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The following persons were confirmed on 18 April, 1851 by Rev. Frederick Ruthrauff:

Joseph Wentz                    Jane Gutshall
Andrew S. Loy                    Magdalene Briner
John Shuman                      Lydia A. Wentz
George Wentz                    Jane Shoemaker
John Ebert                          Mary Gutshall
Joseph B. Garber              Catharine Phillips
William Stambaugh           Margaret Stroup
Peter Stahl                          Margaret Loy
David McCartel                  Mary A. Gutshall
George Ernst                      Mary Kissler
Sylvester K. Baltoser         Sarah Ernst
David Kissler                      Mary Schambach
Henry Gibbons                   Margaret Kissler
John Shoemaker               Catharine Klaus
Samuel Klaus                    Maria A. Henry
James McCartel               Rebecca Henry
John Sheibley                  Elizabeth C. Saltzberg
Margaret Garber             Eliza Ewing
Lucinda Baltoser             Sarah J. Wentz
Elizabeth Baker               Michael Loy*
Susanna Bower               Mary Loy*
Eliz. Jane Baker              Elizabeth Chestnut*
Caroline Loy                    (*by certificate)

The following persons were confirmed on the 9th of April, 1852:

Samuel Bloom                    Elizabeth Beistlein
Jacob Briner                        Mary E. Brickley
John Beistlein                      Sarah E. Cless
Benjamin Beistlein              Eliza J. Ernst
George Hohenshilt              Mary Gutshall
Daniel Shoemaker              Elizabeth Garber
Peter Yohn                           Sarah Hohenshilt
Thomas Stump                    Sarah Yohn
Alexander Stump                 Sarah Yeager
Benjamin Shoemaker         Catharine E. Seager
George McCartel                Susana Reinsmith
George Holtz                        Rebecca Zimmerman
Sarah Beistlein                    Hannah Zimmerman

The following persons were confirmed in October, 1856 by Rev. Philip Willard:

Joseph Beistlein                    Elizabeth Wentz
Samuel Smith                        Catharine Wentz
Jonathan Beistlein                Margaret Wentz
Jacob Seager                        Jane Bower
William Anderson                  Sarah Gutshall
Solomon Gutshall                   Caroline Gutshall
Wm. B. Gutshall                     Sarah B. Smith
Samuel Gibbons                    Mary A. Shearer
George Beistlein                    Mary A. Ebert
Arabella Beistlein                   Leah Beistlein
Sarah Bower                           Susanna Shatto
Marg. Hollenbaugh                 Eliza Seager
Malinda J. Seager                  Nancy Gibbons
David H. Smith

The following persons were confirmed on 7 June, 1857:

John Brickley                      Catharne Shuman
Thomas Reeder                 Esther Philips
Daniel Anderson                Margaret Gutshall
Samuel Kuney                    Elizabeth Loy
Henry Baker                       Mary C. Trostle
Abraham Trostle                Julia A. Bower
Mary M. Brickley                Susan E. Smith
Matilda Wentz                    Sarah Gutshall
Rebecca Shoemaker       Caroline Baltozer
Caroline Faust                   Margaret Kuney
Elizabeth Shuler

The following persons were confirmed on 25 April 1858:

Christian Streiker                Susanna Shuman
Samuel Weibly                     Mary Reeder
Samuel P. Gutshall              Mary A. Shoemaker
Cornelius Baker                  Susan Bernheisel
Henry Wolf                           Cath. E. Shoemaker
Conrad Comp                     Hannah Gutshall
Simon Gutshall                    Hannah Stump
Andrew Kessler                  Susan Gutshall
David Stahl                          Ann Stump
Andrew Schreffler               Susanna Weibly
George Briner                     Sarah A. Stump
George Stahl
Samuel Ebert
Henry Allison

The following persons were confirmed on 6 November 1848:

Jacob Guttshall                    Emeline Schreffler
Daniel Leiby                         Catharine Baltozer
William H. Leiby                   Lydia A. Gutshall
Clara Stambaugh                Mary A. Gutshall
Mary E. Bower                     Susan Schreffler
Flora A. Stambaugh

The following persons were confirmed in the spring of 1860 by Rev. John T. Williams:

John Baker                    Adaline Stroup
Andrew Shearer            Eliza Jane Shearer
Baltzer Beistlein            Malinda J. Boltosser
Mr. ---- Beistlein             Miss ---- Ebert

George Stum                    Elizabeth C. Briner
George Fry                        Lydia Gutshall
Catharine Shuman           Catharine Shuman
Mary A. Stahl                    Mary A. Kessler

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