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Colonel Arthur Buchanan Jr.


Dorcas Holt Buchanan & son Col. Arthur Buchanan, Jr. grave,

"Old" Town Cemetery South Brown and Water Streets, Lewistown, PA


From The People of Mifflin County:


Arthur Buchanan resided in Derry Township as an unmarried taxable from 1770 to 1772.  He was then assessed as a married taxable from 1773 to 1787.  He warranted land in 1762 and 1766 but paid quit rent from 1760 indicating that he had really held possession of one tract of land from 1760.  His military service in the Revolution was in the Fifth and Eighth Battalions of the Cumberland County Militia, 1777 to 1782, and he held the rank of colonel.  He also served as a constable in Derry Township.


About the surname, Buchanan:


Many of Pennsylvania's original settlers were of Scotch-Irish origin and Buchanan is one example of a truly Scotch-Irish surname with roots in Mifflin County. There is speculation as to its origin: The Irish Clan of Buey OKyan migrated to Scotland; the parish of that name on Loch Lomond; from the gaelic word “Boghchanan”, which means “low land belonging to the canon”; Mac-a-Chanonaich, meaning “Son of the Canon” or the word “Bothahanian” which means ‘the canon’s seat”. Another famous person of that name was James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States.


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