Mckean County, Pennsylvania
1893 - 1905
Early Births

Care has been given to transcribing these records but errors are impossible to avoid. At times the handwriting was very difficult to read and guessing was the best I could do.

Mistakes made by the original compilers are left as is, it was obvious at times that a mistake was made, however the records were transcribed as they were written.

The data is listed in this order: Name of Child...Date of Birth....Place of Birth......Sex of Child......Fathers name/Mothers name.......Father's Occupation......

File number of the township, or borough, to be referenced when contacting the McKean County Courthouse for further information.

The only additional information that can be found on the record is the residence of parents, color of child, and the date the record was recorded.

For the further information you must write, or call, the Registers Office. The contacting information for this office can be found at Records

Early Birth Records by Township or Borough

Contributed by Connie S. Frederick