The following marriages and deaths were taken from the "Whig",

which started publication 3 Jan. 1849 under C. E. Lathrop.

In the ( ) after the marriage or death is the date of the paper.

Inst. = same month Ult. = previous month


Edgar OSTERHOUT and Miss Melissa R. MARCY, married in Tunk. Twp. on Tuesday
evening, 19th ult., by Elder William Frear (3 Jan. 1849)

 Wm. CHASE, of Wyalusing and Miss Rachael BOWEN, of Tunk. Twp., married in Tunkhannock Twp., on Thursday morning, the 2lst ult., by L. C. Conklin, Esq. (3 Jan. 1849)

 John J. MILLEN, Esq., of this Boro, died in Cannonsville, Delaware Co., NY
on Monday the 18th ult., aged about 33 years. (3 Jan. 1849)

 Dr. Edwin GRAVES, died in Honesdale, on the 6th inst., aged 45 years. (17 Jan. 1849)

 G. B. NICHOLSON, Esq. and Miss Mary Ann STONE, married in Wilkes Barre on the 16th inst., by Rev. T. H. Pearne, all of the former place (24 Jan 1849)

 Elisha PACKER, of Carbon Co., PA, and Miss Rhoda, d/o Warren CAREY, of Wyoming Co.,
married 15th inst. in Tunk., by Rev. C. R. Lane (21 Feb. 1849)

 C. E. LATHROP, of Tunk., and Miss Charlotte, d/o Jesse DILLEY, of Wilkea Barre,
married in Wilkes Barre on the 18th inst., by Rev. C. A. Hewett (21 Feb. 1849)

 Miles AVERY and Miss Jane LEONARD, both of Falls, married in Wilkes Barre on the 22nd inst., by G. Burrows, Esq. (28 Feb. 1849)

 John WILES end Miss Nancy, d/o Fremun JONES, married in this Boro, on the 3rd inst.,
by Rev. C. R. Lane (7 Mar. 1849)

 William LONNERGAN, died in Providence on Friday, Feb. 23rd, Proprietor of the Centreville Hotel, aged 41 years (7 Mar 1849)

 David B. SWETLAND, died in Kingston, Luzerne Co., on Sat., 24th ult., aged 17 years end 9 months. (7 Mar. 1849)

 William STREETER and Miss Martha A. d/o Abraham FREAR, married in Monroe on the 8th inst., by Rev. Wm. Frear (14 Mar. 1849)
 Irwin, second S/O Thomas OSTERHOUT, died in this Boro on Monday last, aged 11 years. (14 Mar 1849)
Zebulon, s/o David REEVES, died in Tunk. Twp., on Sunday, 25th ult,
aged 14 years.  (4 April 1849)

John YATES, of the California Co. from NY, drowned at the Nanticoke Dam
on the 24th ult., and was found on Tuesday the l0th inst. and interred
in the graveyard in Wilkes Barre.  (18 April 1849)

Abel MARCY and Mrs. Sarah HOADLEY, married in Tunk. Twp., on the
15th inst., by Rev. L. A. Bennett  (25 April 1849)
Robert LOVE, of Carbondale, died in NYC, on the 12th inst., in 32nd year.
(25 April 1849)

Wm. H. SUTLER and Miss Charlotte LANE, married in Wilkes Barre on the
7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Miles, all of Wilkes Barre. (16 May 1849)

David SMITH, of Carbondale and Miss Nancy D.  STARKWEATHER, Of Waymart,
married 16th inst., in Carbondale by Rev. E. D. Willis (23 May 1849)

George LATHROP and Miss Lucy A. KNAPP, married in Springville, on the
29th inst., by Rev. Mr. Boswell  (30 May 1849)

John J. SMITH, died in Clinton Twp. on the 24th ult, aged about 82
years.  (38 May 1849)

George, youngest s/o Ralph MARTIN, died in this Boro on the 9th inst,
aged about 2 years.   (13 June 1849)

Phebe Maria, w/o E. B. HARVEY, Esq., died in Wilkes Barre on the 7th inst.,
after a short and severe illness  (28 June 1849)

Rev. Sylvester DANA, died in Concord, NH on Saturday evening the 9th inst.
He was born at Ashford, CT 4 July 1769, and passed the earlier days of his
childhood chiefly at Wilkes Barre, PA.  See article for more on family.
(20 June 1849)

Henry HAKES, of Davenport, Delaware Co., NY and Miss Maria DANA, of
Wilkes Barre, married in Wilkes Barre on the 21st inst., by
Rev. John Dorrance  (27 June 1849)

O. S. KNAPP, of Carbondale and Miss Ann LEIDY, of Wilkes Barre, married
in Wilkes Barre on 25th inst., by Rev. John Dorrance  (4 July 1849)

Geo. H. STARK and Miss Clara C. BLANCHARD, married 9th inst., in
Wilkes Barre by Rev. B. Hawley.  All of Wilkes Barre (18 July 1849)

Belden SWETLAND. died in Kingston, Luzerne Co., on the 30th ult,
aged 29 years.  (8 Aug. 1843)

Esther, wife Jacob S. RICE, died on Sunday, 2nd Sept., aged about 26
years.   (12 Sept. 1849)

Sarah H., only child of Frederick and Phoebe VOPEIDUS, died in Monroe
on Sept. 9th, aged 1 year 2 months 24 days  (18 Sept. 1849)

Lyman H., youngest child of Ira and Elizabeth CRAWFORD, died on the 11th,
aged 2 years and 7 days.   (18 Sept. 1849)

A. P.  BURGESS and Miss Angeline ADAMS married in Forkston Twp., Monday
the 9th inst., by Rev. Wm.. McKoon.  (26 Sept. 1849 )

Eli F. ROBERTS, formerly of Honesdale and Miss Catharine DE WITT,
of Brooklyn, Susq. Co. married in Brooklyn on 20th ult by Rev. Mr. Williams
(3 Oct. 1849)

Jasper STARK and Miss Frances B., d/o Capt. Chas. SMITH, married
in Carbondale on Tuesday morning, 16 Oct., by Rev. B. W. Gorham
(24 Oct. 1849)

Peter W. THOMPSON, of Monroe, died of Cholera at Fondulac, Wisconsin,
on 30th of Sept. last, aged 38 years (24 Oct. 1849)

James M. STURDEVANT, of Braintrim and Miss Elite L. DANSON, of Auburn,
married in Auburn, Susq. Co. on the 29th ult., by Rev. E. Sturdevant
(21 Nov. 1849)

James CLARK,  of Sunbury and Miss Adaline,  d/o late Morris ROBERTS,
formerly of this county, married in Sunbury, Delaware Co., OH, on Wed.
21st Nov., by Rev. Mr. Meredith.   (19 Dec. 1849)

Mrs. Sarah, w/o Garret DURLING, died in this boro on Monday the 17th inst.,
aged about 33 yrs. (19 Dec 1849)

Benjamin JONES, of Wilkes Barre to Miss Martha C. KEENEY.of Braintrim,
married 18th ult, in Braintrim by Rev. Geo. Landon  (2 Jan. 1850)

Orange N. SMITH, of Tunkhannock and Miss Esther L. SMITH, of Springville,
married in Springville, 13th inst. by Rev. Joseph O. Boswell  (16 Jan. 1850)

G. R. BRAMHALL, of Wyalusing, Bradford Co. and Miss Martha Ann HARDING,
of Tunkhannock, married in Tunkhannock Boro, Monday evening last, by
Rev. H. Brownscombe  (23 Jan. 1850)

Oscar MARSH, of Carbondale and Miss Miranda BLAKESLEE, of Springville,
married at Springville, on 17th inst., by Rev. John Mulkey  (30 Jan. 1850)

Nelson W. BURGESS, of Forkston and Miss Adaline PATTERSON, of Kingston,
married in Kingston Twp., on 31 Jan., by Rev. S. L. Brown (6 Feb.  1850)

John L. HAHN and Miss Elizabeth WALTERS, both of Mehoopany, married in
Mehoopany, 7th inst., by Rev. S. L. Brown  (20 Feb. 1850)

Philip HULL, of Braintrim and Miss Sarah M. SCOTT, of Carbondale, married
in Carbondale, 25th ult., by Rev. E. D. Willis  (6 Mar. 1850)

F. C. CHURCHILL, of Great Bend and Miss Eliza J. CLEMONS, of Bridgewater,
Susquehanna Co., married in Bridgewater on 6th inst, by Rev. H. A. Riley
(13 Mar. 1850)

James HONEYWELL, of Dallas, Luzerne Co., and Miss Almira Jane SCOUTEN,
of Monroe, married in Monroe on 18th ult, by E. Parrish, Esq.  (1 May 1850)

William S. SHAW, of Lemon and Miss Lucy R. HARVEY, of Lenox, Susquehanna Co.
married in Montrose, on 16th inst., by Rev. M. Tenney  (29 May 1850)

Joseph A. BEEBE, of Tunkhannock Boro and Miss Isabella C. LACEY, of
Laceyville, married in Binghamton, NY on 16th inst., by Rev. Dr. Paddock
(29 May 1850)

I. C. LACEY and Miss R. A. SMITH, married in Laceyville, 9th inst.,
by Rev. D. D. Gray, both of Laceyville  (12 June 1850)

A. J. BUTTERFIELD, of Great Bend and Miss Elizabeth HALSTED, married
in Tunkhannock, on 4th inst., by Rev. C. R. Lane  (10 July 1850)

Leonard VAN GORDER and Miss Amanda HUNTER, both of Northmoreland,
married in Northmoreland, on 5th inst. by Rev. C. E. Taylor  (11 Sept. 1850)

William MOSHER, of Pittston and Miss Sarah A. MILLER, of Ransom, married
at Martin's Hotel in Tunkhannock Boro, on Thursday evening last,
by Rev. Henry Brownscomb  (2 Oct. 1850)

Isaac DEWITT, of Brooklyn and Miss Lucy E. SPENCER, of Tunkhannock, married
in Montrose, by Elder D. Dimock  [no date of marriage given] (30 Oct. 1850)

Benjamin M. HALL, of Eaten and Miss Asenath DEWITT, of Exeter, married
in Exeter on 23rd, by Rev. C. E. Taylor  (30 Oct. 1850)

Robert H. ATKINSON and Miss Ellen BROUGHTON, married in Washington,
23rd by Rev. Erastus Smith  (30 Oct. 1850)

Stephen B. LUD and Miss Elizabeth DEWITT, both of Franklin, Luzerne Co.,
married in Centermoreland, 9 Nov., by Rev. C. E. Taylor (20 Nov. 1850)

Segar GRAHAM and Miss Mary ROSENCRANTZ, both of Eaton, married in Eaton,
21 Nov., by Rev. C. E. Taylor  (27 Nov. 1850)

James VAN LOON and Miss Almira BROWN, married in Jackson, Luzerne Co.,
on 24th inst., by Rev. C. E. Taylor  (27 Nov. 1850)

George R. WHITE and Miss Emily M. VAN LOON, married in Jackson,
Luzerne Co., by Rev. C. E. Taylor on Nov. 30th  (5 Dec. 1850)

Amos T. DEWITT, of Eaton Twp., and Miss Elizabeth C. KEELER, of
Northmoreland, married 23rd Oct. last by Peter Winter, Esq.  (11 Dec. 1850)


Jabez Hyde JENKINS Esq., died at Pittston, on last Friday,
Supervisor on the North Branch Div., PA Canal, aged 35 years (23
Jan. 1850)

Lovinia C. EVANS, died in Monroe Twp., Feb. 20, aged 11 months and 11 days,
second child of John F. and Jane EVANS   (13 Mar.  1850)

 Jason NEWTON, died in Dimock, Susquehanna Co., on 9th Feb., after a
short and painful illness, aged 81 years.  He was born in Marlborough,
Worcester Co., Mass, and later moved to Hinsdale, NH and Reading,
Windsor Co., VT, then he and his family in 1829 moved to Springville
(now Dimock)  Susquehanna Co.   [see article for moreinfo.]  (27 Mar. 1850)

Sarah Angeline, wife of Samuel W. SMITH, died in Washington Twp., on
20th ult, aged about 26 years  (1 May 1850)

Julia, consort of  Ziba WHEELOCK, died in Eaton, on 11th inst., aged
about 35 years  (15 May 1850)

Eleazer PORTER, a barber, committed suicide on Friday morning of
last week. He leaves a wife and one child. [originally printed in
the Luzerne Democrat - see article] (3 July 1850)

Col. Harris JENKINS, died at his residence in Pittston, 11th inst.,
after a short illness, age about 70 years  (28 Aug. 1850)

William JONES, aged about 32 years, died in Wilkes Barre on 14th inst.,
after a short and painful illness  (28 Aug. 1850)

Affa, dau. of Harry and Sally HARDING, died in Exeter, Luzerne Co., on
20th ult., aged 24 years, after a short but painful illness (28 Aug. 1850)

Merritt HARDING, died in Exeter, 31 ult., aged 26 years  (4 Sept. 1850)

Eli SWETLAND, died in Kingston, Luzerne Co., on 27th Sept., aged 59 years.
(2 Oct. 1850)

Lovina, wife of Lyman FARR, died in Forkston, 10 Sept.  She was a member
of the Methodist Episcopal Church  (2 Oct. 1850)

Lucy, wife of James W. HICKCOX, died in Springville 1 Nov., aged 49 years
(20 Nov. 1850)

Ahira L. WHITCOMB, died in Carbondale, 18th inst., after a short illness,
aged about 61 years  (27 Nov. 1850)

Robert T. ALLEN to Miss Rachael ROBERTS, both of Union Twp., Luzerne Co.,
by Rev. L. Hamlin (no date) (15 Jan. 1851)

 John B. SMITH, of Plymouth, Luzerne Co. to Miss Eveline KEELER, of Northmoreland,
in Northmoreland on 26th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Frear (29 Jan. 1851)

 Wm. H. DIMON to Miss Jane DIMON, both of Northmoreland, on 18th inst.,
by Rev. L. Hamlin (29 Jan. 1851)

 John SAX, of Scrantonia to Mrs. Mary Ann ELLIS, on 2nd inst. by Rev. Mr. Lane (5 Feb. 1851)

 George LYMAN to Miss Sarah E. KINTNER, both of Washington Twp.,
in Braintrim, on 6th inst., by Rev. H. Brownscombe (26 Feb. 1851)

 Leonard BELL, of Franklin, Luzerne Co. to Miss Harriet E. SWARTHOUT, of Exeter Twp.,
in Centermoreland, 20th inst., by Rev. C. E. Taylor (26 Feb. 1851)

 Nicholas MARCY, Of Clinton Twp. to Miss Philena COONRAD, of Greenfield, Luzerne Co.,
on 27th ult., by Warren Simrall, Esq. (5 Mar. 1851)

 Willis WALKER to Miss Keziah LYMAN, both of Springville, in Springville on 1lth Mar.
by Rev. Erastus Smith (12 Mar. 1851)

 Charles FITZ, of Nesquehoning, Carbon Co. to Miss Josephine JUSTIN, of Springville,
in Springville on 5th ult, by Amos Williams, Esq. (19 Mar. 1851)

 H. S. STURDEVANT, formerly of Windham, to Miss Annis M. CRAWFORD, of East Springhill,
Bradford Co., in East Springhill, on 2lst by Rev. R. E. Goram (19 Mar. 1851)

 Elisha B. LYMAN to Miss S. A. B., dau. of  D. MC CAIN Esq., all of Washington Twp.
in Washington Twp., 19 Mar. by Rev. Erastus Smith (26 Mar. 1851)

 G. H. BURGESS, of Forkston to Miss Minerva M., dau. of  T. MAYNARD, Esq., of Mehoopany, in Mehoopany on 27th ult, by Rev. Mr. Scofield (2 April 1851)

 Dr. Samuel ROOT to Rebecca LEE, formerly of Lemon, in Forkston on 1 April
by J. G. Spaulding Esq. (16 April 1851)

 Laban SAFFORD to Miss Esther, dau.of Tilton SMITH, all of Washington Twp.,
on 1lth inst., by Rev. Erastus Smith (18 June 1851)

 Walter W. DIMOCK to Miss Ann M., dau. of Gen. Bradley WAKEMAN, all of Lacey-
ville, in Herrick, Bradford Co., 28th ult, by Rev. Mr. Landon (9 July 1851)

 James W. RINKER, of Eaton to Miss Sarah WINTERS, of Jackson, Monroe Co.,
in Tunkhannock on 20th inst., by Denison Lott, Esq. (23 July 1851)

 C. W. BUELL, of Binghamton, NY to Miss Harriet A. DILLEY, of Hanover, in
Wilkes Barre on 6thinst, by Rev. R. Moister (23 July 1851)

 J. W. WHITE of Manlius to Miss M. M. CLARK of Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY,
in Pompey on 23rd inst by Rev. Mr. Smith (30 July 1851)

 Richard MAY to Miss Ann CARVER, formerly of Eaton, in Monroe on 11th inst.
by Rev. J. Jayne (20 Aug. 1851)

Lewis WHITLOCK Jr. to Miss Eunice, dau. of  Harris G. GAY Esq., both of
Northmoreland, in Exeter, 21st inst., by Gould Whitlock, Esq. (27 Aug. 1851)

 John W. WHITE, of Carbondale to Miss Diantha E. TOWER, of Lenox, in Lenox,
Susq. Co., 28th ult., by Eld. Rial Tower (10 Sept. 1851)

Sylvester KING of Abington, Luzerne Co. to Miss Rachel Jane., dau. of
Paul HALL,of Auburn, married in Auburn, Susq. Co., 9th inst., by
Rev. Erastus Smith (22 Oct. 1851)

 Elisha Q. HARDING to Miss Cordelia, dau. of Jesse HARDING Esq., all of Eaton,
in Eaton Twp., on 4th inst., by Rev. Wm. Freer (5 Nov. 1851)

 Charles DOLITTLE, of Sterlingville to Miss Jane HOLLESHEAD, formerly of
Juniata, PA, in Washington Twp., 15th inst., by Daniel McCain, Esq.
(17 Dec. 1851)

 Henry TURREL to Miss Sarah SHAW, of Nicholson, in Lemon on I0th inst.,
by Henry H. Mitchell, Esq. (17 Dec. 1851)

 John LOVE Jr., of Windham to Miss Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Jacob LOW, in
Auburn, Susq. Co. on 30th ult. By Rev. Erastus Smith (17 Dec. 1851)

Aurilla, wife of Franklin BROOKS, died in Springville, Susq. Co. on
the 5th inst. after an illness of about one hour, in her 40th year.
She was a member of the M. E. Church, leaves a husband and two small
children.  (19 Feb. 1851)

Ida Florence, dau. of Henry H. and Lucretia E. COLVIN, died in Abington,
9th Feb., aged 1 year 11 months and 7 days (26 Feb. 1851)

Miss Susan BENSON, died in Eaten Twp., on 26th ult., aged about 50 years
(5 Mar. 1851)

John GREEN, of Franklin Twp., on his return from California, died at
the house of his brother in New Milford within four or five miles of
his own house which he was unable to reach before his death, occurred
a few weeks ago.  (taken from Montrose Register) (12 Mar. 1851)

Alexander McCOLLUM Jr., last week arrived fromCalifornia, and reached
his home between this place and New Milford on Monday morning, 24th ult,
in apparent health though he had buried his brother in law, Dr. KENNARD,
on an Island during their home voyage. Mr. McCollum scarcely got home
and came down with the same disease that the above Mr. GREEN contracted
on his way home, and Alexander died on Tuesday evening last.
taken from Montrose Register) (12 Mar. 1851)

Rev. Ephraim SAWYER, died in Washington Twp. on 2lst, aged 74 years
(26 Mar.  1851)

Capt. Thomas H. PARKER, died in Wilkes Barre, 4th inst., after a brief
illness, aged 43 years  (16 April 1851)

Samuel VANSCOY, died at Exeter on 31st inst., aged 86 years.  He served
in the Revolution, a member of the Baptist Church in Kingston. (4 June 1851)

Martha, wife of Wm. STREETER, and dau. of Rev. Abraham FREAR, of Monroe,
died in White Haven on 14th inst., aged 25 years. (23 July 1851)

Rev. Lucius S. BENNETT, of the M. E. Church, died in Wilkes Barre on Sunday
morning last, aged 41 years  (6 Aug. 1851)

John OAKLEY, died in Lemon Twp., on IOth inst, aged about 69 years.
He was born in Fredericksboro, Dutchess Co., NY, I June 1782.
He came to this country when a young boy with his father's family
and settled on the Tunkhannock Creek about six miles from its mouth.
He was a member of the M. E. Church.  His remains were deposited in the
burying ground near the Presbyterian Church in Springville.  (20 Aug. 1851)

Harriet, dau. of George and Elizabeth WHIPPLE, died in Mehoopany
on 21st inst., aged 1 year 2 months (poem)  (27 Aug. 1851)

Benjamin E., son of Thomas P. and Ellen MEEKER, died in Washington Twp.,
29th Aug. last, aged 18 years  (3 Sept. 1851)

Orlando GAREY, died 9 Aug. 1851, aged 6 years (poem) (10 Sept. 1851)
Lydia Ann GAREY, survived her brother scarcely two weeks, age 8 years
(poem) (l0 Sept. 1851)

Fidelia K., dau. of Harriet and Samuel JACOBY, died in Mehoopany,
20 Aug. aged 2 years 3 months (poem) (17 Sept. 1851)

Lewis J. STURDEVANT, died in Braintrim, 23rd inst, in 24th year.
He was a member of the Baptist Church.  (29 Oct. 1851)

Mrs. Mary, wife of John BUNNELL, died at her residence in Tunk. Twp.,
on 3rd inst, aged about 58 years. (5 Nov. 1851) She died of dysentery,
in 59th year.  She was a member of the M. E. Church, survived by husband
and children.  (19 Nov. 1851   see article)

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