Stoke; Andersonburgh; 25; farmer; married

Peter C. Swisher; Cisna run; 44; farmer; married

Reed Swisher; Cisna run; 22; laborer; married

John W. Stahl; Cisna run; 34; farmer; unmarried

Jacob Stahl; Cisna run; 39; farmer; unmarried

Jacob Sydel; Cisna run; 38; farmer; married

John C. Shope; Cisna run; 24; laborer; unmarried

Miles P. Stambaugh; Andersonburgh; 27; laborer; married

William Scoot; Andersonburgh; 27; carpenter; married

W. C. Smith; Kistler; 22; laborer; married

Roland Smith; Landisburgh; 41; painter; married

Peter Sheaffer; Landisburgh; 25; farmer; married

J. H. Smith; Cisna run; 28; laborer; married

Fra. F. Smith; Cisna run; 24; laborer; unmarried

F. J. Shanfeltzer; Center; 29; laborer; unmarried

A. P. Seilheisner; Andersonburgh; 28; blacksmith; married

Levi Trostle; Andersonburgh; 42; agent; married

Aurther Trostle; Andersonburgh; 23; laborer; unmarried

William Winn; Cisna run; 30; laborer; married

James W. Weibley; Andersonburg; 40; laborer; married

Harry A. White; Andersonburg; 41; laborer; married

John M. Wolf; Center; 35; Justice of Peace; married

Wm. H. Wolf; Center; 44; farmer; unmarried

Israel Weibley; Cisna run; 37; farmer; married

Luther M. Wentzel; Andersonburgh; 23; laborer; unmarried

Samuel R. Weller; Landisburg; 28; farmer; married

Geo W. Yohn; Andersonburgh; 32; laborer; married

Samuel Yohn ; Andersonburgh; 31; laborer; married

Wm. H. Zimmerman; Center; 40; farmer; married



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