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Below are the names of the Creeks, Rivers and Runs that were flowing in and through Perry County in 1917.  Alternate names will be listed in (  ).  Also included are the Tributaries, which is the body of water into which the stream empties.  Below are names and descriptions of the Covered Bridges that can be found in Perry County. 

(SOURCE:  Pennsylvania Line, A Research Guide to Pennsylvania Genealogy and Local History; SPGS; Laughlintown, PA; 4th Edition)



Acker Run Broad Run
Anderson Run Shermans Creek
Bailey Run Juniata River
Barger Run Wildcat Creek
Beggars Creek Shermans Creek
Broad Run Juniata River
Browns Run Shermans Creek
Buckwheat Run Raccoon Creek
Buffalo Creek Juniata River
Cocolamus Creek Juniata River
Cove Creek Susquehanna River
Dark Run Shermans Creek
Dornbach Run Little Juniata Creek
Fishing Creek Susquehanna River
Fishing Run Shermans Creek
Horting Run Little Juniata Creek
Houstons Run Shermans Creek
Howe Run Juniata River
Juniata River Susquehanna River
Kramer Run Raccoon Creek
Laurel Run Shermans Creek
Little Buffalo Creek Juniata River
Little Juniata Creek Susquehanna River
Losh Run Juniata River
Lutman Run Little Buffalo Creek
Montour Run Shermans Creek
McCabes Run Sherman Creek
McKees Creek Little Buffalo Creek
North Run Laurel Run
Pattersons Run Shermans Creek
Perry Furnace Run Shermans Creek
Pisgah Run Shermans Creek
Raccoon Creek Juniata River
Rattling Run Fishing Creek
Reiders Run Juniata River
Shermans Creek Susquehanna River
South Run Laurel Run
Sugar Run Juniata River
Trout Run Fishing Creek
Trout Run Little Juniata Creek
White Run Juniata River
Wildcat Creek Susquehanna River
Wildcat Run Juniata River



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