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Bradford Era Obituaries
1935 - 1995

Bradford Era Obituary Index
1935 - 1995

The Bradford Era Obituary Index 1935 - 1995 is the result of 15 years of dedicated research by a group of historically oriented individuals whose common interest in genealogy led to the development of this database. Initially, Larry Richmond, William J. Reed, and Glen Reed began the project using their primitive computers. Later, Sam Scott and Judith Shick joined in the research. At present, the database is updated yearly, and under the supervision of Larry Richmond, and is projected to be carried into the next century. This index lists the name, age (in earlier databases), obit date (this may also be death date) as this indexing was taken in part from necrology at the end of the year, Bradford Era used death date. Just check a day or two later for the obit. If a street address is given, location is Bradford, Pa. Later database used Bradford, Pa. location, location is place of death or location of obit. Cemetery was added to later databases. Any questions or want look ups, visit the Bradford Landmark Society or email

A - Anast And - Arne Arne - Ay B - Baz
Bea - Biz Bj - Bro Broc - By Ca - Caw
Cec - Cof Cog - Coz Crad - Cz D - Deen
Def - Dj Do - Dra Dran - Dz Eag - Ell
Ells - Eng Engm - Ez Fab - Fizz Fla - Fy
Ga - Giv Gl - Gw H - Haz Hea - Hoa
Hoc - Hy I J K - Kes
Kest - Ky La - Lec Led - Ly Ma-McC
McCoo-McWi Mea-Mit Mix-My N
O'Br - O'To Oak - Ols Ona - Ox P - Paz
Pea - Pia Pic - Py Q Raa - Raz
Reh - Robi Robo - Rz Sa - Saz Sca - Sey
Sga - Siz Ska - Smi Smith Smo - Soy
Sp - Stay Ste - Stu Suc - Szy T
U V Waa - Walte Walto - Waz
Wea - Wey Whal - Whyt Wich - Wilm Wilo - Wils
Wilt - Woods Woodw - Wy X Y


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Directions as stated on the Bradford Landmark Society

Status of the Bradford Era Obit Index

Bradford Era Obit Index 1879 - 1900

This index is available on paper only. The original computer file was lost in a computer crash years ago. This database contains some 3,800 entries.

Bradford Era Obit Index 1901 - 1934

This index is available on work sheets by year. Look ups can be done if year of death is known and can be cross referenced to cemetery lists if year of death is listed.

Bradford Era Obit Index 1935 - 1995

This index is available on computer and printed copies. It can be viewed at the Bradford Area Public Library, UPB at Bradford, and the Bradford Landmark Society.

Bradford Era Obit Index 1996 - 1998

This obit is on file by year and month at the Bradford Landmark Society. Partial index on computer and paper listing.

Bradford Era Microfilm

Bradford Era Microfilm is available at the Bradford Area Public Library from 1879 - current year. Bradford Landmark Society has a collection of original papers 1888 through April, 1946.

Contributed by Larry Richmond & Connie S. Frederick
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