Mosier Cemetery

Maintained by Duryea Borough. it was formed for those that served in the wars and their families. The real name and when it was formed is uncertained. There is a vast space bare of any stones and those that remain are barely illegible so those that are real difficult to make out, we places in parathesis. This is what we gathered on Mar 15 1986 from the cemetery on Parsonage Street from Pittston, Pa.

Surname Given Name Birth date Age death Date Notes
Arnoll Mary Hanna     Jul 1 1860 da of David & Fally
Babbut Mary Oct 20 1857   May 25 1860  
Babbut Hankin Dec 3 1855   Jun 12 1860  
Babbut John Jan 3 1857   Jun 15 1860  
Beicher Levi G   17y 10m 1d Jan 11 1856 so of Harry & Betty
Brown Barzilla     Jun 12 1842  
Brown Isabella Feb 27 1795 41y 3m Apr 25 1863 wf of Richard
Brown Richard H Apr 27 1793   Jul 19 1861  
Brown Elizabeth 1800   1877 wf
Brown Theron   15y 10m 5d Oct 18 1842 so of Richard & Isabella
Fell Edwin     Aug 3 1884  
Fell Ruby Apr 2 1831   Apr 28 1905 wf of Edwin
Fell Gould P George     Apr 12 1871 son
Fell John E       illegible
Fell Robert L       illegible
Fell Hugh     Dec 16 1861  
(Foudet) Charles H   1y 5m 10d Feb 25 1865 so of Joseph & Emily
Gavlon Mary   1y 2m Jul 19 1860 da of Geo & Mary
Giddings Nathaniel   61y 2m 10d Oct 10 1851  
Giddings Lucinda   43y 10m 26d Nov 27 1815 wf
Giddings Mary   35y Sep 17 1845 wf
Giddings Sally       broken in pieces, da of Nathaniel
Giddings Anne   26y 3m 10d Feb 11 1825 da of Nathaniel & Lucinda
Giddings Nathaniel   53y 10m 3d Apr 23 1857 so of Nathaniel & Lucinda This one doesn’t make sense.
Hughes rebeca   55y Jul 18 1866 spells Rebekah
Hughes William L   67y Jun 15 1871  
Jones Lucinda   60y Mar 23 1891  
Jones Harriett Nichols   70y Feb 11 1898  
(Lillie) Merrit       Pa Inf
Litz Madeline       no other data
(Long) Robert L   11y 1m 13d Oct 30 1859 so of Robert & Sarah
Morris Mary   79y Feb 21 1881  
Morris David        
Roberts John E   63y Feb 27 1850  
Roberts Julia E   69y 7m Jan 9 1883  
Schoonover Jno       Sgt Co Pa Inf
Smith George        
Smith Truxton       Co H 187 Pa Inf
Stull Soldmon       Pvt Co C 177 Reg Pa Oratted Inf
Thompkins Albert       Co I llo Pa Inf
Sier Kemeys Michael        
Sier Kemeys Maria   9m 9d Jul 6 1852 da of R & H
Sier Kemeys Infant        

This information was donated by Suzanne LaFrance

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