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Pvt Leonard Johnson

"Lest We Forget"

Private Leonard Levine Johnson

Army Photo Pvt Johnson
Pvt Leonard Johnson
23 Aug 1895 - 3 Nov 1918

Service Record

Funeral Hearse in Kane
Funeral Hearse in Kane
June 1, 1921

Leonard Levine Johnson(Lind), served in WWI and was killed in France. Leonard and his twin sister Jennie were the last born children of Swedish immigrants Mathilda and Lars Johan Lind.

Due to financial hardship, they were separated and given to two different families in Kane, Pa. Leonard was raised by the Johnson family and Jennie was raised by the Erickson family. The family story says that they lived next door to each other and never knew that they were twins until they were teenagers.

Jennie lived in Kane for her entire life at 314 Haines St. Jennie had one child, Bruce Murphy who also served in the 11th Airborne in the 1950's.

Contributed by Cris Murphy, grand-nephew of Leonard Johnson