"A" Surnames


The following information is from the Register of Births (Perry Co. Court House); Surnames beginning with the letter "A".  This information was generously submitted by Nikki Perry.  

For Corrections Made In Typewriter:  See Birth Record Docket # 3, 4 & 5.

KEY:  Date of Record; Name of Child; Sex; Color*; Name of Father; Name of Mother; Residence; Occupation of Father; Date of Birth; Place of Birth 
(*Due to spacing issues, the "color" of the child is "white" unless noted otherwise)

Dec. 6, 1893; John Porter ADAMS; male; John R. Adams; Elizabeth M.; New Bloomfield; Merchant; July 19, 1893; New Bloomfield

Dec 18, 1893; Edna Ruth ALBRIGHT; female; Christian Albright; Maggie J.; Buffalo Twp.; farmer; June 4, 1893; Buffalo Twp.

Dec 28, 1893; Maggie J. ADAMS; female; W. H. Adams; Julie M.; Carroll Twp.; farmer; Aug 30, 1893; Carroll Twp.

Dec 18, 1893; Joseph C. ANDERSON; male; Joseph C. Anderson; Sarah; Miller Twp.; brakeman; Nov 25, 1893; Miller Twp.

Dec 14, 1893; Louisa E. ACHENBACH; female; Wm. A. Achenbach; Hannah; Penn Twp.; farmer; July 11, 1893; Miller Twp.

Dec 15, 1893; Clare ACKER; female; Henry Acker; Esther Jane; Penn Twp.; laborer; Aug 31, 1893; Penn Twp.

Dec 18, 1893; Mabel May ALLANDER; female; W. W. Allander; Minnie May; Penn Twp.; Peddler; Nov 22, 1893; Penn Twp.

Dec 19, 1893; John ALBRIGHT; male; John Albright; Carrie; Penn Twp.; engineer; Oct 24, 1893; Penn Twp.

Dec 20, 1893; Effie Ruth ALBRIGHT; female; Wm. A. Albright; Jane; Rye Twp.; farmer; Aug 21, 1893; Rye Twp.

Dec 18, 1893; Emma B. AUGNEY; female; John Augney; Etta; Lebo; farmer; Oct 31, 1893; Lebo

Dec 20, 1893; Clara Mae ADAMS; female; Ed Adams; Margaret; Tyrone Twp; laborer; June 7, 1893; Tyrone Twp.
(listed above the last entry:  "Docket No. 7, #1361)

Dec 15, 1893; Frederick ARNOLD; male; Henry Arnold; Emma; Watts Twp.; trucker; Oct 1, 1893; Watts Twp.

Dec 15, 1893; Sarah J. ACKER; female; Joseph Acker; Myrtle; Wheatfield; farmer; Sep 19, 1893; Wheatfield Twp.

June 1, 1894; John McAffee ADAMS; male; John R. Adams; Elizabeth; New Bloomfield; merchant; no date listed; New Bloomfield

June 1, 1894; Agatha ALEXANDER; female; R. M. Alexander; Laura V.; New Bloomfield; dentist; Dec 23, 1893; New Bloomfield

May 26, 1894; ______ ADAMS; male; Chas. N. Adams; Sarah; Carroll Twp.; farmer; Mch 15, 1894; Carroll Twp.

May 19, 1894; ______ ADAIR; male; Andy Adair; Martha J.; Madison Twp.; laborer; April 14, 1894; Madison Twp.
("See Docket #6; page 916)

June 1, 1894; Eugene McCurdy ADAMS; male; Elmer G. Adams; Lillian M.; Marysville; clerk; Dec 28, 1893

May 23, 1894; Helen ALBRIGHT; female; George S. Albright; Maria E.; Oliver Twp.; laborer; Dec 26, 1894; Marysville

June 6, 1894; Roy E. ALLANDER; male; Harvey W. Allander; Annie M.; Penn Twp.; helper; Jan 22, 1894

Dec 1, 1894; James Stewart ASKINS; male; Wm. H. Askins; Emma; New Bloomfield; painter; May 21, 1894; New Bloomfield

Dec 1, 1894; Dorothy May ARNOLD; female; John M. Arnold; Florence B.; New Bloomfield; Co. Supt.; Nov 30, 1894; New Bloomfield

Dec 1, 1894; Hester M. ASPER; female; John J. Asper; Lizzie M.; Buffalo Twp.; teacher; Sep 30, 1894; Buffalo Twp.

Dec 10, 1894; ______ ADAMS; male; John Q. Adams; Annie; Marysville; engineer; Nov 10, 1894; Marysville

Dec 10, 1894; Saml. L. ADAMS; male; John W. Adams; Annie M.; Spring Twp.; Far; May 25, 1894; Pisgah

Dec 10, 1894; Hellen E. ARNOLD; female;  Wm. E. Arnold; Maggie; Spring Twp.; lab; July 17, 1894; Alinda

Dec, 1, 1894; O_i_ M. ALLEN; female; Geo. W. Allen; Maud C.; Toboyne Twp.; farmer; June 27, 1894; Toboyne Twp.

June 3, 1895; ______ ANDERSON; female; David Anderson; Annie; Jackson Twp.; Lab; May 12, 1895; Jackson Twp.

June 3, 1895; ______ALBRIGHT; male; John Albright; Caroline; Penn Twp.; engineer; May 30, 1895; Penn Twp.

Nov 30, 1895; Josiah E. ALBRIGHT; male; David C. Albright; Mary; Buffalo Twp; farmer; Aug 5, 1895; Buffalo Twp.

Nov 30, 1895; Alice Ruth ARNEY; female; Frank Arney; Kate; Buffalo Twp.; farmer; Mch 17, 1895; Buffalo Twp.

Dec 3, 1895; Raymond A. ADAMS; male; Wm. G. Adams; Ida M.; Carroll Twp.; farmer; Sep 9, 1895; Carroll Twp.

Dec 4, 1895; _____ ADAMS; male; Chas. M. Adams; Sarah E.; Carroll Twp.; farmer; Nov 24, 1895; Carroll Twp.

Dec 9, 1895; Sam'l J. ADAMS; male; Wm. H. Adams; Salina A.; Carroll Twp.; farmer; Aug 30, 1895; Carroll Twp.

Nov 2?, 1895; Millard Randolph ACKER; male; David Acker; Emma; Howe Twp.; farmer; Sep 15, 1895; Howe Twp.

The final entry is cut off; it appears to be for either an "Adair" or "Adams" child and the mother's name as "Martha"