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KEY=Name; Residence; Age; Occupation; Married/Unmarried
(Unless noted otherwise, Residence is Jackson Twp.)

THE MILITARY ROLL of Jackson Twp., Perry County, Penn'a, For The Year 1890.  Geo. W. Wentz, assessor.

Emmet Anderson; J. A. Anderson; 22; laborer; unmarried

Lewis Britcher; 28; laborer; married
Philip Britcher; 30; laborer; married

J. K. Baltozer; 30; farmer; married

David Book; 39; carpenter; married

C. M. Bower; 29; farmer; married

J. T. Baltozer; 33; laborer; married
S. A. Baltozer; 37; laborer; married

Charles Baker; blind in one eye; 33y; farmer; married

J. W. Bradfield; 30; farmer; married

J. W. Bower; 42; laborer; married

James Bitner; 32; farmer; married

Daniel Berier; 26; laborer; married

David Book; 22; farmer; married

Charles Baltozer; Henry Baltozer; 23; laborer; unmarried

Jno H. Bistline; 21; farmer; married

John Crider; 28; farmer; married

Lewis Clouse; 22; laborer; married

Thomas Delancy; 25; laborer; married

M. L. Dromgold; 43; farmer; married

Wm Delancy; 42; laborer; married

John W. Fry; 38; farmer; married

Jno W. Gutshall; 38; farmer; married

Jno Gibbons; Henry Gibbons; 31; farmer; unmarried
Sam L Gibbons; 25; farmer; unmarried

Jno G. Gray; 37; farmer; married

Sol Gutshall; 30; farmer; married
David Gutshall; 34; laborer; married
Jeremiah Gutshall; 39; laborer; married
Geo Gutshall; 24; laborer; married
Jno Gutshall; 27; laborer; married
Wm J. Gutshall; 38; farmer; married
Sylvester Gutshall; 29; laborer; married
Walter J. Gutshall; 27; laborer; married
Benj Gutshall; 23; farmer; married

J. W. Hollenbaugh; 36; farmer; married

Abraham Hostetter; 32; farmer; married
Geo Hostetter; 29; laborer; married

Jno W. Henry; 26; laborer; married

Jno H. Hench; 44; farmer; married

S/T E. Harkins; 35; Prof.; married

Hermin Hart; G. L. Woods; 21; laborer; married

Wm A. Kline; 43; farmer; married

Sol Kessler; 32; farmer; married

Milt S. Kistler; John Kistler; 22; Prof; unmarried
Iser Kistler; 22; laborer; married

B. F. Leiby; 29; married

Lewis Moose; 32; farmer; married

Sam W. Miller; 33; laborer; married
Michael Miller; 26; laborer; married

Jos. M. Morrow; 43; laborer; married

Esekiah Minich; 44; farmer; married

Albert Mumper; 33; laborer; married

Wm. H. Miller; Michael Miller; 29; laborer; unmarried
Alexander Miller; 28; laborer; married

Augustus Neidich; 23; laborer; married
Daniel Neidich; 31; laborer; married
Jess Neidich; Cath Neidich; 27; farmer; unmarried
Samuel Neidich; 28; laborer; married
Alph. Neidich; 32; laborer; married
Levi Neidich; 43; farmer; married

B. F. G. Otto; 44; farmer; married
John Otto; 38; farmer; married

Henry Prior; 44; laborer; married

Calvin C. Reeder; David Smith; 32; farmer; unmarried

David M. Row; David Row; 31; farmer; not married

Geo Roth; David Roth; 29; laborer; not married

Jno A. Snyder; 36; farmer; married

Geo M. Stroup; 43; farmer; married

David Stambaugh; 40; farmer; married

Wm. Smith; 36; carpenter; married

Sylvester J. Shields; 39; farmer; married
Geo Shields; 38; farmer; married
A. B. Shields; 35; mason; married

G. W. Shambaugh; 41; laborer; married

Andrew Stricker; 35; laborer; married

F. J. Stambaugh; 31; sawrer; married
Emanuel Stambaugh; 29; farmer; married

McClellan Scott; blind in one eye; G.W. Scott; 24; laborer; married

Daniel Shuman; 37; laborer; married

Jno Sanderson; 40; laborer; married

John Stum; 32; farmer; married

Geo M Smith; 32; laborer; married

Geo Seager; 40; farmer; married

G. Mc. Shuman; 26; farmer; married
Jos. T. Shuman; 23; farmer; married

Judson Spohn; J. K. S_ohn; 22; shoemaker; not married

Francis M. Swortz; 29; laborer; married

Samuel Tressler; 22; farmer; married

Jacob Trostel; 34; farmer; married

David Thomas; 32; laborer; married

Wm. H. Trostel; G.W. Trostel; 25; farmer; not married

Geo. L. Woods; 30; farmer; married

Wm. Wentz; Jos. Wentz; 28; farmer; not married
Samuel Wentz; 29; farmer; married

A. Wilt; 29; laborer; married

Benjamin B. Wentz; Henry Wentz; 23; farmer; not married

Wm J. Wilt; 32; farmer; married

D. B. Wentz; 31; farmer; married

E. M. Wilt; John Wilt; 27; laborer; not married
Jos. B. Wilt; John Wilt; 25; laborer; not married

John Walton; Geo. Walton; 22; laborer; not married



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