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Overview & Description of the Civil War

Military Records Availability

CW Soldiers from Perry County:  Click the link to view a partial listing of Perry County men who were associated with units not formed in Perry County. 

Miscellaneous Information:  Click this link to view various information pertaining to soldiers from Perry County.

Newspaper Articles:  Click the link to view various newspaper articles pertaining to the Civil War & her soldiers.

1st Pennsylvania RiflesClick on this link to view a web page that is dedicated to the Bucktails; part of the famous civil war regiment that was recruited out of Perry County.

Perry Co. GenWeb Archives: Click on this link to view the rosters for the various regiments and companies, of the PA Infantry.  The men included in these files are known to have been residents of Perry County at the time of the war.

36th Regiment; Company B; 7th Reserve
42nd Regiment; Company B; Bucktails
47th Regiment;
92nd Regiment; 9th Cavalry; various Companies
104th Regiment; Company F
133rd Regiment; various Companies
149th Regiment; Bucktails
162nd Regiment; 17th Cavalry; Company I
173rd Regiment; Company E
208th Regiment; various Companies


Buffalo Barracks Historical Web Site:  Many of the enlisted soldiers & officers who came from PA, served at the short-lived Buffalo Barricks, just before the CW.  The men belonged to the very young Federal U.S. Army Reg.  Their individual data was well recorded and maintained at various forts from Florida to Maine.

Military Records Index

NARA-Civil War Research

State of Pennsylvania; On-line Collection of Obituaries:  From various scrapbooks, covering years 16 Oct 1891 thru 3 March 1904; many obituaries of CW vets included; Able to search by name and view the actual obituary.

PA Civil War Flags; Flag Preservation

PA Soldiers Orphans Schools

Genealogy & the American Civil War

Bits of Blue & Gray, An American Civil War Notebook

The Civil War Archive

Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War

Ordering Military & Pensions for Union Vets from NARA

53rd Regiment of PA Volunteers

101st Regiment of PA Volunteers

49th Regiment of PA Volunteers, Bucktail Brigade

American Civil War Page

Complete Civil War Links

U.S. Civil War Page

The List of Wayne's Army

The Legionville Historical Society

Richmond Daily Dispatch




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