Northumberland County

The following is a list of reference works that volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. To ask for a look-up, please click on the email address at the bottom of the reference. Requests should be specific; give as much detail as you can.


  • Will do lookups in my own files for SULOUFF (from a.d. 1677: 3860 names); GEISE (from a.d. 1645: 1110 names); EISTER (from a.d. 1665: 835 names); KRIGBAUM (from a.d. 1570: 532 names) or closely-related surnames from Northumberland Co. PA. I have published two 20-page articles in a historical journal (1996 & 1997) and an 801-page book (2003) in Library Of Congress on the history of the Sulouff family. Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff -  
  • I will do lookups in Abstracts of Wills and Administrations for Northumberland County (1772-1813). See Index of letters of administrations or Will index. Joan Berkey -  
  • I will do lookups in the May 1947 Telephone Directory for Mt. Carmel - Shamokin and nearby points. There are about 90 communities. I also have Commencement Number 16, Mt. Carmel HS 1916; The Consuella (Mt. Carmel Catholic HS) yrs 1935, 36, 37; The Centralian 1940 & 46; The Carmelite yrs 1926 & 1935; and the Buckness Univ. year book, L'Agenda yrs 1929 & 1931. Karen Breslin -  
  • I have the 1984 City Directory which covers most of Northumberland and Snyder counties. Amy Leone -  
  • I have purchased the following books and am willing to do lookups for any Northumberland County List Member: Mount Carmel Cemetery, compiled by Schuylkill Roots, May - June 1989 Oak Hill (O. of I.A.) Cemetery at Mount Carmel (Alaska), compiled by Schuylkill Roots, May 1989, Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Archives Volume II by Phillip A Rice and Jean A. Dellock. Marie Berens -  


    If you'd like to volunteer, please let us know via the Contact Page.