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Mexican War; 1846-1848

Per the book, History of Perry County, Penn.,
by Silas Wright, 1873.


Muster roll of Perry County volunteers who served in the army during the Mexican War.

(These troops were nearly all from the "Landisburg Guards" and "Bloomfield Light Infantry" organized companies, but they were not accepted and credited to the county as companies.  These troops participated in the engagements of Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, the bloody battles of Contreras, Cherubusco, Molino del Rey, and Chepultepec.)


Steever Mitchel


Hezekiah Applegate
Joseph Allison
George Bristline *
William Blain
Frederick Baker
Alexander Brown
Jacob Bolmer
Daniel Baskins
Hugh Boden *
David M. Black
Daniel Coheck
Henry Charles
Barnard Cornyn
Hezehiah Dayton
Peter Evinger *
Bayard H. Etter
James Elliott
------ Ernest
Hiram Frank
Samuel Geysinger
William Hipple
George Hatter
Samuel Huggins, Jr.
----- Horting
John Holland *
----- Johns
Marshall Miller
Dr. G.A. Miller
James McGowan
George Peary
Samuel Peck *
Charles Rosley
Samuel Roler
Robert Rodgers
David Stump
Henry Sweger
Samuel Sweger
Levi Sweger
Samuel Simmons
George Simmons
Isaac H. Shatto
John Snyder
William Shull
Geo. K. Scholl
Samuel B. Sipe *
John Shock
Joseph Sullenberger
J. Stroop Shuman
John Simons
Wm. H. Titzell *
Wilson Tagg
Jesse Tweed
William Trotter
----- Varns
Andrew Wiseman
David White
John Williams
W. Woodmansel
Samuel Wolf
Daniel Whitzel
William Willis
Thomas O'Bryan *
John Boyer
Martin Barnhart

*Died or were lost


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