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Various records; Perry Co. Court House

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Listed below are various marriage records pertaining to Perry County.  If you have additional information to add to this page, please feel free to contact me.


Transcribed by Pauline Shunk; records obtained from the Perry Co. Court House.

Vol. 7 # 2928 

Moses SEILER/ s/o Joseph and Elizabeth (Sheaffer)/ m. 10 Sept 1901 in Liverpool/ 
Eva V. (Dressler) BASTRESS/  d/o Jacob and Esther Dressler.

Vol. 8 #3405

Grover Cleveland WRIGHT/age 19-4-24/Father: Alfred Wright/Mother: Catharine/m. 23 Mar 1904 in Newport
Annie M. BAILOR/age 20-4-3/Father: Peter F. Bailor/Mother: Louisa.

Vol. 8 # 3413

Melvin C. BARRICK/age 24/Father: J. M. Barrick/Mother: Catharine/m. 5 Apr 1904 in Newport
Minnie M. TUMBAUGH/age 19-6-21/ Father: T. C. Turnbaugh/ Mother: Sarah E.

Vol. 9 # 3891

Charles M. OTT/age 28/ Father: Casimer Ott/ Mother: Elizabeth/ m. 18 May 1907 in Duncannon
Mary E. RUMBAUGH/ age 20/ Father: George B. Rumbaugh/ Mother: Kate.

Vol. 9 #4167

Otis B. WARD/ age 37/ Father: John G. Ward/ Mother: Sarah J./ m. 30 Dec. 1908 in Fleetville/
Mary THOMAS/ Father: Joseph B. Thomas/ Mother: Clementine.

Vol 9 # 4224

Albert S. DICK; age 19; s/o Charles and Ellen Dick; m. 28 May 1909 in Marysville, PA; Wilda A. LIDDICK; age 21; d/o Charles and Ida Liddick.

Vol. 9 # 4310

Banks M. STAHL/m. 22 Dec 1909 in Greenwood Twp., Perry Co., PA/Alice M. WERT.

Vol. 10 # 4372

John L. BAILOR/ m. 1 Jun 1910 in Millerstown/ Bertha STAHL.

Vol. 10 # 4660

Amos A, STAHL/age 50/ m. 19 Mar 1912 in Millerstown/Lizzie M. SHOTSBERGER.

Vol. 10 # 4703

John O. STAHL/ age 25/ s/o Amos A. and Emma Stahl/m. 13 Jul 1912/Wilda A.(Liddick) DICK age 24 d/o C. E. and Ida Liddick/Wilda was married once before. Date of woman's former marriage: 3 May 1909/ Data of death of first husband 11 Apr 1910.

Vol. 10 # 4776

John B. RUMBAUGH/ age 27/ s/o George and Catherine Rumbaugh/ m. 3 Feb 1913 in Marysville/ Verl Helen BARRICK/ age 19/  d/o David S. and Mary Barrick.

Vol. 10 # 4813 

Isaac Newton BISTLINE/ age 44/ m.5 July 1913 in Millerstown/ Adora Viola STAHL/ age 53.

Vol 10 # 4829

James Wesley McNAUGHTON/ s/o John and Lottie Alice(Powell) McNaughton/ m. 27 Aug 1913/ in Millerstown/ Emily Margaretta STAHL/ b. Thompsontown, Juniata Co..

Vol 10 # 4841

James S. BEAVER; age 41; b. Liverpool Twp.; married once before, date of death or divorce of 1st spouse 10 June 1912; s/o George E. Beaver b. Liverpool Twp., Perry Co., PA and Elizabeth Sieber b. Walker Twp., Juniata Co., PA; m. 8 Oct 1913 in Millerstown; Minnie J. RUMBAUGH; age 34; b. Walker Twp., Juniata Co.; d/o George H. Rumbaugh b. Greenwood Twp., Perry Co. 
and Mary E. Rinehart b. Liverpool Twp., Perry Co.

Vol 10 # 4870

Howard J. STEFFEN; age 26 b. Freeburg, Snyder Co., PA; s/o Jonathan Steffen b. Pallas, PA and Sallie Sheaffer b. Kantz, PA; m. 11 Dec 1913; Erma Zella RUMBAUGH; age 20 b. Millerstown; d/o C.I. Rumbaugh b. Millerstown and Elizabeth Aucker b. Millerstown.

Vol 11 # 4935 

William F. RUMBERGER;  b. Juniata Co.; s/o Peter Rumberger b. PA and Emma C. Lebkieher b. PA; m. 18 June 1914 in Newport, PA; Jean L. NEWLIN; b. Perry Co., PA;  d/o Thomas Newlin b. PA and Ellen Rice b. PA.

Vol 11 # 4952

Harry J. BRINER; age 22; b. Mount Pleasant, PA; m. 21 July 1914 in Blain, PA; Myrtle A. HOCKENBERRY; age 23; b. Juniata Co., PA.

Vol 11 # 5072

J. Clarence TRAVITZ; age 22 or 27; b. Snyder Co., PA; s/o George Travitz b. PA and Elizabeth Snyder b. Snyder Co., PA; m. 16 June 1915 in New Bloomfield, PA; A. Floe BAILOR; age 17 b. Millerstown, PA; d/o Charles H. Bailor b. Oliver Twp., Perry Co., PA and Leona Stahl b. Greenwood Twp., Perry Co., PA.

Vol 12 # 6097

Guy C. BERHEISEL; age 21; b. Tyrone Twp., Perry Co.; s/o Henry E. Bernheisel b. Perry Co. and Sarah Reiber b. Perry Co.; m. 3 Feb 1920 in Millerstown; Mary C. SHOTSBERGER; age 18; b. Centre Twp; d/o Harry Shotsberger b. Greenwood Twp. and Lizzie (Stambaugh) Shotsberger Stahl b. Saville Twp., Perry Co..

Vol 12 # 6180

James O. RUMBAUGH; age 22; b. Greenwood Twp, Perry Co.; s/o F.I. Rumbaugh dec'd b. Greenwood Twp. and Sarah Jones b. Greenwood Twp., Perry Co.; m. 27 Oct 1920 in Millerstown; 
Elizabeth BEAVER age 21 b. Walker Twp. Juniata Co., PA; d/o James S. Beaver b. Greenwood Twp. and Catharine N. Gayman b. Juniata Co.

Vol 12 # 6309

John R. TURNBAUGH; age 22; b. Oliver Twp., Perry Co.; s/o George Turnbaugh b. Millerstown and Laura Bailor b. Oliver Twp.; m. 16 Nov 1921 in New Bloomfield; Helen E. BARRICK; age 21; b. Oliver Twp.;  d/o Abram Barrick b. Oliver Twp. and Annie Swartz b. Centre Twp.

Vol 12 # 6352

George C. McNAUGHTON; age 23; b. Tuscarora Twp.; s/o John McNaughton b. Perry Co. and Lottie Alice Powell dec'd b. Perry Co.; m. 15 Apr 1922 in Liverpool; Mary E. PAGE; age 18; b. Liverpool Twp.; d/o John W. Page b. Evendale, Juniata Co. and Katie E. Wyland b. Juniata Co.

Vol 13 # 6547

George Marshall BAILOR age 18 b. Newport
s/o Charles H. Bailor b. Newport and Leona Staple?? b. Millerstown
m. 21 Oct 1923 Mount Wolf, PA
Marie Catherine BROWN 15 b. Liverpool
d/o Edward Brown b. Oriental, Juniata Co. and Bertha Willow b. Richfield, Juniata Co.

Vol 13 # 6810

Arthur E. SHEAFFER age 21 b. Bloomfield Boro
s/o George Sheaffer b. Bloomfield Boro and Dora E. Bower b. Blain
m. 14 Jan 1926 in New Bloomfield
Louise M. TURNBAUGH age 23 b. Oliver Twp.
d/o George Turnbaugh b. Perry Co. and Laura Bailor b. Perry Co.

Vol 13 # ??

Paul Kenneth CLOUSER age 21 b. New Bloomfield
s/o L. Beamer Clouser b. Centre Twp. and Amanda M. Zimmerman b. Somerset Co.
m. 3 Feb 1926 New Bloomfield
Mary E. C. TURNBAUGH age 21 b. Juniata Co.
d/o George W. Turnbaugh b. Millerstown and Laura C. Bailor b. Perry Co.

Vol 14 # 6953

Jacob LeRoy SECRIST age 24 b. Liverpool
s/o Irvin B. Secrist b. PA and Jennie E. Barner b. Perry Co.
m. 16 Apr 1927 in Millerstown
Margaret L. E. WARD age 21 b. Harrisburg
d/o Howard G. Ward b. Millerstown and Beulah B. Jones b. Harrisburg

Vol 14 # 7010

Melvin R. CREE age 26 b. Oliver Twp.
s/o Millard F. Cree b. Perry Co. and Littie McNaughton b. Perry Co.
m. 21 July 1927 in Bloomfield
Susan R. FLEISHER age 24 b. Juniata Co. 
d/o Frank Fleisher b. Perry Co. and Myrtle Harris b. Juniata Co.

The remaining extractions that were originally included have been removed as they contained information on individuals under 100 years old.

Vol 6 # 2210

John WARD age 22 s/o U.H. Ward and Mary Ward
m. 30 Sept 1897 at Donnally Mills
Martha E. HANEY age 25 d/o Bernard and Mary Haney

Vol 6 # 2314
Charles H. BAILOR
m. 26 Apr 1898 in Bloomfield
Leona M. STAHL

Vol 6 # 2499

William E. STAHL
m. 16 May 1899 in Newport
H. M. Leona BEALOR

Vol 6 # 2501

George W. TURNBAUGH age 20 s/o Thomas C. and Sarah E. Turnbaugh
m. 18 May 1899 in New Bloomfield
Laura C. BAILORl age almost 22 d/o Peter F. and Louisa C. Bailor

Vol 5 # 1662

James S. BEAVER age 22 s/o George E. and Elizabeth Beaver
m. 17 Oct 1894 in Greenwood Twp., Perry Co., PA
Catharine A. GAYMAN age 20 d/o Joseph and Elizabeth K. Gayman

Vol 5 # 2044

Otis B. WARD age 25 s/o John G. Ward
m. 11 Nov 1896 in Greenwood Twp., Perry Co.
Pearl V. HARTER age 20 d/o William J. Harter

Vol 4 # 1595

Albert I. WARD age 22 s/o William H. and Maggie Ward
m. 24 Apr 1894 in Wardville, Pa
Minnie C. JONES age 23 d/o James G. and Annie C. Jones

Vol 3 # 539

Clinton C. RUMBAUGH age 21 s/o U.H. and Hannah Rumbaugh
m. 25 Dec 1808 (check this) in Millerstown
Lizzie A. LEIGHT age 19 d/o Levi and Eliza Leight

Vol 3 # 561

J. E. STAHL age 23 s/o Reuben and Nancy J. Stahl
m. 17 Jan 1909 in Newport
Mary E, LINEWEAVER age 27 d/o John and Mary Lineweaver

Vol 3 # 878

John McNAUGHTON age 20
 s/o Huston and Maria McNaughton
m. 16 Sept 1890 in Newport
Lottie Alice POWELLl age 18 
d/o William and Margaret Powell

Vol 19 # 9952

Carl MARTIN m. Mildred SHUNK

Vol 13 # 6864

George I. RICE age 22 born Perry Co.
s/o J. W. born Perry Co. and Elsie Seager Rice born Perry Co.
m. 3 Jul 1926 in Blain, PA
Geraldine M. HOLLENBAUGH age 18 born S. E. Madison Twp., Perry Co.
d/o I. M. born N. E. Madison Twp. and Clara Ickes Hollenbaugh born S. W. Madison Twp.

Vol 20 # 10502 page 265

Carl Wesley McNAUGHTON age 18 born Watts Twp., Perry Co.
s/o George C. and Mary Page McNaughton

m. 29 Aug 1953 in Newport

Margie Ellen ROWE age 16 born Madison Twp., Perry Co.
d/o John born Madison Twp., Perry Co. and Cisna Swisher Rowe born Madison Twp., Perry Co.

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