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BLAIN, 1890


KEY=Name; Residence; Age; Occupation; Married=Yes/No
(Unless noted otherwise, Residence is Blain.)

THE MILITARY ROLL of Blain., Perry County, Penn'a, For The Year 1890.  

Samuel Barnhart; 42; blacksmith; Yes

Miles Bower; 34; salesman; yes

C. C. Evans; 42; salesman; yes

David Fetro; 4_; cabinet maker; yes

E. M. Free; 3_; watchmaker; yes

Newton Flickinger; 22; wheelwright; yes

John Graham; 38; shoemaker; yes

J. C. Gutshall; 22; teacher; no

C. E. Gregg; 34; druggest; yes

Harvey Garlin; 23; merchant; yes

E. K. Harman; 30; merchant; no

John Harman; 34; merchant; yes

W. D. Henry; 38; fencemaker; yes

W. A. Johnston; 40; laborer; yes

George Johnston; 38; laborer; yes

Simon Kern; 42; butcher; yes

Frank Kistler; 23; laborer; yes

R. H. Kell; 40; shoemaker; yes

W. D. Messimer; 44; shoemaker; yes

Wm. Miller; 43; laborer; yes

S. L. Messimer; 30; minister; yes

Howard Owings; 32; blacksmith; yes

Harry Owings; 26; blacksmith; no

Harvey Rinesmith; 25; laborer; no

James Reckard; 38; merchant; yes

David Rice; 38; salesman; yes

Sam'l Rhoads; 44; wheelwright; yes

Corneilus Rhoads; 22; blacksmith; no

Warren Stoke; 22y; laborer; no

David Stoke; 25y; laborer; yes

Geo W. Shreffler; 35; blacksmith; yes

James Shannon; 32; carpenter; yes

James Shoemaker; 35; laborer; yes

Geo. W. Smith; 38; laborer; yes

I/J. W. Souser; 3_; minister; no

Wm Sheaffer; 23; blacksmith; no

Robert Woods; 40; laborer; yes

F. W. Woods; 24; laborer; yes

J. M. L. Wentzel; 30; merchant; yes

Joseph Woods; 42; farmer; no



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