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Listings of Confirmations & Communicants

Following persons were admitted to full communion by the rite of confirmation by Rev. F. Ruthrauff on 24 May, 1851:

        Abraham Bower            Henry Kiner                        John Minich
        Elizabeth Low              Mary Ann Dunkelberger        Margaret Dunkelberger
        Priscilla Nunemacher    Lydia Nunemacher               Jane Schaeffer
        Catharine Weingartner

Following persons were confirmed on 5 June, 1852:

        Christian Bohr            Martin Burkhart                    Joseph Weingartner
        Hannah J. Robison*    Priscilla Dunkelberger           Barbara Weingartner
        Mary Jane Comp        Elizabeth Comp                    Sarah Nunemacher
        Mary Magd. Rhodes


Following persons were admitted to communion by confirmation by Rev. Reuben Weiser on 30 April, 1854:

        John Burkhart            Elizabeth Burkhart                Matilda Fleckenberger

Following persons were admitted to full communion by the rite of confirmation by Rev. Willard on 29 May 1858:

Jacob Sheaffer                Benjamin Ziegler            Sarah R. Reiber
Emanuel Heim                Margaret E. Moore         Elizabeth Sweger
George W. Heim

Following persons were admitted to full communion by confirmation by Rev. G.M. Settlemoyer, on 7 April, 1860:

John Bower                    Esther Bower
Lewis Sweger                 Mary Cath. Shaeffer

At the same time, John Billman was received by certificate.

During the fall of 1860, the following persons were received by certificate:

Absalom Hull                Mrs. Kripper

During November, 1861, the following person was received by certificate:

Miss Eliza Dewalt

The above listed information was extracted from the book, Churches Between the Mountains, A History of The Lutheran Congregations in Perry County, Pennsylvania; by Rev. D.H. Focht, A.M.; Baltimore; 1862

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