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(Information obtained at the Perry Historians Library)


Andrew Schick Registers the following Described dog on the 7th June 1879 at 11 o'clock am
To wit: Named Grant, aged 13 months, colour Black with white mouth & white through under the neck and white Belly. Both front Legs white both find feet whie. Two Inches of white at the end of the tail. White spot on the back of neck, one foot 11 in. Hiegh, Lengt from tip of nose to tip of tail 3 feet 9 in. Cross between C__ and hound. Shick now resides in Spring, Perry Co., Pa. near Wertz Tannery.
fees $1.00 paid; D. Mickey clerk

John M. Rightner, Registers the following described dog on the 16th day of May 1884 (at 4 o'clock PM)
To wit: name, "Bounce"; Age , 2 years, Colour- brown ears, cropped, nose black, white streak on breast and neck. Tip of tail black, Height 1 ft 8 in., Length from tip of nose to end of tail- 3 ft. 6 in. Bull Terrier
Jno. M. Rightner resides in Penn township, Perry Co., Pa.
A. B. Grosh, Clerk of Qr. Sess.
Fee $1.00 paid

Register of Miss Nellie Bechtel's dogs
Act of April ___ 1854
Extending Act 18______ 1878
Name of Owner: Nellie A Bechtel
Name of Dog: "Bob"
Variety: Gordon Setter (full bred)
Sex: Dog
Age 4 yrs
Height of shoulder about 24.2 inches
Height at hip about 23.2 inches
Length from ____ its point of tail 27 inches
Length of tail 13 inches
Black white streas on breast and under throat with gray at lip under jaw and white hairs on forehead between eyes, wart on right elbow
Value $100.00
Registered as per paper filed
July 21st 1884
Time 1.50 PM
J. W. McKe
Clk of Qr Sess
Fees $1.00 paid.

Henry Rice Registered the following described dog on the 30 day of May 1887 at (8-25 o'clock AM) to wit:
Name: Kate
Age: 20 weeks
Color: Black Dr_b White mixed
Sex: Bitch
Variety: Calico hound
Height at shoulder 14-1/2 inches,
Height at Hips 14-1/2 inches
Length from occi__t to point of tail, 26 inches
Length of tail 10-1/2 inches
4 white feet & brown legs, Point of tail white, Point of nose white.
Value $15.00
Henry Rice resides at Duncannon, Perry County Pa
Fees $1.00 paid
H. E. Bonsall, Depty clerk

Henry Rice Registered the following described dog on the 30 day of May 1887 at (8-45 oclock)
Name of Dog, Fa_
Sex, bitch
Age 20 weeks
Height at should about 14-1/2 inches; height at hips 14-1/2 inches; Length of Dob 26 inches; Length of tail 10-1/2 inches
Color- black, Drab white mixed, 4 white feet and brown legs
Point of tail white, point of nose black
Calico Hound
Value $15.00
H. E. Bonsall, Depty clerk
Fees $1.00 paid

Chas. Spangler, Registered the following described dog on 28 day of Feby 1888 at 4-15 o

clock PM to wit
Name of dog- Joe
Breed- Bull terrier
Sex- Dog
Age- 9 months
Height at shoulder 18 inch.
Height at hip 19 inch
Length from point of nose to tip of tail 43 inches
Color white & some black spots
Value $50.00
C. Spangler resides at Millerstown, Perry co., Pa
___ Bonsall, Depty clerk
Fees 1.00

Chas. Spangler Registered the following described dog on the 28 Feby 1888 at 4-20 PM
Name of dg- Yank
Breed- Bull Terrier
Sex- dog
Age- nine months
Height at shoulder- 17 inches
Height at hip- 19 inches
Length from point of noice to tip of tail 42 inches
Color- white & some black spots
C. Spangler reside at Millerstown Perry Co. Pa
Value- $50.00
Fees- $1.00
H E Bonsall
Depty Clerk

John M. Rife registered the following described dog on the 29 Feby 1888 at (1-25PM)
Name of Dog- Gypsy
Breed: Gilders___
Sex- Bitch
Age- 3 years
Height at shoulder- 21-1/2"
Height at hip- 20-1/2"
Length from point of nose to tip of tail- 45 inches
Color- Liver & white spotted
Liver colored head with white nose
John M. Rife resides at Duncannon Perry Co Pa
Value $50.00
Fees $1.00 paid
H. E. Bonsall, Depty Clerk

Curt C. Himes Registers the following described dog on 28 Oct 1899 at 2 o'clock PM
Name of Dog- Ring
Breed- Beagle Hound
Sex- dog
age- 8 months
Height at shoulder- 12 inches
Height at hipps- 11-1/2 inches
Length from point of nose to tip of tail 36 inches
Color white & black spotted mixed tan color at head
Value $25.00
Fees $1.00 pd.
J. W. Stephens, Clerk

James L. Frank registers the following on the 7th day of Nov 1900
Name of Gi__ - Tas_ (Tase, Tass?)
Bred Mch 1900
Sex Spaid Gi__
age 8 months
Height- 18 in at shoulders
Height- 18 in at hips
Length from point of nose to tip of tail 24 in
Color Black and tan
James L Frank resides in Harrisburg Pa.
Dog is at the residence of J. W. Gant in Center Twpp. Perry Co. Pa.
val. $10.00
J. W. Stephens, Clk

James L. Frank registers the following Gi__ on the 7th day of Nov AD 1900
Name of Gi__- Nellie
Bred Mch 1900
age 8 months
Height 18 inches at Shoulders
Height 18 inches at hips
Length from point of nose to tip of tail 24 in
Color Black and Tan
James L. Frank resides in Harrisburg, Pa. dog is at the residence of John Shibly in Center township Perry Co Pa.
Valuation $ 10.00
J. W. Stephens, Clk

A. L. May Registers the following dog on the 27 June 1901
Name of dog- Lyon
Bred in Blain Boro in August 1896
sex dog
age- 5 yrs in next August
Height at hips 23 inches
Length from point of nose to tip of tail 53 in
Color- black & white breast
Value of the sum of $ 50.00
Dog at my residence in Duncannon Pa
Fees $1.00
J. W. Stephens, clk

Edward Benner Registers the dog-
Name of dog- Jip
Bred in Harrisburg Feb 1900
age 5 years
Height 18 inches
Length from tip of tail to point of nose 47 inches
Color- white with buck skin ear- two black spotts on the back
Value- $ 500.00

G. W. Parsons Register of dog-
Name of dog- Sport
was born in Duncanon Pa
Age near 5 yrs.
17 inches in height
color yellow or tan spotts
____ Stephens, Prnthy

1908 John G. Hartzell Register of Dog
Newport Pa.
Jan. 9.
Name of Dog-- "Mr. Brown" (Hound)
was born near Sti__er Indian Territory
Age- near 8 months
Height- 19 inches and still growing
Color- Dark gray with black spots. Has small brown spots over eyes. A brown spot on each cheek, center forehead small black spot. The black spots are large over the body and are also on his face. One large black spot over right hip extending into the tail about 4 inches or more.
Value $ 35.00
Name of Dog- "Joe" (Pointer dog)
was born near Muskogee, Indian Territory
Age 4 years
Height 24 inches at shoulder
Color- Brindle and white. White face with brown (or brindle) spots (small) over nose. White streaks extending from nose back to center of forehead and a faint white streak still extends further back on head on each side of center which is brindle. White neck and breast. White legs. On the fore legs are small brindle spots. Also one brindle spot on left side of neck Back side, hips and part of tail is brindle with white spot on hips over back bone. The brindle on tail cover about 1/2 of tail, next to body.
Value $50.00
Geo B. Shull, clk

1908 Harry _anster, Register of Dogs
Nov 5th
Marysville, Pa.

Name of dog- Tom white (hound)
with two black spots and one red spot. Red ears and head, Twenty five inches high, Head and ears 23 inches, Age 2 years.

Name of dog- Jerry, White (Hound) with one black and one red spot, Red head and ears.
height 26 inches, one scare on ear, head and ears 21 inches, Age 2 years

Name of Dog-- Sport, coler White and black with one ear half off.
Geo. B. Shull


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