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The following is a list of items from which you can receive a lookup in McKean County Welcome to the McKean County, Pennsylvania Reference Lookups page.

If you would like to become a lookup volunteer, please e-mail me with McKean County Volunteer in the subject line.

Guidelines for requesting information from a lookup volunteer:

This is a free service, courtesy of our volunteers, please don't request or expect a volunteer to do a lot of actual research for you.


Be as specific as possible in your request and limit it to one or two individuals or families. Do not ask for something like all of the SMITHs on the 1900 census.


Be aware of the Fair Use provisions of the copyright laws. Short lookups of publicly available information are fine. However, the distribution of photocopies or verbatim transcriptions of significantly large sections of a work still under copyright protection without the author's permission is not allowed.


Be patient. The volunteers are often inundated with requests and it may take some time for them to get to yours.


Please thank the volunteer for taking the time to look up the information.

Limit your query to one name per request.  Put McKean LOOKUP in the subject line
For Census CDs you must know the township.
Resource Email-Researcher
Bradford Area Cemeteries Bradford Landmark Society
1860 County Census Cd Jules Randolph
1890 County Census CD Jules Randolph
1900 County Census Cd Jules Randolph