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The following information was extracted from the book, History of Perry County Pennsylvania; H. H. Hain; Hain-Moore Co.; Harrisburg, Pa.; 1922.  Chapter XVIII.

On the hill at Markelville, then known as Boserman's Mills, there stood a building locally termed "Washington Seminary."  In the spring of 1855 a school known as Buffalo Creek High School was opened in this building.  The law providing for the election of county superintendents of schools had just gone into effect during the previous year, and Rev. A. R. Height, a Lutheran clergyman, was made the county superintendent.  He was also chosen principal of this school and filled the positions simultaneously.  A year later, in 1856, the school was called Buffalo Creek High School and Perry County Normal Institute, and in 1857 the first part of the title had been dropped and it was known as the Normal Institute at Markelville and so advertised, the name of the town in the meantime having been changed to Markelville.  He was succeeded by Rev. George S. Rea, a Presbyterian clergyman, who in 1801 gave place to Prof. G. W. Leisher, later a Lutheran clergyman.  In 1866, Prof. C. W. Super--now Dr. Duper--tried to resuscitate the academy, which the fortunes of war had disturbed.  he was succeeded by Alexander Stephens and Adam Zellers, in turn.  As an evidence of its large attendance, in 1860 it was attended by 112 boarding students.  In 1867 George Markel erected a two-story frame academy building in which the school was continued and the students boarded.  This building had fifteen rooms for students and the basement was above street level and was intended for classroom use.  It was Mr. Markel's intention to make the school a permanent institution, but his death caused its discontinuance.  Prof. John S. Campbell, of Newport, states (1920), "It is a pity that this man was called away," he having had personal knowledge of his ability and energy.


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