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1767 Assessment | 1814 Assessment


1767 Assessment;
Tyrone Twp.


# of Acres 

Hugh Alexander 200
Hermanus Alricks 200
John Black 300
Robert Brotherton 100
David Beard 150
Henry Cunningham 250
David Carson 100
Allen Carson 100
John Darlington 300
John Dunbar, Sr. 100
James Dickson 200
John Dunbar, Jr. 100
James Diven 100
James Dunbar 100
Thomas Elliot 200
Edward Elliot 200
Samuel Fisher 200
Hance Ferguson 300
Thomas Fisher 100
Henry Gass 250
James Glass 300
Obadiah Garwood 125
John Hamilton 150
John Johnston 100
Thomas Hamilton 100
John Kinkead 100
Hugh Kilgore 100
Widow Kennedy 100
Patrick Kinsloe 100
Widow Kinkead 100
Robert Kelly 100
John Kennedy 100
Samuel Lamb 50
Thomas Maney 300
William McClure 260
Owen McKeab 200
David McClure 100
William Miller 250
John McConnell 200
William Noble 100
Richard Nicholson 200
William Officer 100
James Orr 100
William Patterson 100
John Perkins 50
James Purdy 100
Thomas Ross 200
Jonathan Ross 150
George Robinson 300
Alexander Roddy 300
Robert Robinson 100
Robert Vin 150
William Sanderson 200
John Sanderson 200
Alexander Sanderson 200
John Sharps 100
Andrew Simonson 100
John Scott 100
Peter Stones 200
John Simonson 400
Peter Titters 50
Francis Wert 300
William Waugh 100
Daniel Williams 100
John Williams 100
Robert Welsh 100
John Wilson 300
Thomas Wilson 300

1814 Assessment; Industries
Tyrone Twp.



James Diven Tan-yard
George Elliot grist-mill
John Foos saw-mill; still
Francis Gibson 2 distilleries
Widow Gibson's heirs grist-mill
Conrad Halleman saw-mill
Christian Heckerdorn saw-mill; still
Nicholas Ickes saw-mill; 2 stills
Nicholas Loy saw-mill
John Linn still
Samuel and Andrew Linn grist and saw-mill
Peter Mores tilt-hammer
Samuel McCord saw-mill
Samuel Nickey tan-yard
William Power store
Francis Patterson saw-mill
Thomas Purdy store
Francis Portline still
Josiah Roddy still
Zachariah Price grist-mill
Adam Seller grist and saw-mill
John Shafer saw-mill
Jacob Shatto saw-mill
Samuel Smiley still
Frederick Smiley saw-mill
Martin Swartz grist and saw-mill
Henry Shoemaker still
Jacob Stambaugh still
Shoeman & Utter grist and saw-mill
George Stroop saw-mill
Zalmon & Azariah Toucey grist and saw-mill; still
Robert Thompson tan-yard
Frederick Shull still
Englehart Womley still
John Waggoner grist and saw-mill; still
Adam Webley still
George Waggoner saw-mill


Source:  History of That Part of The Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys, Embraced in The Counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Volume II; Philadelphia; Everts, Peck & Richards; 1886; Page 963.

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