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Ludlow High School (Ludlow, PA)
Ludlow High School Graduation Class of 1946
nick bob
tommy Keith
Johnny Pauline
Rita Dorothy
Jimmy Rose

Notes: These photos were found in my mother's photo album from 1945-1947. My mother (maiden name was Jenny Tassone). Mom graduated from Ludlow High in 1947. She passed away in November 2014. The young lady in the photo identified as Pauline is Pauline A. Straneva (married name is Pauline A. Straneva Bross). I believe that she is still living. The young man identified as Nick was Nick Kulka. He is no longer living. The young man identified as Keith was Keith Gilfert. He is no longer living. The young man named Jimmy is James "Jimmy" Nelson. Sorry that I do not have any additional surnames for the Ludlow High School Class of 1946 - Diane Marie DeMarco

Update June 2019: Thanks to a fellow reseascher, the photo labeled "Dorothy" has been identified as Dorothy Bulicz Spilka (1928-1997). She is buried at St. Callistus cemetery in Kane.