A Pictorial History of Mifflin County

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Top: A tree-lined Market Street is a novelty view today.
The photo was taken from the vicinity of the county jail.  Bottom: West Third Street at Wayne once served as a playground for neighborhood children.


Top: Market Street, facing east from Brown Street.
Bottom: West Market Street, facing west from Wayne Street.


Top: Lewistown YMCA during its heyday in the 1920's.
Bottom: The old Yeagertown High School that was razed in 1966.


Spanolgle & Yeager electric truck with hard-rubber tires parked at 19 Valley St., about 1915.
Bottom: Milroy bus line owned by W.H. 'Jack' Conway in 1910.


Top Left: The Monument can be seen in this photo of Main Street, 
taken from the Water Street intersection. 
Top Right: Another photo of the monument when its park was surrounded by a hedge.
Bottom: Panorama view of Monument Square.


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