Dornbach/Turnbaugh/Turnbach/Durnbach Family

Mathias DORNBACH was born 6 Sept 1716 in Mundersbach in the Westerwald, Germany . He married Elizabeth Catherine SPIES there on 28 July 1741. The Church records indicate that "they went to America in 1744". They arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on Ship Aurora> in 1744 with Mathias' father, Heinrich, and their daughter Anna Maria. Mathias obtained a warrant for land and purchased adjacent land in then Lancaster County, later Bern Township , now Center and Penn Townships of Berks County. He was naturalised April 1761.

His mother and sister do not appear in American records and are presumed dead by the time that they located in Bern Township. Father Heinrich remarried Maria Anna Barbara, whose maiden name is unknown, and died in 1770. She was one of the donors of the Bible at Salem/Belleman's Church, where Heinrich is believed to be buried. The Bible with her signature remains in the possession of the church. In 1771 she remarried to Michael SPATS at Morllaton Church at Douglasville, and later preceded Michael in death. Her death is recorded 24Dec1794 at Trinity Lutheran Church at Reading

Mathias was "Elder of the Church at Bern", which Rev Schumacher entered in his record at the occasion of the Confirmation of daughter Anna Maria. He was also Overseer of the Poor, and supervisor of Roads and Highways at Bern Township. In 1773 he and Catherine sold the Bern Township land and mill and purchased land in what became Brunswick Township of Berks, now Schuylkill County. The land is along the west bank of the Little Schuylkill in what is now East Brunswick Township.

In 1778 Mathias took the "Oath of Allegiance" to the new Government. In 1779 he recorded a deed for a half-part of the Brunswick land to son William. Since Catherine had been part of all previous recorded land transactions but the one in 1779, she is presumed dead by that time. Mathias does not appear on tax records after that date and it is believed that he died 1779/1780. Both Mathias and Catherine are believed to have been buried at the Zion Red Church, near what is now Orwigsburg - the Church attended by the family, and the only cemetery in the immediate area at that time.

A local point of interest in the area is known as "Hawk Mountain"- from the pinnacle is a spectacular view of the valley of the Little Schuylkill. In the North distance one can see the steeple of the Frieden's Church at the Little Schuylkill. Son John was "baumeister" of the original church at that location.

Mathias and Elizabeth Catherine had the following children:

Anna Maria b24Oct1742; baptised at the church at Hochstenbach, married George HENER [Hoener] about 1762. They had several children. George HENNER died February 1796, according to Berks Court records; Anna Maria died 13 Jun 1833 in Brunswick Township. A death notice appeared in the Reading Adler. A Fractur which had belonged to Anna Maria, is now part of the Unger-Bassler Pennsylvania German Collection at Franklin-Marshall College at Lancaster. George HENNER and Anna Maria purchased part of a Dewees tract with Mathias about 1773. It is across the Little Schuyklill, just below the town of New Ringgold. Their son Ludwig served in Captain Wetstone's Company of the Brunswick Militia during the Revolution. Their daughter Anna Maria married Heinrich ALSPACH and moved to Ohio. She had a family bible in which she entered the births of her siblings and her children.

Anna Catherine b about 1745 is believed to have married Frederick GOTTSCHALL, eldest son of George of Bern Township. Frederick is in the 1790 census at Brunswick Township, but not tracked after that. They had a son, John Thomas who was born 5Feb1769; Trinity Reading churchbook records John Thomas GOTTSCHALL and Maria Elisabeth DORNBACH as sponsors.

There are apparently three Frederick GOTTSCHALLs in Berks at the time of the Revolution, two married to women with the name Anna Catherine or Catherine, complicating tracking through military and civil records. Given his age, Frederick was likely in the Revolution, as were his three younger brothers, Thomas, Leonard and Christopher. Anna Margaretha b 22Dec1747; Christened at the Northkill in Berks 6 March 1748, married 31 Aug 1766 Jacob LUCKENBILL, 2nd s/o Adam of Windsor Twp. The Trinity Reading Church record of the wedding indicates that she was the 3rd d/o Mathes DORNBACH of Bern. Jacob LUCKENBILL of Brunswick died in 1776 according to estate records at Reading. The cause of his untimely death is unknown - perhaps he was a war casualty. Anna Margaretha was identified as the widow in the estate records. Her brother John, and Abraham LUCKENBILL, presumed to be a brother of Jacob, the deceased, were involved with the settlement of the estate. It is not known what happened to her or the children after her husband's death.

Maria Elizabeth b16May1750, married 16Apr1770 to Thomas GOTTSCHALL, a son of George of Bern, and brother of Frederick. Maria Elizabeth and Thomas lived at what is now East Brunswick, where he died in 1821. They had several children who raised families in Schuylkill County and in Ohio. Thomas was in Capt Weston's Brunswick Township unit at the time of the Revolution.

Anna Elizabeth was sponsor 12April 1782 at Zion Red Church for Johannes SCHAEFFER with Johannes SCHWEINHARD. No other record has been found to date. The Schweinhardt families from the area moved to Ohio.

Both sons of Mathias served in the Revolutionary War. Their names appear as DORNBACH, Tornbach, Turnbach, Dornbaugh and other corruptions in church, civil and military records at that time.

William, the eldest son of Mathias was born at Bern Township, Berks County on 18Sept1752, His birth and Baptism are recorded in Rev Caspar Stoever's Pastoral Acts. He married Rebecca BOSSERT, a daughter of Rudolph and Philippina [GRAEF]. She was baptised at Moselem Church in 1754/5. Rudolph emigrated from Turpenthall, Zurich Switzerland. He arrived with the family on Ship Mercury in 1735, age 10. The baptisms of the BOSSHARDT children and the death of Rudolph's mother, Anna who was born PETERS, are recorded in the church books at Canton Zurich. Rudolph was a "Court Martial Man" in Captain Wetstone's 1777 Company of Brunswick, Berks County Militia, under the Command of Colonel Michael LINDENMUTH. Rudolph died about 1808 in Brunswick Township. Rudolph is believed to have operated an Inn at now East Brunswick. The location is depicted on a 1792 map in the Pennsylvania Archives Third series. He owned considerable acreage adjacent to what is now Drehersville PA.

William served with Captain David Morgan's unit in the winter of 1777/1778, and later with Brunswick Units of the Berks County Militia. Shortly after 1780, he moved to what is now Muncy Creek Township of Lycoming County, where he appears on tax and census records through 1802. In 1808, he executed a deed for purchase of the 134 acre Western part of land "at the forks of the Nescopeck Creek in Mifflin, late Catawisey Township in the County of Northumberland" that had been Patented to John BALL as "Commerce" 28May1789, recorded in book #15, page 64. John WOLF executed a deed for the much larger Eastern part. These deeds are recorded in Northumberland County deed book N pages 126 and 127. That land became part of Sugarloaf Twp, Luzerne County. In 1808, William DORNBACH is on a tax assessment list for 130 acres and a cabin at "Black Creek". William died in 1829, he and Rebecca are buried at Trinity Cemetery, Mountain Grove, Black Creek Township, PA.

William and Rebecca had a son baptised at the Zion Red Church in Brunswick Twp. -

John Jacob b12Jan1777 - Jacob and Eva BENTZINGER were sponsors.

They are believed to have had the additional following children born while they lived at Muncy Creek -most moved to the Black Creek/Sugarloaf, Luzerne County area with their parents, many were lifelong residents there and in nearby Townships and communities. It is believed that they were baptised at the Emmanuel Church near Muncy Creek, however the records have not been available since the 100th Anniversary in the late 1800's. No will or estate papers have been found to verify the names of the children, except for a land transfer to son Samuel.

Susannah b11May1780, married 1st HILL, 2nd WHITNEY, 3rd DODGE died at Ray Michigan.

Mathias born about 1788, married Elizabeth LONG, and lived at Selinsgrove, Pa, where they had Charlotte who married John CALDRON; Jacob; Susanna; David, who married Elizabeth PHLEEGOR and died at Selinsgrove in 1912; and Frederick Monroe. Over the years, the name evolved in church and civil records from DORNBACH, TORNBACH TOMBAUGH, DURNBACH, to DUNBACH, a spelling adopted by his descendants. After the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1857, Mathias moved to Elkart County Indiana with some of his children. He died there in 1878 and is buried at the Zion Cemetery in Washington Township. He was a Sergeant in the Selinsgrove Rifle Company in the War of 1812.

Johannes [John] b 8Feb1790, married about 1811 Elizabeth, a daughter of Abraham and Mary MILLER. John died in 1838, he and Elizabeth are buried at Christ Church Conyngham. Their children were: William married Maria DRASHER buried Butler; Abraham 1813-1893 married Elizabeth Ann BITLER, buried at Tamaqua; Levi 1815-1876 married Susanna RUTH; Samuel A 1816-1887 married Sarah BIER buried near Hobbie; Sally 1818-1899 married Andrew LINDENMUTH buried at Ringtown; John 1821- 1891; Caroline 1826-1903 married Henry HELLER buried at Conyngham; Phillipina 1829 married Daniel SCHOOK; Stephen 1831-1903 married Mary Ann NAUSE buried at Conyngham; Anna Maria 1828-1898? married 1st - James BURCAW, 2nd Jacob OXRIDER; Silas b/d 1833; Milton Albert; and Martha Jane 1835 married Michael HELLER buried at Conyngham.

Sarah 1794-1842 married Owen COLE, died at Quincy, ILL. Their children were William R 11817 married Nancy S PARRISH; Lucinda b1821 married SCOVIL; Nelson 1823-1896; Clarissa 1825 married Richard WOOLSEY; Susan Ann 1827- 1891 m Joshua A DAVIS; David M 1830 married Emeline COLE; Benjamin H 1832 married Mary PARK lived in Lorrain Co., OH.

Samuel 1796-1874 married Polly HILL, a daughter of Frederick and Phoebe. Samuel and his sons Joseph were coverlet makers at Black Creek Township were they "signed" their work as DORNBACH and later TURNBAUGH. Father William entered into an agreement with Samuel for the sale of land for installments of cash and with the stipulation that he would care for William and Rebecca in their declining years. Samuel and his wife are buried at Trinity Mountain Grove.

Their children were:

Philipina [Phoebe] 1816-1892 married Henry YOST, buried at Conyngham; Abbie 1818- married 30May1837 to Solomon YOST, she died in 1838 and is buried at Conyngham; her sister Rebecca 1820- married her widower, Solomon YOST. Some of their descendants are buried at Black Creek Methodist Cemetery; Maria 1822-1857 was the first wife of Samuel NUNGESSER, she is buried at Trinity Mountain Grove; Catherine 1825- married George SEYBERT; Stephen 1827-1903, who was a County Commissioner for a term, and active in the Mountain Grove Camp Meeting, married Hannah HETTLER, they are buried at Black Creek Methodist; Joseph 1829-1908 married Harriet SMITH and Harriet BRINK resided at Lee County Illinois; and Samuel 1837-1921, who married Phoebe Ann POE, was a principal in the Turnbach/Hess Iron Works at Bloomsburg.

Catherine 1797-1883, married David ENBODY. They had two sons - Josiah White Enbody, and Nehemiah Enbody. David and Catherine lived at Mauch Chunck and are buried there. A grandson, Edwin R married Cornelia BROADHEAD. Edwin R. became one of the early Judges of Carbon County.

Elizabeth and Rebecca are names of other possible daughters for which there is no further verified information.

Johannes, the youngest son of Mathias was baptized 24Aug1755 at Bern [probably Salem/Belleman's]; recorded in Rev Daniel Schumacher's records. He married first Maria Margaretha SCHAEFFER with whom he had two children, according to her tombstone at Frieden's Little Schuylkill Church in East Brunswick Township, [the oldest marked grave at that cemetery]. John is identified in the church records as "baumeister" of the first purpose-built church in 1798, two years after Maria Margaretha's death. He then married Anna Maria, believed to be a daughter of Christian KAUP, and had several daughters. A first purchaser of lots in Orwigsburg PA- they then moved to land on the south bank of the East branch of the Susquehanna at Mifflinville about 1810, where he died 24Jan1819, he is buried in the Mifflinville cemetery.

Various estate papers at Columbia County and a deed in B50 p699 identify the daughters of the second marriage as Mary; Hanna, wife of Andrew P SMITH of Pottsville; Catherine, wife of Henry FEDDER of Mifflinville, Margaretha; Susanna btb wife of Elijah BARGAR; Sara, wife of Jacob? TEETS/DEEDS; Elizabeth btb wife of John FEDDER, most of whom are buried at Mifflinville Cemetery.

Most of the DORNBACH/Turnbach families of north Schuylkill County are descendants of William b1778, who lived for many years at Brunswick Township and died at Ringtown 1847.He is believed to be a son of Johannes and Maria Margaretha [SCHAEFFER]. William was a sergeant in the War of 1812. His wife Maria Magdalena was a daughter of George and Maria BACHERT/ BOSSARD. William and Magdalena are buried at the White Church Cemetery near Ringtown, Pa.

John was a "first- wave" enlistee in Captain Nagle's Company, and made the march to Cambridge in 1775. He served in Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen. He also served in Brunswick Militia units during the Revolutionary War.

Collaboration with Thelda BAKER, and with contributing research of Edward P. TURNBACH.

Fertig Family

John Fertig was born on 24 Feb 1736 in Europe. [A Peter Ferdigh arrived aboard Ship Hampshire 1748] John died at Chester County on 13 Jan 1831 age 94/10/11. Buried at Brownback's Reformed Church, Chester County PA. He married Elizabeth DIHM [DIEM] about 1760. It is thought that Elizabeth was born on 17 Oct 1739 at Scholbrun Wertheim Germany, a daughter of Hans Adam and Margaretha Dihm. She died on 4 Jul 1812 and is also buried in Bownback's.

They had the following children:

- Maria, b about 1760; married Harmon AUGHEY

- John , the subject [see below]

- John Peter was born on 2 Sep 1766. Christened on 26 Oct 1766 in New Hanover, Pottstown. Died in 1842 in Chester Co.

- Adam was born about 1770. Died in Union Co. PA.

- Elizabeth married John BEERBOWER

- Jacob was born about 1778. Died in 1823 in Schuylkill Co. PA. He is believed to have been a Clockmaker. He married Rebecca. She died in 1839 in Schuylkill Co. PA.

- Abraham FERTIG, 4 Nov 1769-7 Nov 1839 is buried at St Peter's Reformed near Cresonna,

Wayne Twp., Schuylkill County. He has many descendants in Schuylkill County.

John FERTIG [Jr.] was born about 6 Sep 1762, probably in Chester County Pa. He married Margaretha ACHE. She is believed to be a daughter of Jacob ACHE. She died between 1815 [when she and John were sponsors for the White Church Ringtown Pa Baptism of Lydia MILLER, d/o Albert and Gertrude] and about 1821.

John and Margaretha had the following children: Henry born about 1786, family below; John Jr., resided at Jacksonburg, Wayne Co. IND in 1841; Jacob, family listed below; Sarah born about 1790 Married John FURHMAN [Jr.?] and lived at Union Township Schuylkill County. John FUHRMAN died before 1841. They had children baptised at the Old White Church near Ringtown.

John also married Katherine GOTTSCHALL about 1822, when they were sponsors for William, s/o Jacob FERTIG at the Old White Church, near Ringtown, PA. Katherine GOTTSCHALL was born about 1772, believed to a daughter of Frederick and Catherine [SPOHN] GOTTSCHALL and a sister of Andrew with whom she was living in 1850 at Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co.

A death notice appeared in Die Stimme de Volks..., a German language newspaper printed at Orwigsburg:

"31 March 1840 Sugarloaf Twp., Luzerne County - John Fertig one-time inhabitant of Union Township, Schuylkill County served in the Revolutionary War, was a honoured citizen and treasured by all who knew him. April 1 his bones were laid to rest at the cemetery at Frieden's Church [now Trinity Black Creek Twp.]. May his ashes rest in peace."

John is among Captain Beatty's Company in the second Battalion of Chester County Militia Commanded by Col. Thomas Bull who were ordered on an immediate tour of duty on September 24, 1781. See Publications of the Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Volume 5, page 542.

A vernacular translation of the Trinity tombstone inscription:

" A Memorial to the love of Katherina,


for her last husband Johannes FERTIG

Born Sep 6 1762.

In his first marriage he fathered with Margaretha ACHE - 4 children,

grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We will meet on the other side"

Some children and grandchildren of John FERTIG and Margaret ACHE:

Son, Henry FERTIG was born about 21 May 1786. He died on 2 Jun 1855 in Indiana, 69y 12d. Buried in Fertig Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Owen Co., IND. He married Susanna NEIFERT. Susanna NEIFERT was born on 20 Dec 1794. Died on 10 Apr 1825 in/near Ringtown. Buried at Old White Church Cemetery, her tombstone indicates five children.

They had the following children:

Abraham was born on 15 Feb 1820, Christened on 8 May 1820 in Old White Church, Ringtown, PA. Jacob NEIFERT and Elizabeth FAUST were Sponsors. He died on 7 Sep 1822 in the Ringtown Area, and is buried in Old White Church Cemetery.

David was born on 7 Sep 1821, Christened on 22 Nov1822 in Old White Church, John and Catherine FERTIG [grandparents]were sponsors.

Isaac, who married Rebecca GILBERT. Rebecca GILBERT was born in 1825,died in 1902 in Indiana. They had the following children: Sarah Ann FERTIG was born on 26 May 1843, Christened on 9 Jul 1843 in Old White Church, near Ringtown; William H b1846; Benjamin F born b1849; George W b1852; Emma E b1867; and John E b1861, all except Sara Ann were born in Indiana.

There were also two daughters, Margaret and Rebecca born to Henry and Susanna.

Son, Jacob FERTIG married Susanna; they had the following children:

William, whose birthdate was not recorded when Christened on 30 Jun 1822 in Old White Church, John FERTIG, grandfather, was sponsor.

Sarah was born on 25 Dec 1822. Christened on 27 Apr 1823 in Old White Church, Jesse HART and Sarah FREY, Single were sponsors.

Jacob was born on 7 Apr 1825, Christened on 26 Jun 1825 in Old White Church; Rev BINNINGER and the mother were sponsors.

Margaretha was born about 1831, Christened about 1831 in Trinity Mountain Grove-no details appear in the available Church records.

Henrianda? was born on 22 May 1840. Christened on 13 Sep 1840 in Mt Zion Union Church, Nescopeck. Jacob FREY and wife Hanna were sponsors.

Karolina was born on 9 Aug 1842, Christened in Oct 1842 in Mt Grove; Katharina FERTIG "step-mother of father" was the sponsor. [Catherine (GOTTSCHALL) FERTIG]


George Huntzinger is believed to have arrived on the ship Jacob at the Port of Philadelphia on 2 October 1749. It is not known if he was married at that time or if he was accompanied by any other persons. It is believed that he emmigrated from the vicinity of Mosbach east of Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany. He appears on a Berks County tax list in 1754, shortly after the formation of the County, residing "Over the Mountain" which area later became known as Brunswick Township. He is believed to have signed the Articles of the rebuilt Zion Red Church in 1770, near what is now Orwigsburg in Schuylkill County PA.

On 1 May 1777 he and sons George,Jr. and Bernard signed the Oath of Allegiance before Justice Spyker. A George Huntzinger appears on Brunswick Township Tax records in 1771,1772, not in 1773, but 1774 and beyond. It is not certain which years pertain to the father, and which to son George.

Magdalena HUNTZINGER was sponsor at the 18 May 1773 Baptism of Maria Christina ABPEL, daughter of Peter and Maria Christina. George and Magdalena HUNTZINGER were sponsors for John Jacob ABELL, son of the same couple, also Baptised at Zion Red Church, on 5 Oct 1777. The relationship, if any, to this couple is not presently known.

Two sons, George Huntzinger, and Bernard Huntzinger served with Brunswick Township units during the time of the American Revolution.

Johan George HUNTZINGER was born on 7 Feb 1751, perhaps in Brunswick Twp., where he died on 6 Sep 1802. He is buried at the Zion Red Church Cemetery near Orwigsburg. His tombstone gives his dates of birth and death, that he was married to Maria DAUBERT, and that they had 9 Children. He died intestate, however, all of his children and some of their spouses are specifically named in his estate papers filed at Berks County Court house at Reading, PA. Some are also identified in estate releases recorded in Berks County and in Miscellaneous book 4 at Schuylkill County. George appears on Brunswick tax lists and the 1790 First US Census at Brunswick and remained in that area throughout his life.

He married Anna Maria, a daughter of George Michael DEIBERT and Anna Catherine UBLE, immigrants on the ship Buela 1753. Anna Maria was 11 weeks old when Christened on 10 Apr 1755 in Zion Red Church, Miss Anna Maria ROST was sponsor. She died 31 Aug 1833 at Orwigsburg, according to a death notice in the Reading Adler Newspaper. She is believed to be buried near her husband at the Zion Red Church Cemetery. Some family histories state that she is buried at Orwigsburg. They had the following children: Maria Rosina 1775-1851, who married John FAUST- they lived at Rush Township, Schuylkill Co. at 1730; Johannes Jacob 1778-1862, married to Susanna KOCH; Johann Jurg 1781-1861, married to M Elizabeth KANTNER- they are buried at Hegins PA; John [Jurg Hannes] 1784-1864, buried near Andersonville, Id., who married Susanna LITCHEY; John Heinrich 1787-1863, buried at Brown Co., Id., who married Catherine; John Michael 1789-1845, married Eva FREYBERGER, buried at Brownsville, Berks Co.; Maria Magdalene 1791, who married Daniel DREHER; Maria Catherina 1794, married to John BOYER, and living at Union Twp., Schuylkill in 1830, and John Daniel 1797-1878, who married 2nd Mary CROCKER/GRABER, and is buried near Laurel, Id.

Bernard HUNTZINGER was born about May 1753, likely in Brunswick Township, then Berks County. He died on 6 February 1832, according to his tombstone at Trinity Cemetery at Mountain Grove, Black Creek Township, Luzerne County. A death notice appeared in Die Stimme Des Volks..., a German language newspaper printed at Orwigsburg. Die Stimme reported in the 13March 1832 issue that he died "last of January" also giving his age as 78 years 9 months, 87 grandchildren and 67 great -grandchildren.

Bernard was among a list of those confirmed at Zion Red Church at Brunswick Township in 1771. Bernard purchased land in then Brunswick Twp., next to that of George HUNTZINGER, that had been warranted to George ZIMMERMAN [warrant dated 12 Nov 1772] On 19Dec1774 Godfrey KERCHER granted Bernard a mortgage on this land - the mortgage was recorded 26Apr1775 at Berks Co. [book BB], and satisfied 1777. He appears on Military Muster rolls, the 1779 Septennial Census, and tax records at Brunswick until about 1784. It is believed that he obtained a Warrant in 1785 for land in what was then Northumberland County, which later went through many Township and County line changes. In June of 1817, Bernard obtained a patent for approximately 314 acres of land originally Warranted to Andrew McCalley in 1775, which appears on connected Warrantee Maps of what is now Black Creek Township, Luzerne County. It is not known by the writer if Bernard and his family moved directly there at the time that they left Brunswick Township. Examination of real estate transfers, the 1798 Glass Tax, and other civil records could perhaps answer the question. Beers 1815 History of Columbia and Montour Counties includes the name of "George" HUNTZINGER among early [c1782] residents in the area of the town of Catawissa. Beer's sources are not specified, and it is not clear that there is any connection to this family.

Bernard and his son [identified as Jr., but likely George] appear in the 1800 US Census at Mifflin Township, Northumberland County, also on tax lists for then Mifflin Township of Northumberland County in 1808, when Bernard was assessed for a house, barn and land. The location was identified as "near George DRESHER". Bernard's son was on the assessment for a cabin and land at Black Creek. Bernard married Eva Margaretha. Eva Margaretha was born about 1755; died in 1818. She is also buried at Mountain Grove, PA. At the present time her maiden name is unknown to this researcher. They had the following children who are all mentioned in Bernard's estate records at the Court House at Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County: [Most of their children and their descendants used the spelling HUNSINGER.] Johann Jurg was born on 16 Jul 1775 in Brunswick Twp.; Christened on 23 Jul 1775 in Zion Red Church -George HUNTZINGER and Anna Maria [DIEBERT] were sponsors. He and his family of wife and three children are enumerated at 1800 in Mifflin Township, believed to have married Mary Ann, and he is believed to have died about 1850.

Elizabeth Catherina was born 17 Dec 1780 in Brunswick Twp., then Berks County; christened on 18Mar 1781 in Altalaha Lutheran Church, Rehersberg PA. Daniel GEIGER and Catherine MINNICH were sponsors. She died before her father, and had been married to Michael RITTER, according to Luzerne County Court records. Peter; John 1789-1863, married Elizabeth RUPERT, then Lydia OXENRIDER; John Jacob 1790; Solomon 1793-1872, married Susanna WEBER; Paul; Christian or Christina; Bernhardt, 1799-1847, married Barbara FULLER; Maria died before her father, married to Christian WEAVER, according to court records; Anna Elizabeth also died before her father, she was married to Charles NUSS, also according to court records.

Tradition is that a daughter of Bernard and Eva was the first to be buried at Mountain Grove. Her name is given as Mrs John KITNER. Available burial records for the church begin about 1845, and there is no marker in the adjacent cemetery for that name. There is a possibility that this refers to Catherine Elizabeth whose husband could have been Michael KITNER [A Michael KITNER appears on 1808 Tax assessment list with 150 acs near Bower's Pond.] In the 1800 Census only three daughters are living in the household. A daughter could have been married prior to 1800, and died without surviving children.

Note: Extreme care must be taken in researching these families in the many published records of the Zion Red Church. Errors in translation or transcription have caused researchers to include descendants of Antonius and Maria [FREY] BENSINGER, -Frederick, Jacob, Daniel and others as associated with this family. Further, Huntzinger family histories also identify John HunSICKer, who served with the Northampton County units in the Revolution as a son of the immigrant George. John Hunsicker lived at what is now Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County-there is no evidence to link these families. Comparison to Civil records is advised. Pre 1774 data can be compared with translations of Pastor Schumacher's records published by the Pennsylvania German Society and by Picton Press, Camden Maine, and an excellent translation by Arthur G Schuman, in the possession of the Historical Society at Pottsville.

Excerpt from Pioneers and Patriots V1 F. Richard Turnbach c1994

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