McKean County Penna
Hamilton Township
Morrison Run Cemetery

Morrison Run Cemetery was located in McKean County, PA along the Kinzua River near Morrison, PA. The earliest know burial was 1850 and the latest was 1908. The cemetery was moved before 1965, when the area was inundated by Kinzua Dam and the Allegheny Records state that cemetery which contained about 62 graves (another record said 89) were relocated to Willow Dale Cemetery in Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania.

Twenty-three known graves and 38 unknown graves were below elevation 1371. None were above that elevation. The area that encompassed the cemetery was 0.33 acres. Lat: 41° 49' 11"N, 78° 55' 33"W
Names provided by the US Corps of Engineers.

- Liane Freedman

NameBirth DeathRemarks
Anderson, Isabella,no dateno date 
Anderson, James A.,no dateno date 
Anderson, James H.,no dateno dateVeterans Marker
Anderson, Mary,no dateno date 
Bartholomew , Charles,no dateno date 
Bartholomew, Lydia Ann,no dateno datemaiden name Presler
Belcher, George W.,no dateno date 
Boydon, Catharine,no dateno date 
Bray, Baby,no dateno date 
Bray, Virginia L.,no dateno date 
Cobbett, J. W.,no dateno dateVeteran's Marker
Cobbett, Jane,no dateno date 
Kibbe, Amanda,no dateno date 
Kibbe, Marian,no dateno date 
Morrison, Albert R.,no dateno dateuncle
Morrison, Clinton, b. dateVeterans Marker, uncle
Morrison, Izara,no dateno date 
Morrison, Julia Rome,no dateno datewife of Lafayetto Morrison
Morrison, Lafayetto, b. dateVeterans Marker, uncle
Morrison, Maggie M.,no dateno datecousin
Morrison, Silas,no dateno date 
Northrop, Amelia,no dateno date 
Northrop, Betsy,no dateno date 
Northrop, Jessie,no dateno date 
Northrop, John,no dateno dateVeterans Marker
Schearer, Amanda,no dateno datemother of Olive & Jacob
Schearer, Jacob,no dateno dateson of Amanda & John
Schearer, John,no dateno dateVeterans Marker, father of Olive & Jacob
Schearer, Olive May,no dateno datedaughter of Amanda & John
Shearer, ??,no dateno date 
Shearer, Jake,no dateno date 
Swetland, Sadie A.,no dateno dateaunt
Wood, ??,no dateno date 

24 unmarked sites, one with Veteran marker

Contributed by Liane Freedman