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Listings of Confirmations & Communicants

The following persons were confirmed by Rev. John Herbst in 1798:

John Arnold         William Cooney       Margaret Steidel
Solomon Bower    Benjamin Rice        Magdalene Steidel
Jacob Bower        William Brickley      Sarah Borrel
Charles Smith       Jacob Miller           Susan Miller
John Cooney        John Miller              ----- Lubkey
Daniel Cooney      George Gottschall   ----- Lubkey
Henry Cooney       Benjamin Moses

(The above names Mr. Jacob Arnold gave from memory....)

The following persons were confirmed by Rev. Frederick Sanno on 25 March, 1804:

Adam Scheder        Elizabeth Hartman        Charles Lubkey
Christiana Olinger    Jacob Miller                  Maria Fusselman
Daniel Schaeffer       Elizabeth Fusselman    Daniel Motzer
Elizabeth Billman     Philip Stambach           Catharine Arnold
George Klein            Barbara Spohn             John Schwieger
Susan Zimmerman    John Fenichel              George Ernst
Solomon Gottschall   Michael Ketner            Jacob Albert
Valentine Borrel        Susan Schaeffer          Adam Lob (now Lyons)
Magdalene Bower     Daniel Stambach         Catharine Motzer
Maria Hammer          Esther Bower              Elizabeth Steidel
Catharine Gottschall  Christiana Stambach   Magdalene Gottschall
Magdalene Lubkey    Samuel Schaeffer        Anna Maria Ernst
John Breiner             Maria Ketner               Jacob Weary
Catharine Hammer    John Zimmerman         Maria Weary
Daniel Spohn            Christiana Long           Barbara Arnold
Margaret Weary        Sarah Steidel              Justina Fenichel
Maria Breiner            Susan Gottschall        Maria Arnold

With the above persons, admitted by confirmation, the following members communed on the 26th, it being a Sunday:

Adam Bernheisel                Daniel Fusselman
Barbara Bernheisel             Conrad Ernst
Christopher Bower               John Lob (English, Lyons)
Solomon Bower                  Jacob Haman
Nicholas Loy                      George Kremer
Jacob Ketner                      John Loy
Catharine Ketner                 Michael Loy
Frederick Breiner                Barbara Haller
Maria Breiner                      John Schaeffer
George Fleisher                  Barbara Schaeffer
Margaret Fleisher                Christiana Reisdorff
Jacob Steidel                      Anna Hollenbach
Margaret Steidel                  Susanna Gamber
Magdalene Steidel               Margaret Lubkey
Henry Zimmerman                Magdalene Keiner
Margaret Zimmerman            Maria Kremer
Peter Moses                        Jacob Klinger
Agnes Long                         Jacob Smith
Adam Smith                        John Ketner
Barbara Smith                     William Brickley
George Miller                       Peter Breiner
Peter Reisdorff                     Henry Frey
John Fusselman                  George Fleisher
Barbara Fusselman             Sarah Fleisher
Henry Bernheisel                Magdalene Fusselman
Eve Berneheisel                  Jacob Stambach
Henry Moses                     George Breiner
Elizabeth Scheibly              Jacob Schauer
Susanna Reinsmith             Philip Stambach
George Wolf                       Catharine Stambach
Daniel Smith                       John Stambach
Charles Smith                    George Hammer
Regina Smith                     Anna Maria Hammer
Jacob Miller                       Jacob Breiner
Catharine Weary                Magdalene Breiner
John Swartz                       Magdalene Kessler
William Reed                     Maria Eliz. Hollenbach
Abraham Kistler                 Justina Miller
Maria Kistler                      Christiana Sauder
Susanna Kistler                  Elizabeth Webb
Conrad Hallman                  Michael Loy
Sarah Hallman                    Margaret Loy
Peter Schauer                    Maria Lupfer
John Billman                      Susanna Ickes
Christiana Billman              Maria Bloom

The following persons were admitted to full communion, by rite of confirmation on Sunday, 2nd of November, 1806:

Jacob Miller        Simon Wingart        Mary Kessler
Jacob Sweger     Daniel Ritter            Barbara Kessler
Daniel Smith       Sarah Fleisher        Christiana Guttshall
Henry Smith        Catharine Burrell     Catharine Shoemaker
Samuel Cooney   Sarah Billman         Catharine Swarner
Adam Kessler      Elizabeth Billman    Ann Smith
Solomon Gutshall Catharine Ernst       Elizabeth Funfrock
George Funfrock   Catharine Tressler   Mary Reed
John Moses         Margaret Loy           Elizabeth Reed
Martin Motzer       Susan Loy              Elizabeth Brickley
Daniel Ernst         Sarah Cooney         Mary Biegleman
Joseph Briner       Elizabeth Cooney    Rebecca Biegleman
George Finicle      Salome Cooney      Rebecca Bower
David Wolf            Elizabeth Cooney   Lydia Bower
Adam Wolf           Mary Ritter             Hannah Motzer
Henry Swarner      Sarah Lutman        Elizabeth Briner
Christiana Smith   Margaret Deck       Elizabeth Finicle
Mary Smith          Barbara Deck

(These names were furnished by memory of Mrs. Sarah Burrell, then Miss Sarah Fleisher, one of the catechumens)

Following is a list of some of the persons who were confirmed by Rev. Heim at the Lebanon Church on 9 December 1815:

Daniel Hall        Catharine Titzel        Miss Stidel
Jacob Bender    Henry Swarner         Miss Stidel
Abraham Kistler Mrs. --- Hall             Miss Stidel
David Tressler    Salome Tressler       Elizabeth Loy
Henry Stambaugh Mary Billman        Catharine Bernheisel
Jacob Wormley    Sarah Ebert          Mary Bernheisel
George Wormely   Susanna Garling   Christiana Bernheisel
George Titzel       Esther Bower         Lydia Minich
John Titzel           Rebecca Bower      Rebecca Tressler
John Loy             Sarah Kremer         Barbara Shissel
Elizabeth Titzel    Elizabeth Kremer

Following is a partial listing of some persons who were confirmed on Sunday, 6 April 1817:

John Tressler                Margaretta Rice
John Beaver                  Magdalene Ickes
John Kistler                  Christiana Stambaugh
Jacob Bernheisel          Sarah Tressler
John Weary                  Rebecca Tressler
Joseph Tressler            Elizabeth Shoemaker
Barbara Smith              Mrs. ----- Frey

In the spring of 1821(?), a class of 71 catechumens were confirmed, following is a partial listing:

William Rice                William Snyder
Samuel Shoemaker      Michael Loy
George Billman            Michael Ickes
Jacob Shoemaker        Mr. ---- Stoever
John Shoemaker          Mrs. ---- Hench
Jacob C. Smith            Mrs. ---- Reisdorff
John Smith                  Miss ---- Tressler
Daniel Preissler            Sarah Rice
John Preissler              Elizabeth Rice
Daniel Minich              Catharine Briner
George Minich             Elizabeth Hartman
Conrad Comp              Mary Shoemaker
Samuel Hench             Sarah Smith
Daniel Hallman            Catharine Fusselman
Samuel Kistler            Sarah Fox
Moses Hall                 Mary Fox
Henry Long                 Mary Bower
George Bernheisel       Hannah Bower
Jacob Bender              Miss ---- Orris
George Orris               Miss ---- Orris

Partial listing of those admitted to full communion by the rite of confirmation in April, 1824 (?):

Conrad Rice                Susan Ickes
Jonathan Minich          Elizabeth Loy
Jacob Loy                   Sarah Shull
Samuel Loy                Catharine Shull
Martin Stambaugh       Elizabeth Hench
William Stambaugh     Hannah Kremer
Mr. ---- Kiner               Margaret Kremer
Mr. ---- Gutshall           Sarah Titzel
John Hohenshilt          Elizabeth Rubrecht
John Ickes                 Elizabeth Kistler
William Trostel           Susan Bender
Samuel Shull             Catharine Bitner
William Kistler           Catharine Stambaugh
John Long                  Mary Shuman
Henry Orris                Margaret Kochenderfer
Jonas Rumpel            Hetta Dunkelberger
George Rumpel          Elizabeth Tressler
Benjamin Fusselman  Mary Fusselman
Peter Schaeffer           Sarah Wolf
William Bitner             Elizabeth Briner
John Shoemaker        Mary Smith
Benjamin Rice           Mary Kleffman
Mrs. --- Shoemaker    Mary Crist
Mrs. Elizabeth Bender    Sarah Crist
Mary Minich               Mary Shoemaker
Elizabeth Ebert

Easter, 1826, a class of catechumens were confirmed; following is a partial listing:

Solomon Bernheisel            Elizabeth Flickinger
Samuel Shuman                 Hetta Ickes
Daniel Long                        Elizabeth Ritter
Mr. --- Holenbach                Mary Fusselman
Mr. --- Gutshall                   Mary Rice
George Hohenshilt              Abraham Trostel
Mr. --- Kich                        John Shoemaker
Nicholas Bitner                  John Baltozer
John Arnold                       Elizabeth Loy
George Ernst                     Mary Reisinger
David Flickinger                 Frances Bernheisel
John Briner                        Margaret Kochenderfer
Jonathan Briner                 Esther Arnold
David Miller                       Margaret Clouser
Samuel Reisdorff

Partial listing of about 40 catechumens at Loysville who were admitted to full communion by the rite of confirmation in May, 1828:

Frederick Hartman            Mary Stambaugh
John Trostel                     Susan Bernheisel
Charles Dunkelberger        Mary Zeigler
William Loy                      Julian Kremer
Phebe Shull                     Catharine Kremer
Elizabeth Notestein          Catharine Hallman
Rebecca Rice                   Mary Klein
Hannah Dunkelberger

Partial listing of catechumens that were confirmed at Loysville in the spring of 1833:

F. W. Heim                    Mary Wolf
Levi Hollenbach              Julian Shaeffer
William Bernheisel         Frances Ebert
Joseph Dunkelberger      Mary A. Billman
John Stump                   Margaret Burrell
Henry Titzel                   Mary A. Ickes
Catharine Heim              Mary Wormley
Elizabeth Briner

Partial listing of catechumens that were confirmed at Loysville in the spring of 1843:

William Lutman                Mary A. Tressler
John Swarner                   Eliza Tressler
John Tressler                   Sarah Tressler
David Evans                     Elizabeth Kistler
Mrs. --- Bausum               Mary Snyder
Caroline Tressler              Eliza Bausum

Class of catechumens that were confirmed in May, 1848 (the last class that Rev. Heim confirmed):

Samuel Culler                Frances Minich
Rudolphus J. Heim         Sarah Briner
Samuel Kistler               Margaret Briner
John G. Loy                   Mary Briner
Samuel Tressler             Ann Loy
Mr. ---- Comp                 Caroline Swab
Mr. ---- Comp                 Lydia Kunkel
Sarah Tressler               Miss ---- Yohn

Following persons were admitted to full communion by the solemn rite of confirmation on 3 May 1851 by Rev. Ruthrauff:

John B. Zimmerman        Julian Bausum
John Arnold                    Elvina M. Bernheisel
Samuel Rinehart             Caroline C. Bernheisel
John Swab                     Catharine E. Kepner
John G. Kiner                 Sarah A. Billman
David Metz                     Eliza Minich
Israel Messimer              Diana Minich
Jeremiah W. Kiner          Catharine Hopple
George Peck                  Matilda Shock
John Hollenbach             Margaret Shock
Jacob Bausum               Margaret Metz
Elizabeth Zimmerman     Susanna Metz


The following persons were admitted to full communion by confirmation on 16 May 1854 by Rev. Weiser:

James R. Lackey            Margaret Stuber
Henry T. Swarner            Mary M. Swab
Mrs. Sarah Bausum        Sarah Weiser
Elizabeth Ewing              John R. Delancy*
Benj. Wormley*
(*These persons received by certificate.)

The following persons (and perhaps others) were admitted to communion by confirmation in early spring 1855:

George Rempfer            Catharine V. Weiser

The following persons were admitted to full communion by the rite of confirmation on 21 September 1856 by Rev. Philip Willard:

John M. Rice                Cath. A. Heim
Andrew T. Kistler           Sarah  Shatto
William H. Rice            Mary Sosseman
William Minich              Nancy Sosseman
Emanuel Freeman         Catharine Wolf
Absalom Swarner          Elizabeth Wolf
Jacob Wolf                    Rebecca Stuber
George W. Kepner         Mary J. Stidel
David L. Rice                 Mary E. Kepner
Rebecca Kistler             Catharine Weaver
Catharine Rice               Matilda J. Loy (baptized)
Catharine Rice               Elvina Heim

The following persons were admitted to full communion by confirmation at Loysville on 5 April 1857:

David L. Tressler            Eliz. E. Hollenbach
Josiah E. Tressler           Sarah Schwab
John Wolf                       Susan Baughman
Andrew Comp                Isabella Billman
Jacob Rempfer               Mary E. Shope
David Bower                   Sarah A. Comp
William Hassinger           Phebe H. Kepner
Josiah Bower                  Elizabeth Shoemaker
George Comp                 Magdalene E. Sosseman
William Hollenbach         Sarah E. Kleckner
Samuel Hollenbach         Susan Kleckner
Jacob Kleckner               Matilda Shope
Catharine Comp              Jemima C. Dromgold
Mary E. Tressler             Elizabeth Schoch
Mary J. Dromgold

The following persons were admitted to full communion by confirmation at Loysville on 26 December, 1857:

Jacob Arnold                Mary E. Kepner
W. Cornelius Hutchinson
Catharine Hull               Mary A. Yohn
Mary A. Hull                 Mary E. Heim
Sarah Wolf                   Mary J. Wormley
Catharine A. Loy           Sarah E. Kepner
Susan M. V. Willard      Levi Adams*
                                   Mary E. Adams*
(*Received by certificate)

The following persons were confirmed at Loysville on 14 November, 1858:

George Baltozer            Absalom Weaver
Catharine Rempfer

The following persons were confirmed at Loysville on 10 March 1860 by Rev. G.M. Settlemoyer:

Joseph Stuber                John Loy
Jacob Culler                   Mary E. Loy
Samuel Comp                Caroline Minich
Josiah Comp                  Hannah Stuber
William W. Witmer         Sarah E. Low
Alexander Chestnut        Sarah Copenhaver

Around the same time or shortly before, the following were received by certificate:

George Snyder            Henry Kiner        Sarah A. Murphy

The following persons were admitted to full communion by confirmation on 2 March 1861:

Benjamin Weaver            Henry Sosseman
Henry Weaver                 Sophia Rempfer

Around the same time, the following were received by certificate:

Michael Null                    Mrs. Rebecca Weibly

In October, 1861 the following persons were received by certificate:

Mrs. Kepner                    Miss Priscilla Kepner

The following persons were admitted to membership by the solemn rite of confirmation by Rev. Peter Sahm on 15 March, 1862:

John H. Arnold                Mary Shoemaker
Henry Rice                     Sophia Bear
Martin Luther Tressler      Rebecca Wagner
Henry Sahm                    Matilda Ann Minich
George W. Heim              Matilda E. Tressler
Martin Bernheisel             Mary Ann Sunday
Luther Bernheisel             Josephine M. Kepner
Jacob Schwab                 Mary A. Rice
Daniel Zug                       Isabella Rice
William Rhodes               Leah Schaeffer
David Kleckner                Louisa Kiner
Emanuel Wagner             Rebecca Grow
Leah Ellen Rhodes

The above listed information was extracted from the book, Churches Between the Mountains, A History of The Lutheran Congregations in Perry County, Pennsylvania; by Rev. D.H. Focht, A.M.; Baltimore; 1862

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