St. Clements & St. Peters Marriage

These are a few marriages records that were found at St. CLement's & St. Peter's church in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, PA.

Wednesday, April 19 vicarage Gildas Jeffreys, 22, Wilkes-Barre, & Blodwin Richards 24, Hanover Twp.
Groom's Parents:Evan & Charlotte
Bride's Parents:David & Hannah
Pastor: Rev. John Hall Griffith
Witness: Roland Carpenter

Thursday, Mary 8, 1914 Church, Charles Fox 19, Plymouth Twp. & Hazel Pearl Booth 18, Plymouth Twp.
Groom's Parents:Benjamin & Alice
Bride's Parents: Peter and Mary
Pastor: Reverend John Hall Griffith
Witness: William Crookes & Laura Fox

Wednesday, June 25, 1919 Church, John R. Oliver 21, Edwardsville & Loretta Lubin 19, Larksville
Groom's Parents: John & Margaret
Bride's Parents: John & Mary
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Clarence & Agatha Prestzman

Sunday, June 29, 1919 Church, Karl W. Griven 18, Wilkes-Barre, & Veleta G. Lyons 18, Larksville
Groom's Parents: Peter Griven, Ellen Zimmerman
Bride's Parents: Hugh & Lavinia
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Leon Murray

Tuesday, December 23, 1919 Home of Bride, George Walker 27, Plymouth & Emily Adele Boyce, 25 Plymouth
Groom's Parents: Joseph & Lavinia
Bride's Parents: Charles & Jane
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Parents of Bride & Groom

Wednesday, January 6, 1920 Vicarage, Henry Lyons 33, Plymouth & Margaret Shellhammer, 31 Plymouth
Groom's Parents: Hugh & Lavinia
Bride's Parents: Late, William & Mary Bryce
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Ward Hugh Griffith & Mary Boyee

Wednesday, February ll, 1920 Home of Bride, Walter Cattell 22, Renssaler, N.J. & Jennie Fine, 17 Plymouth
Groom's Parents: Charles & Addie
Bride's Parents: James & Margaret
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: James Fine & Richard Stratton

Saturday, February 14, 1920, Church, Thomas Daavid Johns, 26, Plymouth & Edith Isabel Hughes 25 Plymouth
Groom's Parents: John & Anna
Bride's Parent: Harriet
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Harry Berkheiser & Gertrude Johns

Monday, August 9, 1920 Church David Charles Evans 25, Plymouth & Marion Elizabeth Jones, 23 Plymouth
Groom's Parent: Sara Evans
Bride's Parent: Mary Ann Jones
Pastor: John Hall Griffith
Witness: Theophilis Davis & Maud Price

Sunday, August 22, 1920 Church, Harold Edward Hicks 21, Plymouth, & Mary Catherine Fischler 19 Plymouth
Groom's Parents: John & Laura Hicks
Bride's Parents: Robert & Minnie Fischler
Pastor: John hall Griffith
Witness: Mrs. John Hall Griffith & Mrs. John Hicks

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