With the kind permission of the Reverend M. Jane Hess, present minister to the Faith United Church of Christ, Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the records of the Evangelical Lutheran and High German Reformed Church dealing with baptisms and confirmations performed from 1854 to 1867 are presented here.

The church became the Grace Reformed Church located at 169 N. Laurel Street, Hazleton. With denominational mergers the church became Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church and eventually Grace United Church of Christ. Consolidation of four United Church of Christ congregations resulted in the present church, Faith United Church of Christ. The mailing address of the church is P.O. Box 369, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 18201.


Below are baptismal and confirmation records from the books of the Grace Reformed Church of Hazleton. The early books were translated in 1989 by Walter J. Throne who carefully spelled surnames and town names as written by the pastors. Therefore the names should be viewed with an eye to alternate spellings. E's have been substituted for umlauts, and, for that reason, it is a good idea to try deleting the E's that follow A, O, and U for alternate spellings and pronunciations. For instance RUETH may now be RUTH.

There are gaps where records are unavailable. The entries have been paraphrased by June Dittbrenner Nessler who will address questions about them.

1855 Baptisms

Johann Friederich, son of Heinrich MEISS and Gurtraut Elizabeth nee HORNUNG. B. 28 Sept 1855/bapt 25 Dec 1855. Sp: Johann Friedrich HORNUNG.

1856 Baptisms

Catherina Polly Ann, dau of Reuben HILL and Eliza nee CHARLES. B. 20 Jun 1855/bapt 1 Jan 1856. Sp: Conrad FEY, Heinrich KLEE and wife Anna Catherine.

John, son of Daniel MARTIN and Eliza nee VAN FELL. B. 20 June 1855/bapt 6 Jan 1856. Sp: The parents of the child.

Albert Louis son of Emmanuel DANN and Mary Ann nee TRAINER. B. 4 Mar 1855/bapt 3 Feb 1856. Sp: The parents of the child.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Philipp WETTERAU and Anna Elizabeth nee LADEMANN. B.3 May 1856/bapt 14 May 1856. Sp: Christian LADEMANN and wife Anna Elizabeth.

Margaretha dau of Heinrich JAEGER and Anna Barbara nee SPU(E)RER (SPUERER?). B. 11 Mar 1856/bapt 18 May 1856. Sp: Johannes JAEGER and Margaretha JAEGER.

Wilhelm son of Cornelius SCHEIN and Maria nee BACHMANN. B. 6 June 1856 in Treskow, Carbon Co.,PA/bapt 29 June 1856 in Hazleton. Sp: Wilhelm PREISER.

Anna Barbara Franziska dau of Jacob PIPPER and Catherina Elizabeth nee JAEGER. B. 25 May 1856/bapt 29 June 1856. Sp: Johannes SPECHT and wife Anna Barbara nee JAEGER.

Catharina dau of Johann GRISING (GRIESING?) and Dorothea nee BUCHENAUER. B. 20 Apr 1856/bapt 13 Jul 1856. Sp: Catherina POOK and Anna Catherina BUCHENAUER.

Johannes son of Heinrich FISCHER and Anna Martha nee JAEGER. B. 9 June 1856/bapt 10 Aug 1856. Sp: Johannes JAEGER.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Johann ROSENBERG and Dorothea nee LINDE B. 4 Aug 1856 in Cranberry/bapt...1856 in Cranberry, Luzerne Co., PA. Sp: Heinrich ACKERMAN and his wife Anna Elizabeth.

Anna Wilhelmina dau of .....LUBRECHT. Bapt 7 Sept 1856.

Elizabeth dau of George FLATUNG and Anna Margaretha nee KUHROCK. B. 17 Sept 1856 in Upper Mine, Hazle Twnshp, Luzerne Co., PA/bapt 5 Oct 1856 Hazleton. Sp: George KRAUSS and wife Elizabeth nee KUHROCK.

Christian Friedrich son of George ZIERD II and Anna Barbara nee DEGENHARDT. B. 17 Sep 1856/bapt 19 Oct 1856. Sp: Christian Friederich WETTRAU and wife Margaretha nee ZIERD.

Christian son of Christian UNGEMACH and Barbara Eizabeth nee BIRKLE. B. 18 Aug 1856/bapt 19 Oct 1856. Jacob BIRKLE and Elizabeth BACHMAN.

George son of Adam UNBEWUSST and Elizabeth. B. 20 Sept 1856 in Crystal Ridge/bapt 19 Oct 1856. Sp: George UNBEWUSST.

Heinrich son of Philipp ROSS and Elizabeth nee SCHNEIDER. B. 1 July 27 in Sugarloaf Mine, Hazle Twnshp, Luzerne Co.,PA/bapt 27 Jul 1856. Sp: Henry SCHMIDT and his wife Catherina.

Heinrich Adam Christoph son of Johann ZIMMERMANN and Maria nee BERGER. B. 31 May 1856 at Cranberry, Hazle Twnshp, Luzerne Co., PA/bapt 27 Jul 1856 Hazletown. Sp: Henry ACKERMANN.

Anna Catherina dau of Conrad FEY and Anna Martha nee KRAPF. B. 23 May 1856/bapt 27 July 1856. Sp: Anna Catharina FEY.

Elizabeth dau of Henry ACKERMANN and Anna Elisa nee LINDEMANN. B. 19 Dec 1855 at Cranberry, Luzerne Co., PA/bap 21 Jan 1856 in Hazleton. Sp: Elizabeth SCHADE.

Johannes son of Charles BRILL and Catherina nee BRILL (FIEMAN??). B. 1 Oct 1856/bapt 16 Nov 1856. Sp: Johan BRILL and Margaret FIEMAN.

Anna Maria dau of Friedrich WETTRAU and Elizabeth nee BACHMANN. B. ...1856/bapt ...16 ... 1856. Sp: Cornelius SCHEIN and Anna Maria nee BACH[MANN].

Jesse son of Isaac Hirschler and Mary Amanda nee SONN. B. 20 May 1856/bapt 16 Nov 1856. sp George and Orthia HEIDENREICH. Anna Maria dau of Abraham MINNIG and Sybilla nee DERR. B. 14 Sep 1855 in Jeansville/bapt 25 Nov 1856. Sp: the child's parents.

1857 Baptisms

Elizabeth dau of Wilhelm BACH and Mary nee GEISLER. B. 18 Sep 1857 in Jeanesville/bapt 13 Dec 1857. Sp: Heinrich BACH and Catherine Elizabeth SCHUMACHER.

Carl son of Heinrich DIEHL and Elizabeth nee ..?.. B. 9 Oct 1857 in Jeanesville/bapt 29 Nov 1857 Hazleton. Sp: Carl and Anna Barbara Heisner.

Henry son of Caspar BRUST and Anna Martha nee HEINER. B. 3 Oct 1857/bapt 29 Nov 1857. Sp: Henry and John HEIDENRICH and wife Anna Elizabeth.

Eva Eliza dau of Heinrich PFARR and Eva Eliza nee ENGLEHART. B. 18 Jan 1857 in Treskow/bapt 22 Feb 1857. Sp: Martha Elizabeth Mohr nee ENGLEHART.

Anna Eliza dau of Alexander HEIDENRICH and Catherine Elizabeth nee SUESSMANN. B. 9 Apr 1857/28 Apr 1857. Sp: John HEIDENRICH and wife Anna Elizabeth nee BACHMANN.

Anna Gertuda dau of John KESSLER and Anna Maria nee ENGLEHART. B. 26 Mar 1857/bap 3 May 1857. Sp: Anna Gertrude KAEHLER.

Catherina Elizabeth dau of Caspar SHAFER and Anna Elizabeth nee ROTH. B. 5 May 1857 in Tresckow/bap 17 May 1857. Sp: Friedrich WETTRAU and Catherine Elizabeth nee PFEIL.

Anna Catherine dau of John MAG and Anna Maria nee KERST. B. 8 Apr 1857 in Tresckow/bap 17 May 1857 in Hazleton. SP: Anna Catherina DANN.

Philipp Jacob son of Salomon RACKERT and Mary Ann nee HENRICH. B. 9 Dec 1856 in Junedale/bap 28 May 1857 in Hazleton. Sp: Philipp Jacob ZIERDT and Amanda nee PABST(?).

Johann Christoph son of Heinrich ENGLEHART and Martha Catharina nee HARTMANN B. 21 May 1857/bap 31 May 1857. Sp: Johan christoph and Christina HARTMANN.

Juliane Friedricka dau of Jacob BREHM and Christina Frederika nee KOENIG. B. 5 Aug 1857/Bap 4 Oct 1857. Sp: Friedricka SCHMIDT.

Adam son of John HEIDENREICH and Anna Elizabeth nee BACHMANN. B. 5 Aug 1857/bap 6 Sep 1857. Sp: Adam and Elizabeth BACHMANN.

John son of John WOLF and Louisa nee HECK. B. 20 Aug 1857 in Jeansville/bap 4 Oct 1857 in Hazleton. Sp: Justus GERLACH(?) and Maria BACH(?).

Johann Philipp son of Heinrich KOHLHAAS and Anna Catharine nee ECKART. B.20 Aug 1857/bap 4 Oct 1857. Sp: John & Elizabeth ECKART, Philipp KOHLHAAS & Christina DEIS.

Anna Catharina dau of Ca[...] HOSSFELD and Elizabeth nee POLUMSTEIN. B. 13 Sep 1857 in Stockton/Bap 18 1857 Hazleton. Sp: Anna Catharine KRAUSS.

Anna Martha dau of Anton KOEHLER and Gertuda nee BRILL. B. 11 Oct 1857/bap 26 Oct 1857. Sp: Anna Martha HELWIG nee BRILL.

Catharina dau of Henry KRAUSS and Christina nee BRILL. B. 29 Oct 1857 in Stockton/bap 29 Nov 1857. Sp: Catharina BRILL.

Heinrich son of John RUDOLF and Anna Margaretha nee KURZMANN. B. 2 Dec 1857 in Stockton/bap 12 Dec 1857 in Hazleton. Sp: Heinrich KURZMANN and Eliza nee DEISROTH.

Dina dau of George BUEHNER and Maria nee SIPPEL. B. 16 Nov 1857/bap 21 Jan 1858. Sp: Christina SIPPEL nee KRAETZNER.

Johannes son of Simon HILDEBRAND and Catharina nee VOLKHART. B. 23 Dec 1857 in Mt. Pleasant, Luzerne Co., PA./bap 10 Jan 1858 Sp: Johannes KAISER.

Elizabeth dau of Bernhard BANK and Catharina nee BECKER. B. 29 Nov 1857/bap 10 Jan 1858. Sp: John RUPPERT and Elizabeth GERLACH.

There is a gap here skipping to 1860.

1860 Baptisms

Sara Mathilda dau of Stephan KEIPER and Carolina nee KLICKLING. B. 28 Nov 1860 in Stockton/bap 25 Dec 1860. Sp: Lewis ULLRICH and Mathilda Sara ULLRICH.

Johann Adam son of Charles HAETTER and Rosina nee MAES. B. 25 Oct 1860/bap 30 Dec 1860. Sp: Caroline McNeil.

Lillie and Alleine dau's of Martin ENGLEHARDT and Martha nee PHEARSON. B. 20 Oct 1860/21 Oct 1860 respectively. Sp: the parents.


  DATE            COUPLE                  RESIDENCE      WITNESSES

30 Dec       George MILLER                Hazleton       Parents
             Martha Elizabeth KRUCH

31 Dec       Heinrich FISCHER             Weatherly      Daniel KISTHARDT
             Margaret HEBEL                              Jacob KRAPF


6 Jan Yost Heinrich DORNEMANN Stockton Johann H. DORNEMAN Sophia RATZ 14 Jan Christoph SCHWALM Pottsville M. ULLRICH & Wife Mariaan ACKER Bernhard ACKER 20 Jan Johannes KRAUP Stockton Nicolaus BRUNEISEL Martha Elizabeth WILLNER Johann ZELLENDER 20 Jan Adam HUBERT Stockton Nicolaus BRUNEISEL Elizabeth ROHRBACH Heinrich DIEGEMANN 27 Jan Conrad MUELLER Hazleton Daniel Kisthardt Elizabeth HAHN Hazleton Heinrich ERBE 3 Feb Johann Georg GINTHER Hazleton Caspar BRUST Christine BOEHLER Balthazar KISTHARDT 3 Feb George ROOS Hazleton John KLECE Anna Sabina RINGLEBEN Charles THAMES 10 Feb Assmann WIEGAND Hazleton Joel BITTNER Margaret SAUER August SAUER 10 Mar Carl Fr. A.A. HECKMANN Stockton Philpp ZIERDT Anna Maria SCHADE Adam SCHREINER 10 MAr Georg RAAB Tresckow John WENDEL Anna Sabina HOPF Anna Cathrine WENDEL 17 Mar Conrad SCHADE Stockton Nicolaus BRUNEISEL Elise YLA Henry DIEGEMANN 17 Mar Georg FEY Stockton Henry HEIDRICH Barbara Elisabeth SCHREINER Johannes ZIEGENBEIN 17 Mar Pearson BAUSSMANN Junedale Ruben KLEEWALD Christine SPRINGER Mary HORN 31 Mar Philipp BACHMANN Stockton Joel STEINER Laurnna STEINER John STEINER 3 Apr Heinrich GREBE Hazleton Heinrich KAUFFMANN Anna Dorothea KAUFFMANN and Wife 21 Apr Johannes YEAGER Hazleton Jacob KRAPFF Anna Cathrine Elisa KRAPFF Anna Elisabeth KRAPFF 15 May Leonard RUDOLPH Eckley Daniel KOENIG Barbara Elizabeth George Eva Elizabeth KOENIG 2 Jun John NOLL Eckley Elisabeth ACHANBACH Eckley 2 June John SIPPEL Hazleton Dorothy Elisabeth GISSEL 18 Aug Adam SCHREINER Stockton Martha HOLL 18 Aug Charles PAUL Hazleton Amanda FISCHER 18 Aug Johann FLODMANN Hazleton Anna Elizabeth FOCKENROTH Jeansville 22 Aug Daniel HERMANN Hazleton Christine Elisabeth WIESSEN HAzleton 15 Jun? George RAAB Hazleton Anna Elisabeth PFEIL 11 Aug Jacob SCHUCHARDT Hazleton Anna Elisabeth SCHUCHARDT Conrad son of Simon MUELLER of Posserroda and Susanna nee TOCKENBERG. B. 12 Dec 1860 in Tresckow/bap 13 Jan 1861. Sp: Conrad and Sophia TEFLAND(?) * an indistinct margin note seems to indicate that the child died on May 11, 1861 at 1:30 A.M.

1861 Baptisms

Martha Elizabeth dau of Andreas MEISS and Elizabeth nee GREBE. B. 27 Dec 1860/bap 13 Jan 1861. Sp: Martha GREBE.

Elizabeth dau of Christian WETTRAU and Maria nee Zierdt. B. 26 Dec 1860/bap 28 Jan 1861. Sp: Friedrich and Elizabeth WETTRAU.

Anna Margarethe dau of Joseph MICHEL and Louisa nee MEIKRANZ. B. 18 Dec 1860/bap 2 Feb 1861. Sp: Anna Margarethe and Rudolf KOLLNER.

Catharina Elizabeth dau of Sigmund FINK and Anna Catharina nee THEISS. B. 7 Jan 1861 in Stockton/bap 3 Feb 1861 in Hazleton. Sp: Catharina Elizabeth SCHMIDT and Philipp SCHMIDT.

William Alfred son of Aaron KREIM and MAria nee WASSUM. B. 7 Aug 1860 in Weatherly/bap 4 Feb 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Catharina Emma Elizabeth HINKEL of unknown father (perhaps Washington MUSSELMANN) and MAria HINKEL. B. 26 Aug 1860 in Mt. Pleasant/bap 4 Feb 1861. Sp: Friedrich and Anna WAGNER.

Rudolph son of John MEIKRANZ and Susanna nee KLINGER. B. 2 Jan 1860 in Weatherly/bap 9 Feb 1861 in Hazleton. Sp: Rudolph and Anna KOELLNER.

Anna Martha dau of John KESSLER and Anna Maria nee ENGLEHARDT. B. 9 Jan 1861/bap 10 1861. Sp: Anna Martha and Martin ENGLEHARDT.

Elizabeth dau of Lorenz KOENIG and MArtha Elizabeth nee RAUB. B. 17 Jan 1861 in Stockton/bap 17 Feb 1861. sp: Conrad and Elizabeth GINTER.

Catharina dau of Heinrich HEIDRICH and Catharina nee ZIEGENBEIN. B. 1 Feb 1861 in Stockton/bap 17 Feb 1861. Sp: Catharina WAMPACH, Elizabeth and Johannes SCHREINER.

Maria Elizabeth dau of Charles SCHMIDT and Elizabeth nee BUBE. B. 17 Jan 1861 in Stockton/bap 17 Feb 1861 in Hazleton. Sp: Maria Elizabeth and Caspar WASSERMANN.

Catharina Elizabeth dau of Zacharias GINTER and Dorothea nee LINDEMANN. B. 27 Jan 1861 in Stockton/bap 24 Feb 1861. Sp: Catharina and John SCHWEINSBERG.

Christian Ygnatz son of Christian BECK and Christine nee BUEHL. B. 20 Nov 1860/bap 24 Feb 1861. Sp: Ygnatz STEINMANN.

Jacob son of BRAUNROTH and Anna Barbara nee SCHROEDER. B. 22 Feb 1861/bap 27 Feb 1861. Sp: Jacob and Martha WAGNER.

Marrianna dau of Adam HAGELGANS and MArtha Elizabeth nee KRAPP. B. 5 Jan 1861 in Tresckow/bap 2 Mar 1861 in Hazleton. Sp: Johannes and Marianna KRELL.

Catharina dau of Georg SCHALLES and Anna Martha nee SCHAAR. B. 11 Feb 1861 in Stockton/bap 3 Mar 1861. Sp: Catharina and Conrad SCHAUPP.

Johannes son of Chistian SCHAD and Otilia nee HERWIG. B. 9 Feb 1861/bap 3 Mar 1861. Sp: Johann and Eva Elizabeth MUELLER.

Conrad Johann son of Johann MOHR and Martha Elisa nee ENGLEHARDT. B.11 Feb 1861 in Black Creek, Hazle Twnshp. Sp: Conrad and Margaretha RUDOLF.

Conrad son of Georg HEIDENRICH and Otilia nee SHAFER. B. 3 Feb 1861/bap 3 Mar 1861. Sp: Conrad and Eva SHAFER.

Sarah Elizabeth dau of Johann George WEILAND and Maria nee SCHECHER. B. 15 Feb 1861 in Stockton/bap 10 Mar 1861 in Hazleton. Sp: Christian and Elizabeth DRECHSLER. Margin note indicates: Died 8 May 1862.

George Reinhard son of Wilhelm BAUER and Levina nee CONFER. B.18 Dec 1860 in Baker Tnshp, Carbon Co./bap 10 Mar 1861.

Jacob Georg son of Peter DERSCHOCK and Maria nee SCHWAB. B. 14 Dec 1860/bap 10 Mar 1861. Sp: Jacob SCHWAB, Peter ALBORN, Mary FICHTNER.

Clara Louise dau John FREY and Susanna nee KUECHLEIN. B. 11 Nov 1860 in Beaver Meadow. B. 11 Nov 1860 in Beaver Meadow/bap 29 Mar 1861. Sp: Parents of the child.

Elizabeth Camilla dau of Jacob DITINGER and Rebecca nee BELZ. B. 8 Dec 1860 in Beaver Meadow/bap 29 Mar 1861. Sp: The child's mother.

Marie dau of John SCHUTTER and Elizabeth nee THEISROTH (DEISROTH?). B. 4 Jan 1861/bap 31 Mar 1861. Sp: Marie BRILL.

Catharina Sophia dau of Andreas SPAERER and Caroline nee SCHUCHARD. B. 19 Feb 1861/bap 31 Mar 1861. Sp: Heinrich YAEGER. Margin note: died 10 Oct 1862 age 1yr 7mos 9dys.

Joseph son of Peter BETZ and Anna Martha nee ..?.. B. 24 Feb 1861 in Jeannesville/bap 7 Apr 1861. Sp: Joseph FOLEY.

Anna Maria Barbara dau of Martin MEISTER and Maria KRUEZBERG/ B. 12 MAr 1861/bap 7 Apr 1861. Sp: william KREUZBERG.

Sarah Mathilda dau of Martin WAMPACH and Elizabeth nee BAUMGART. B. 21 Mar 1861/bap 7 Apr 1861. Sp: Sarah Mathilda ULRICH and Anna Catharina HEIDRICH.

Catharina dau of Elizabeth KERSCHNER. B. 15 Mar 1861/bap 7 Apr 1861. Sp: Catharina KERSCHNER.

Adam son of Heinrich GEBHARDT and Catharina nee SCHMIDT. B. 20 Mar 1861 in Mt. Pleasant/bap 14 Apr 1861. Sp: Adam and Catharina SCHMIDT.

Catharina Dorothea dau of Georg EISENHARDT and Catharina nee MORER. B. 15 Dec 1860 in Mt. Pleasant/bap 14 Apr 1861. Sp: Catharina Dorothea and Gottlieb SCHUMACHER.

Dorothea dau of Franz SCHMIDT and Catharina nee SCHMEER. B. 29 Dec 1860 in Tresckow/bap 14 Apr 1861. Sp: Carl and Dorothea FULDA.

Oscar Gottlieb son of Charles DOERR and Louisa nee SOLD. B. 28 Jan 1861/bap 21 Apr 1861. Sp: Gottlieb SCHUMACHER.

Philipp son of Conrad OTTER and Gertude nee RUDOLPH. B. 27 Mar 1861/bap 21 Apr 1861. Sp: Philipp STOLZ.

Heinrich son of Peter BOOTH and Maria nee KANNENGEISSER. B. 13 Apr 1861/bap 23 Apr 1861. Sp: Heinrich and Catharina KOHLHAAS. Margin note: died Monday 13 between the 8th & 9th hours.

Sara Anna dau of Nathan YASLIN and Elizabeth nee HANNS. B. 27 Apr 1860 in Stockton/bap 26 Apr 1861. Sp: Sara Anna YUNG. Margin note: died 11 Sept 1861.

Heinrich son of Ludwig SCHMIDT and Catharina nee YEIT. B. 21 Mar 1861/bap 4 May 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Catharina Allen dau of Elizabeth BACHMANN. B. 11 Apr 1861 in Stockton/bap 12 May 1861. Sp: Catharina and John SILENDER.

Maria dau of John KOEHLER and Elizabeth nee KOEHLER(?). B. 18 Apr 1861/bap 12 May 1861. Sp: Daniel KRAPFF and Maria KOEHLER.

Georg son of Daniel WETTRAU and Catharina Elizabeth nee WETTRAU(?). B. 1 May 1861 in Tresckow/bap 12 May 1861. Sp: Friedrich WETTRAU. Margin note: Died 10 Aug 1862.

Adam Joseph son of Emil MICHEL and Catharina Elizabeth nee ROSENSTOCK. B. 28 Apr 1861/bap 12 May 1861. Sp: Joseph and Louise MICHEL.

Anna Gertruda dau of Georg GLIEM and Elizabeth nee REINMYLER. B. 31 May 1861/bap 12 May 1861. Sp: Anton KOEHLER and Gertruda KOEHLER.

Leonard Georg son of Daniel KOENIG and Eva Elizabeth nee GEORGE. B. 16 Apr 1861 in Eckley, Luzerne Co.,PA/bap 15 May 1861. Sp: Leonard and Barbara Elizabeth RUDOLPH.

August Theodor son of August Theodor Emil WAECHTER and Elizabeth nee KRAUSS. B. 16 Apr 1861/bap 16 Mar 1861. Sp: the parents of the child. Margin note: Died 31 aug 1862.

Carl Friedrich Heinrich son of Heinrich HELD and Anna nee LINK. B. 31 Mar 1861/bap 19 May 1861. Sp: Carl and Amalia HANDEL.

Anna dau of John ANNAMANN and Christine Elizabeth nee STEIN. B. 15 Nov 1860/bap 19 May 1861. Sp: Heinrich and Anna HELD.

Caroline Margarethe dau of Christian UNBEWUSST and Dorothea nee ANTHES. B. 15 May 1861/bap 21 May 1861. Sp: Caroline Margarethe UNBEWUSST.

Conrad son of Johannes GRIESSING and Elizabeth nee KLOES. B. 17 Apr 1861/bap 26 May 1861. Sp: Conrad and Anna Elizabeth GRIESSING.

Hanna dau of SMINK and Catharina nee KAUFFMANN. B. 20 May 1861/bap 31 May 1861. Sp: Hanna and Wilhelm KAUFFMANN.

Bally Anna dau of Aaron DRUMHELLER and Rebecka nee WALK. b. 25 Dec 1860 in Butler Twnshp, Luzerne Co./bap 1 June 1861.Sp: Tobias and Maria WALK.

Bally Anna dau of John RITTENHOUSE and Sara nee HOUSEKNECHT. B. 22 Dec 1860 in Butler Twnshp, Luzerne Co./bap 1 June 1861. Henry and Sara THOMAS.

Friedrich son of George AUTCH and Mary DREGRITZ(?). B. 20 April 1861 in Tresckow/bap 2 June 1861. Sp: The parents of the child.

Sarah Elizabeth dau of John GOETTMANN and Caroline nee BENDER. B. 7 May 1861 in Stockton/bap 2 June 1861. Sp: Heinrich and Sara Elizabeth KOCH.

Anna Margarethe dau of Simon HILDEBRAND and Anna Catharine nee VOLKHARD. B. 28 May 1861 in Black Creek, Luzerne Co., PA./ bap 2 June 1861. Sp: Anna Margaret Hildebrand.

Eva Dorothea dau of Michael GERLACH and Elizabeth nee SCHMAUCH. B. 7 May 1861/bap 9 June 1861. Sp: Eva Dorothea DUSER and Heinrich SCHMAUCH.

Elizabeth dau of Johannes ZIEGENBAIN and Anna Catharina nee FEY. B. B. 24 May 1861/bap 9 June 1861. Sp: Elizabeth FEY. Margin note: symbol for deceased.

Dorothea dau of conrad GUENTHER and Elizabeth nee ERBE. B. 29 May 1861 in Stockton/bap 16 June 1861. Sp: Wilhelm and Elizabeth BICKING(?).

Catharina Elizabeth dau Jacob BAITTER and Barbara Elizabeth ROHRBACH. B. 28 May 1861 in Eckley/bap 22 June 1861. Sp: Jacob and Catharina Elizabeth ROHRBACH.

Christine dau of Heinrich KRAUSS and Christine nee BRILL. B. 19 May 1861/bap 28 June 1861. Sp: Margarethe KEISER.

Maria Dorothea dau of Daniel KRAPFF and Maria Dorothea nee KOEHLER. B 12 June 1861/bap 4 July 1861. Sp: The parents of the child.

William Henry son of William KRUGER and Dorothea KRUGER. B. 6 Oct 1860 in Weatherly/bap 4 July 1861. Sp: John, Elizabeth and Wilhelm HEIDENRICH.

Elizabeth Louisa dau of John GLIEM and Dorothea nee WETTRAU. B. 23 June 1861/bap 7 July 1861. Sp: Elizabeth and Friedrich WETTRAU.

Anna Martha dau of John HESS and Anna Barbara nee REINBOLD. B. 20 June 1861 in Eckley/7 July 1861. Sp: Louis and Anna Martha HESS.

Johannes son of Friedrich WEHNER and Catharina nee KISTER. B. 29 June 1861 in Blackcreek, Hazle Twnshp, Luzerne Co.,PA/bap 7 July 1861. Sp: Johannes and Elizabeth ZIERDT.

Catherine Elizabeth dau of Conrad ZAELL and Anna Martha nee SELIG. B. 21 June 1861/bap 14 July 1861. Sp: Elizabeth KERSCHNER. Margin note: died 15 Sep 1862.

Ludwig son of Bernhard BANK and Catharina nee BECKER. B. 3 june 1861/bap 14 Jul 1861. sp: Ludwig Eckhard and Caroline BANK.

Sophia dau of Jacob SCHMEER and Ernestide nee VOLKER. B. 3 or 8 Feb 1861 in Tresckow/bap 14 July 1861. Sp: Franz and Catharina SCHMIDT.

Johann son of Johann KICK( KOECH?) and Catharina nee STATZMANN(?) B. 8 Jul 1861 in Stockton/bap 18 Jul 1861. Sp: Johannes WEBER.

Maria dau Georg BOEHNER and Maria nee SIPPEL. B. 8 June 1861/bap 18 Jul 1861. Sp: Maria KRAPFF.

Jacob son of Johann BANTZ Margarete nee REINHARD. B. 3 July 1861 in Eckley/bap 20 July 1861. Sp: Jacob SCHAEBNER.

Valentin Daniel son of Daniel KISTHARDT and Elizabeth nee THAESS. B. 13 Jul 1861/bap 22 Jul 1861. Sp: The parents of the child.

Anna Catharina dau Johann Peter STEGNER and Catharina nee SCHESSE. B. 16 June 1861/bap 28 Jul 1861. Sp: Anna SCHESSE, Anna Catharine Elizabeth KOCH and Anna Gertruda KOCH.

Johann son of Friedrich BOOK and Catharina nee SCHNEIDER. B. May 12, 1861 in Butler Tnshp/bap 4 Aug 1861. Sp: John and Dorothea GRIESSING.

Sophia dau of John KERZEL and Catharina Elizabeth nee GINTER. B. 11 Jul 1861/bap11 Aug 1861. Sp: Caspar and Sophia HAGELGANS.

Anna Julianna dau of Johann SCHAEFER and Franseiska nee BODENSTEIN. B. 21 Jul 1861 in Eckley/bap 17 Aug 1861. Sp: Anna HECKMANN, Julianna ...HECKMANN. Margin note: died 22 Sep 1862.

Ernst son of Adam APFER and MArtha nee HECKROTH. B. 29 Jul 1861/bap 18 Apr 1861. Sp: Ernst and Henrietta LUDWIG.

Lydia Ann dau of Jacob KOEPPNER and Elizabeth nee STEINER. B. 24 Jul 1861 in Stockton/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: Philipp and LAWINA BACHMANN.

Charles son of Lewis BLACKWELL and Bina nee KRAPFF. B. 18 Mar 1861/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: Peter and Catharine AIRIO.

Joseph Franklin son of Joseph FISCHER and Maria FISCHER. B. 12 May 1861/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: The parents of the child.

Lilly Medore dau of Theodore SALLIDAY and Emiline nee FISHER. B. 30 Apr 1859/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Charles son of theodor SALLIDAY and Emiline nee FISCHER. B. 9 Feb 1861/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Joseph son of John WILLIAMS and Martha Anna nee FISCHER. B. 5 July 1859/ 18 Aug 1861. Sp: the Parents of the child.

Daniel son of John WILLIAMS and Martha Anna nee FISCHER. B. 26 April 1861/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Ida dau of Anthony FISCHER and Maria nee HENRY. B. 11 Jun 1859/bap 18 Aug 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Georg son of Johann BERGER and Anna Catharina nee DANN. B. 8 Aug 1861 in Tresckow/bap 16 Aug 1861. Sp: Georg and Catharina TILER(?).

Lewis charles son of Jacob MUMMEY and Selinda nee FRANK. B. 1 Dec 1859 in Butler Twnshp/bap 5 Sep 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Ellen Jane dau of Jacob MUMMEY and Selinda nee FRANK. B. 1 Sep 1861 in Butler Twnshp/bap 5 Sep 1861. Sp: The parents of the child.

Magdalena Elizabeth dau of John WENDEL and Catharina nee GRISSING. B. 29 July 1861 in Tresckow/bap 8 sep 1861. Sp Magdalena Elizabeth GEBHARD.

Heinrich son of John REISS and Maria nee HOPP. B. 11 Aug 1861 in Tresckow/bap 8 Sep 1861. Sp: Heinrich REIS(S).

Jacob son of Peter NAGEL and Wilhelmina nee KLEIN. B. 24 July 1861 in Tresckow/bap 8 Sep 1861. Sp: Jacob and Augusta SCHUMACHER.

Sophia Carolina dau of Carl FULDA and Dorothea nee ABEL. B. 17 Jun 1861/bap 8 Sep 1861. Sp: Sophia SCHMEER.

Margaretha dau of Joseph LAHR and Barbara Elizabeth nee HAHN. B. 30 Aug in Tresckow/bap 8 Sep 1861. Sp: Margaretha SCHAEFER.

Maria dau of Jacob LAUER and Margarethe nee WAGNER. B. 5 Sep 1861 in Tresckow/bap 11 Sep 1861. Sp: Hanna GRESKY.

Elizabeth dau of Georg KRAUSS and Elizabeth nee KOROCK. B. 27 Aug 1861 in Stockton/bap 15 Sep 1861. Sp: Georg FLADUNG et uxor.

Benellove Jane dau of William HINKEL and Elizabeth nee MUENICH. B. 16 Aug 1861/bap 15 Sep 1861. Sp: Sophia and Jacob SCHWAB.

Johannes son of Heinrich GREBE and Dorothea nee KAUFFMANN. 26 Aug 1861/ 23 Sep 1861. Sp: Johann and Heinrich KAUFFMANN.

Georg son of Adam DIETZ and Marianna nee MUELLER. B. 8 Sep 1861 in Stockton/ bap 23 Sep 1861. Sp: Georg MUELLER.

Maria dau of Jacob ROTH and Martha Elizabeth nee SCHAAR. B. 31 Aug 1861/bap 29 Sep 1861. Sp: Adam and Maria WALKER.

Martha Jane dau of Georg SCHADE and Mary nee WILLIAMS. B. 8 Sep 1861 in Stockton/bap 13 Oct 1861. Sp: Martha WILLIAMS.

Heinrich Rienhard son of Gottlieb SCHMIDT and Louisa nee HAHN. B. 12 Sep 1861 in Weatherly/bap 5 Oct 1861. Sp: Johanna Catharina Magdalena SCHRAEDER.

Jacob son of Johannes ZIMMERMANN and Maria Elizabeth BENGER. B. 27 Sep 1861/bap 6 Oct 1861. Sp: Jacob ROTH.

Martha dau of Martin WETTRAU and Martha Juliana nee HERWIG. Sp: 17 Sep 1861 in Mt. Pleasant/bap 13 Oct 1861. Sp: Friedrich and Martha Julianna HERWIG.

Anna Catharina dau of Balthasar ULRICH and Catharina Elizabeth nee KERSCH. B. 16 Jul 1861/bap 20 Oct 1861. Sp: Anna Catharina JACOBS.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Johann BRILL and Christine nee CRONNEWALD. B. 27 Sep 1861 in Tresckow. Sp: Anna Elizabeth and Heinrich KRAPFF.

Rueben son of Rueben SANDY and Elizabeth nee DREOCHER. 17 Sep 1861 in Eckley/bap 27 Oct 1861/bap 27 Oct 1861. Sp: the parents of the child.

Martha Elizabeth dau of Conrad RUDOLPH and Margaretha nee BEISHLEIN. B. John and Elizabeth Elisa MOHR.

There is a gap here skipping to 1865.

1865 Baptisms

Birthpalaces of parents, when known, appear in parentheses after their names. Unless otherwise specified, these birthplaces are in Europe.

1865 Birth Register.

Johann Heinrich son of Johann RECKROTH (Fuehs, Hessen) and Elizabeth nee SARTORIUS (Fuehs, Hessen). B. 9 Aug 1865/bap 10 Sep 1865 in Stockton. Sp: Christian, Georg and Johann SCHNEIDER.

Baldthaser son of Anton HERWIG (Friedewald, Hessen) and Elizabeth nee KEGEL (Solz, Hessen). B. 31 Jul 1865/bap 10 Sep 1865 in Stockton. Sp: Balthazar HERWIG.

Jacob son of Carl FULDA (Baden) and Dorothea nee ABEL (Grund am Harz, Hannover). b. 9 Mar 1865/bap 17 Sep 1865 in Tresckow. Sp: Jacob SCHMEER.

Adam son of Johann REISS (Hessen) and Maria HOPPE (Sachsen Weimar). B. 24 Jul 1865/bap 17 Sep 1865. Sp: Adam HOPPE.

Georg Wilhelm son of Caspar SHAEFER (Obernsaul, Hessen) and Margaretha nee HECKROTH (Sundrau, Hessen) B. 7 Aug/1865bap 7 Sep 1865 in Mt. Pleasant.Sp: Wilhelm HECKROTH and Georg SHAEFER.

Catarina Elizabeth dau of Allexander HEYDENRICH (Hessen) and Catarina nee SU(E)SSMANN (Regelsdorf, Hessen). B 15 Aug 1865/bap 17 Sep 1865. Sp: Adam RIEMENSCHNEIDER.

Gertrud Margarethe dau of Rudolph KOELLNER (Suess, Kreis Rothenberg, Kurhessen) and Maria nee WOLSKEUL (Eitra, Kr Hersfeld, Kurhessen). B. 11 Aug 1859/bap 24 Sep 1865. Sp: Conrad OTTER and Gertrud WAGNER.

Wilhelm Heinrich son of Heinrich GEIST (America) and Helene nee BECKER (America). B. ? /bap 24 Sep 1865. Sp: Heinrich HEIDRICH and Catarina ZIEGENBERG.

Anna Martha dau of Caspar BRUST (Ostheim, Kurhessen) and Anna nee HEINER (Schenklengsfeld, Kurhessen). B. 21 Mar 1865/bap 8 Oct 1865. Sp: Conrad and Anna SHAEFER.

Elizabeth dau of Simon HELWIG (Bassaruda, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee BOERSON (Ringershausen, Kurhessen). B. 18 Sep 1865/bap 2 Oct 1865. Sp: Johann HELWIG and Christoph KLOST(?).

Erion(?) dau of George DRUM (U.S.A.) and Sarra BERLETT (U.S.A.). B. 13 Jul 1865/bap 8 Oct 1865. Sp: The parents of the child.

Wilhelm son of Johannes BRILL (Bussarode, Kurhessen) and Christine GRUNWALD (Iba Kurhessen). Sp: Wilhelm ROHRBACH and Anna Christina GRUNWALD.

Conrad son of Conrad MUELLER (Doernberg, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee HAHN (Motzfeld, Hersfeld, Kurhessen). B. 27 Sep 1865 at 6:00 A.M./bap 15 Oct 1865. Sp: Conrad FOLGENAND and Catharina RINGLEBEN.

Martin Siegmund son of George SCHNEIDER (Suess, Kurhessen) and Margaretha nee SARTORIUS (Suess, Kurhessen). B. 22 Sep 1865 @ 2:00 P.M./bap 22 Oct 1865 in Stockton.

George son of George KRAUSE (Iba, Kurhessen) and Martha Elizabeth nee WOLLNER (Nentershausen, Kurhessen). B. 24 Sep 1865 @ 10:00 A.M./bap 22 Oct 1865). Sp: Georg KRAUSE and Heinrich KRAUSE.

Maria Magdalena dau of Paulus STAUB (Hollring, France) and Caroline nee Fichter. B. 22 July 1865/bap 22 Oct 1865 in Beaver Meadow. Sp:Jacob FICHTER and Nicholas FICHTER.

David son of David Cronthris(?) and Maria nee KOEHLER (Preussishmuedden). B. 30 Sep 1865/bap 29 Oct 1865. Sp: Johannes ROTH and Catharina KUSH.

Daniel son of Daniel WETTRAU (Fuehs, Kurhessen) and Anna nee ..?.. (Richelsdorf, Kurhessen) B. 29 Oct 1865/bap 12 Nov 1865 in Tresckow. Sp: Johannes ROTH and Catharina KUSH(?).

Emilie Elizabeth dau of Nicolaus BORNOISON (Rantenhausen, Kurhessen and Emilie nee ROHRBACH (Iba Kurhessen). B. 31 Oct 1865/bap 19 Nov 1865. Sp: Frau HOBERTH and Frau SCHADE.

Catharina Elizabeth dau Adam SCHREINER (Raunhausen, Kurhessen) and Martha nee HOELL (Raunhausen, Kurhessen). B. 15 Oct 1865/bap 28 Nov 1865 Stockton. Sp: George and Elizabeth SCHREINER.

Carl Wilhelm son of Heinrich MANS (Dens, Kurhessen) and Eva Dorothea nee DUSER (Hazleton). B. 28 Oct 1865/ 3 Dec 1865. Sp: Carl MANS and William MANS.

Johannes Carl son of Karl THAMER (Wintershausen, Kurhessen) and Martha nee MANS (Dens, Kurhessen). B. 28 Oct 1865/bap 4 Dec 1865. Sp: Johannes MUELLER and Elizabeth nee EISEL. This is indicated as an emergency baptism probably done by a lay person; perhaps one of the sponsors.

Auguste Friederike dau of Peter NAGEL (Bescorbach(?), Wuertemburg) and Wilhelmina KLEIN (Sintel..?..,Wuertemburg). B. 4 Aug 1865 6:00 P.M./bap 10 Dec 1865. Sp: the parents of the child.

George Heinrich son of George Zierdt (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Anna nee DIESEN-/DEGENHARDT (Solz, Kurhessen). B. 18 Oct 1865 6:00 A.M./bap 10 Dec 1865. Sp: George HILDEBRANDT.

Ludwig son of Martin SCHIEBENER (Buchenau, Darmstadt-Hessen) and Catharina nee BIESEN (Darmstadt, Hessen). B. 26 Oct 1865/Bap 10 Dec 1865. Sp: Ludwig SCHIEBENER and Gertrude WOLF.

Elizabeth dau of Hermann Weitz (Abterodaim, Grossherzog, Sachs-Weimar) and Clara nee WIEGAND (Widdershausen, Kurhessen). B. 9 Nov 1865 at 2:00 P.M./bap 10 Dec 1865. Sp: Gertrud EICHLER and Elizabeth DAMER.

Anna Martha Catharina dau of Heinrich FEY (Mitterode, Kurhessen) and Martha nee SAUER (Heimboldshausen, Kurhessen). B. 21 Nov 1865 at 3:00 A.M./bap 10 Dec 1865. Sp: Anna FEY and Catharina FEY.

Ludwig Friedrich son of George DIPPER (Sinde..?.., Kurhessen) and Caroline nee SIPEDEL(?) SIPPEL? (same as above). B. 29 Aug 1865 3:00 P.M./bap 11 Dec 1865. Sp: Louise Spidell(???).

Johannes son of Adam BACHMANN (America) and Catharina nee STEINER (America). B. 10 Nov 1865 3:00 P.M./bap 11 Dec 1865 in Stockton. Sp: Johannes ZILANDER.

Heinrich Wilhelm son of Christoph Ulrich (America) and Sara Anna Maria LAUN (America). B. 9 Nov 1865 5:00 P.M./bap 24 Dec 1865. Sp: Heinrich LAUN and Wilhelm ULRICH.

Martin son of Hermann Reinhold (Busseroda, Kurhessen) and Anna Elizabeth nee WAGNER (Busseroda, Kurhessen). B. 24 Nov 1865 5:30 P.M./bap 24 Dec 1865. Sp: Martin GEBHARDT and Elizabeth Lee WENTZEL.

Wilhelm Friedrich son of Jacob GRUENWALD (Iba, Kurhessen) and Catharina nee WETTRAU (Hazleton). B. 18 Dec 1865 6:00 A.M./bap 25 Dec 1865. Sp: Friedrich aand Elizabeth WETTRAU.

Philipp son of Jacob SCHMIER (Kirkel Rheinbaiorn(?)) and Emilie nee VOLKER (U.S.A.) B. 11 Nov 1865 9:30 P.M./bap 25 Dec 1865 Tresckow. Sp: Philip SCHMIER and Helene SCHMIDT.

Sophia Dorothea dau of George FEDERLEIN (Bahrsfeld, Switzerland) and Dorothea nee HECKENBURGER (Bahrsfeld, Switzerland) . B. 18 Aug 1865 12:00 P.M./bap 25 Dec 1865. Sp: The parents of the child.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Anna Elizabeth LAMBERTH (U.S.A.) B. 18 Mar 1865 8:00 P.M. in Jeannesville/bap 25 Dec 1865. Sp: The parent of the child. The father is recorded as "an Englishman."

Louis Philipp son of Johann Meikrantz (Blankenbach, Kurhessen) and Susanna nee KLINGER (U.S.A.). B. 24 July 1865 in Black Creek/bap 30 Dec 1865. Sp: Philipp WAERKEL and Margaretha RUPPE(?).

Simon son of Christoph GLURK (Buserode, Kurhessen) and Christine nee GEBHARDT (Berka...). B. 20 Dec 1865 in Stockton/bap 31 Dec 1865. Sp: Simon HELLWIG and Johann WEBER.

Ernst Heinrich son of Heinrich MANS (Dens, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee BORNEISEN (Rothenhausen, Kurhessen). B. 19 Dec 1865 in Stockton/bap 31 Dec 1865. Sp: Heinrich MANS and Nicolaus BORNEISAN.

Heinrich* son of George HAHN (Hillartshausen, Kurhessen) and Catharine NENSTIEL (Ronshausen, Kurhessen). B. 8 Dec 1865 in Stockton/bap 31 Dec 1865. Sp: George PFANKUCH and Elizabeth nee HAHN. * Record indicates that parents were not married to each other.

1866 Baptisms

Heinrich Friedrich son of Daniel SACHS (Iba, Kurhessen) and Anna Gertrud nee SCHMIDT (Sols, Kurhessen). B. 15 Dec 1865 5:A.M./bap 6 Jan 1866 in Milnesville. Sp: Heinrich SACHS and Friedrich LAPP.

Adam Wilhelm son of Wilhelm SCHMIDT (Sols, Kurhessen) and Anna Martha nee SANDRICK (Boneberg, Kurhessen). B. 8 Dec 1865 Milnesville/bap 6 Jan 1866. sp: Adam and Maria SCHMIDT.

Anna dau of Peter YORH (Kurhessen) and Helene nee HERZOG (Rheinland). B. 24 July 1865 at 9:00 A.M./bap 6 Jan in Milnesville. Sp: Daniel SACHS.

Nation Ogurland son of Wilhelm ROTHS and Elizabeth nee KLEIN. b. 14 Apr 1860 /bap 6 Jan 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: the parents of the child.

Johann Heinrich Marthin son of August SAUER (Heimboldshausen, Kurhessen) and Barbara Elizabeth nee SCHADE (Netra, Kurhessen). b. 2 Jan 1866 10:00A.M./ 28 Jun 1866 in Laurel Hill, Hazleton. Sp: Heinrich FEY.

Friedrich son of Johann WEHNER (Kleinsee, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee BACHMANN (Soza, Kurhessen). B. 6 Feb 1866 2:30 A.M./bap 11 Feb 1866. Sp: Friedrich WEHNER.

Anna Catharina dau of Adam WAMBACH (Weiterode, Kurhessen) and Anna Christine UNBEWUSST (Eisenarh..?..). B. 11 Feb 1866 5:))P.M. sp: Anna HEIDENREICH.

Johannes son of Gerge WEISSENBORN (Braunhausen, Kurhessen) and Anna Sophia ..?..(Solz, Kurhessen). B. 21 Jan 1866 10:00 A.M./bap 11 Feb 1866. Sp: Johannes WEISSENBORN and Anna SAUER.

Malinda dau of James KINVIECK (England) and Catharina NASY(?). B. 25 Dec 12:00 P.M./Bap 11 Feb 1866 in Black Creek. Sp: Johann BITTER and Havia(?)BITTEL (R?).

Anna Martha dau of Nicolaus KUEMMEL (Rheinland) and Barbara nee BIRNSTID (Sachs-Heimigen)(?). B.1 Feb 1866 4:00 A.M./bap 18 Feb 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: Gertrud KOEHLER.

Baldhasar son of Christian KRAUSE (Evmetheis, Kurhessen) and Anna Catharina nee ISRAEL. B. 3 Feb 1866 8:00 A.M./bap 4 Mar 1866. Sp: Baldhasar SCHMIDT.

Bronette dau of Christian GRAEBER and Martha nee KLEIM (Kurhessen). B. 30 FEb 1866 7:00 P.M./bap 4 Mar 1866 in Crystal Ridge. Sp: Johann and Bronette UNGEMACH.

Wilhelm son of Wilhelm DIPPEL (Suess, Kurhessen) and Eva Elizabeth nee BRILL (Kleinsee, Kurhessen). B. 13 Feb 1866 2:00 A.M./ bap 4 Mar 1866 in Laurel Hill. Sp: Karl and Rebeka BRILL.

Anna Catharina Maria dau of Johannes KOENIG (Kleinsee, Kurhessen) and Anna nee BRILL (Kurhessen). B. 2 Mar 1866 8:30 A.M./bap 18 Mar 1866 in Laurel Hill. Sp: Anna BRILL nee KOEHLER.

Anna Louise dau of Carl HAUDEL (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Amalie nee ASSMANN (Frankenhausen im Fuerstentum-Rodolstadt). No SP.

Catharina Elizabeth dau of George HINKELMANN (Doernberg, Kurhessen) and Anna Elizabeth nee STEIN (Daenkbarshausen, Hessen). B. 11 Feb 1866 12:00 Noon/bap 4 Mar 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Simon STEIN and Anna nee SCHULZ.

Sophia Maria dau of Gottlieb JAEVIG (Spremberg(?) Obanhensilz(?)) and Sophia nee MUELLer (Fisting, Schallarh Bei(?)). B. 23 Jan 1866 9:30 A.M./bap 25 MAr in Beaver Meadow. Sp: Sophia FICHTER, Martha SCHWOB, Peter DERSUNG, Jacob SCHWOB.

Catharina Elizabeth dau of Johannes Adam HILDEBRAND ( Kleinsee, Kurhessen) and Juliana nee EHROW (Butler Valley, PA). B.24 Feb 1866 10:00 P.M./bap 31 Mar 1866. Sp: Catharina HILDEBRAND.

Barbara Elizabeth dau of Johann Peter STAEGER (Frohnburg(?), Sachsen-Evburg(?)) and Gertrud SCHESOHE(?) (Nentershausen, Kurhausen). B. 21 Feb 1866 4:00 P.M./bap 1 Apr 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Jacob and Barbara Elizabeth Schasohe.

Wilhelm son of Johannes ROTH (Richelsdorf, Kurhessen) and Catharina Elizabeth nee KUESH (Richelsdorf, Kurhessen). B. 12 Mar 1866 7:00 A.M./bap 1 Apr 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Wilhelm KATZMANN.

Anna Catharine dau of Conrad UTTER (Wippershaim, Kurhessen) and Gertrud nee WAGNER (Shenklengsfeld, Hersfield. Kurhessen). B. 28 Mar 1866 2:00 A.M./bap 8 Apr 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Wilhelm and Helene ULRICH.

Catharina Anna dau of Heinrich KRAPF (Iba, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee GRUNWALD (Iba, Kurhessen). b. 10 Mar 1866 3:00 A.M./bap 8 Apr 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: William and Anna ROHRBACH. Anna Elizabeth dau of Johannes HOKOHR (Niedrwalgen, Kurhessen) and Maria nee SACHS (Iba, Kurhessen). B. 20 Apr 1877 4:30 PM/bap 22 Apr 1866 in Laurel hill. Sp: Frau SACHS.

Lea Lilly dau of Johannes SCHMIDT (Farschweiler bei Tribe) and Sara Ann nee SCHERTZ. B. 2 Feb 66 11:30 PM/bap 29 Apr 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: The parents of the child.

Conrad son of Marthin DRISCHMANN (Wintershausen, Kurhessen) and Anna Christine nee GUNZ (Wintershausen, Kurhessen). B. 10 Mar 1866 1:00 A.M./bap 15 Apr 1866 in Mt. Pleasant. Sp: Conrad SCHAUB.

Johannes George son of Johannes KLEE (Dinkelrode, Kurhessen) and Catharina Elizabeth nee WIESSENBORN (Braunhausen, Kurhessen). B. 26 Mar 1866 5:30 PM/ Bap 6 May 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Georg JAEGER and Anna JAEGER nee WIESSENBORN.

Sarah Jaene dau of Elfried MEYERS and Elsie nee BUSCHE. B. 31 Jan 1866 7:00 AM/bap 10 May 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: The parents of the child.

Anna Elizabeth dau of George ZACHER (Kaiterstadt, Sachs-Gotha) and Elizabeth nee GRIESING (Blankenbach, Kurhessen). B. 15 Mar 1866 10:00 PM/bap 13 May 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Johannes HINKELMANN and Anna Elizabeth HINKELMANN nee STEIN.

Anna Catharina dau of Philipp SCHMIDT (Wiessonhasd??, Kurhessen) and Catharina nee WALLNOR? (Nentershausen, Kurhessen). B. 17 Apr 1866 9:30 pm/bap 13 May 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Simon HELLWIN and Adam ABHAU.

Jacob Wilhelm son of Philipp Keipen (Rothsilberg(?), Bayern). B. 26 Mar 1866 2:30 AM/bap 13 May 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Jacob KEIPER and Dorothea RINGLEBEN,

Heinrich son of Joseph STEINER and Maria nee NASS. B. 25 Dec 1865 10:30 PM/bap 13 May 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Heinrich STEINER and Elizabeth STEINER nee OHNER.

Johannes Robert son of Johannes STEINER and ...?.. nee SHOEN. B. 1 Feb 1866 8:30 AM/bap 13 May 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Johannes WALPER.

Samuel son of Hermann RANK and Catharina RUERKE(?) B.14 Jun 186(5)(6)? 11:00 PM/bap 13 May 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Samuel GOST and Sarah GOST nee FRITZ.

Friedrich son of Hermann ZYN (Sobenstein ....REISS?) and Catharina nee GLAESLY (Oberbiskenheim,Wuertemberg). B. 23 October (1865?) 10:00 AM/bap 20 May 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Zacharias KINDER (perhaps meaning Zacharias children???)

Ida catharina dau of Jacob BINDSCHADLER (Nandorf Canton, Zurich, Switzerland) and Maria GLAESLY (Oberdigisheim, Wuertemberg). B. 22 Dec 1865/bap 20 May 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Johann and Catharine nee KOSH(?).

Johannes son of Adam SCHIRMER (Fenbreitenbach, Sachs Weimar) and Margarethe nee SUESSMANN (Richelsdorf, Kurhessen). B.17 May 1866 9:00 AM/bap 10 Jun 1866. Sp: Johannes BENNER.

Anna Savilla dau of Cornelius SCHEIN (Blankenbach, Kurhessen) and Maria nee BACHMANN (Solz, Kurhessen). B. 14 Apr 1866 11:00 PM/bap 21 Jun 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: George and Savilla WEISSENBORN.

Magdalena Margaretha dau of Jacob SCHWOB and Martha Elizabeth REISS. B. 1 May 1866 7:00 PM/bap 17 Jun 1866 in Beaver Meadow. Sp: Peter SCHWOB and Peter FICHTER.

Margaretha Hermine dau of Jacob ROTH (Bayern Rheinpfalz) and Louise nee SIEGFELD (Potsdam). B. 11 May 1866 1:00 AM/bap 24 Jun 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: Gottlieb SAEGER and Margareth BERNHARD.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Peter BREIHOFF (Nussbach, Rheinbayern) and Christine nee HAHN (Wendelsheim, Hesse-Darmstadt). B. 17 Dec 1865/bap 24 Jun 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Heinrich and Elizabeth DINKELAECHER, Fredrich and Maria KNIERIM.

Wilhelm son of Andreas SPOERER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Caroline nee SCHUCHARDT (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) B. 5 MAy 1866 6:00 AM/ bap 1 Jul 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Wilhelm and Elizabeth KIRSH.

Adam son of Heinrich HILL (Ronhausen, Kurhesses) and Elizabeth nee SACHS (Iba, Kurhessen). B. 8 Jun 1866 9:00 AM Stockton/bap 1 Jul 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Adam and Catharina SACHS.

Elizabeth dau of Christian BOOK (Hilmes, Kurhessen) and Christine nee KRINK(?). B. 16 June 1866 8:00 AM/bap 8 July 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Heinrich and Elizabeth DEISENROTH.

Jacob son of Jacob WASHMANN(?) and Catharina nee WETZEL. B. 22 Jan 1866 4:00 AM/bap 8 July 1866 in Beaver Meadow. Sp: Peter and Elizabeth SCHWOB.

Susanna Caroline dau Johannes KUDER and Caroline nee BECKER. B. 25 Apr 1866 5:00 PM/bap 22 Jul 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Carl HOETTER and Lusinde SHASS(?).

Catharina Elizabeth dau of Johannes OCHS (Ehlen, Kurhessen) and Henrietta ALLAIN(?) (Fuerstenberg, Walderk). Sp: Catharina Elizabeth OCHS.

Margaretha dau of George UNBEWUSST (Kurhessen) and Anna Catharine nee FUEHRER (Lautenhausen, Kurhessen). 7 Jun 1866 7:00 PM/bap 29 July 1866 in Cranberry. Sp: Anna UNBEWUST.

Johann Wilhelm son of Heinrich Carl GRIESING and Anna Elizabeth nee WETTRAU. B. 18 Jul 1866 8:00 AM/bap 29 Jul 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: John GRIESSING.

Elizabeth dau of Andreas STEIN (Berka, Sachs-Weimar) and Elizabeth nee SCHOEN (Farnbreibenbach-Sachs-Weimar). B. 14 Aug 1865 10:00 AM/bap 29 Jul 1866. Sp: The parents of the child.

Anna Maria dau of Johannes HOPF (Dibbarh, Sachs Weimar) and Anna Elizabeth nee ERBE (Kleinensee, Kurhessen). B. 3 Jun 1866 7:00 AM/bap 29 Jul 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: Anna Maria REISS.

Franziska Rosina dau of Jacob FICHTER (Hellring, France) and Margarethe nee BERTSCHIE(?) (Hellring, France). B. 22 Apr 1866 1:30 AM/bap 29 Jul 1866 in Beaver Meadow. Sp: Paul STAUB and Peter SCHWOB.

Philipp son of Christian BECK (Fronheim, Bayern) and Christine nee BIEL (Unhausen, Kurhessen). B 14 Apr 1866 12:45 AM/bap 3 Aug 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Louise MICHEL(?).

Franklin HODEN(?) son of son of Sohems(?) KETTE(?) and Catharina Elizabeth nee SCHNEIDER (Holzhansen, Hessen-Darmstadt). 20 Jan 1866 3:00 PM/bap 3 Aug 1866. Sp: The parents of the child. Translator's note: this entire entry is very confused. I believe that the pastor did not understand the father's name nor his place of birth.

Martin Jacob son of Heinrich JAEGER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Anna Barbara nee SPOERER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen). 21 May1866 11:00 PM/bap 12 Aug 1866. Sp: Marthin FEY.

Wilhelm son of Reuben BILMON and Messina nee OSWALD. B. 3 Jun 1866 3:00 AM/bap 19 Aug 1866 in Crystal Ridge. Sp: Wilhelm LINDEMANN and Sallmo BILMON.

Caspar son of Caspar SHAEFER (Richlesdorf, Kurhessen) and Anna Elizabeth nee ROTH (Richelsdorf, Kurhessen). B. 8 aug 1866 8:00 AM/bap 19 Aug 1866 in Jeannesville. Sp: Ludwig FEIST.

Peter son of Christian SCHNEIDER (Suess, Kurhessen) and Catharine nee KRAUSS (Suess, Kurhessen). B 26 Jul 1866 7:30 PM/bap 19 Aug 1866. Sp: Peter KRAUSE.

August Siemon son of Johannes LAU (Clone Westpreussen) and Gustine SCHAUER (Shoenwald, West Preussen). 7 Aug 1866 12:00 noon/bap 21 Aug 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Siemon EMLER and Henrietta TRAUTH(?).

Margaretha dau of Heinrich HAAS (Dankmarshausen, Sachsen-Weimar) and Anna Barbara nee Treior(?) (Fizaroda, Sachsen-Weimar). B. 11 Aug 1866 7:00 AM/bap 26 Aug 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Adam BACHMANN and Margaretha TROLL(?).

Heinrich son of Heinrich ADAM (Kampenbrunn(?), Kurhessen) and Margaretha nee HEBEL (Lautenhausen, Kurhessen). B. 17 Jan 1866 3:00 AM/bap 26 Aug 1866 in Stockton. Sp: the parents themselves.

Theodor Johannes son of Rheinhold Ferdinand RICKERT (Herbut Sachsen) and Louise Emilie nee HESSLER (Nazareth, PA). B. 22 Jul 1866 12:00 noon/bap 26 Aug 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Wilhelm KUESH, Henrietta BARTELLS, Sara SCHNEE.

Elizabeth dau of Carl PAUL and Amanda nee FISCHER. B. 17 May 1866 5:00 AM/bap 28 Aug 1866 in Black Creek. Sp: Mr. and Mrs. Adam BACHMAN.

Elma dau of Heinrich KUNGES and Enette nee MILLS. B. 11 Dec 1865 1:00 AM/bap 28 Aug 1966 in Black Creek. Sp: amanda FISCHER.

Marthin Magnus son of Johannes WENDEL (Heinebach, Kurhessen) and Anna Catharine nee GRIESING (Blankenbach, Kurhessen). B. 4 July 1866 1:00 PM/ 2 Sep 1866 in Treskow. Sp: Marthin WENDEL.

Charlotte dau of Carl FULDA (Heinsheim, Baden) and Dorothea nee APEL (Grund Hanover). 12 May 4:00 AM/bap 2 Sep 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: the parents of the child.

Anna Maria dau of Ludwig JUNG (Rhein Bayern) and Josephine nee SCHARLIS (Newark, NJ). B. 2 Aug 1866 10:00 PM/bap 16 Sep 1866. Sp: Johann KLEIN, Elsie SCHARLIS, Mr. & Mrs. Joshua WALK.

Johann Christian son of Carl VOGEL (Peterovitz, Schlesien) and Sophia nee MUELLER (Baden). B. 25 Mar 1866 2:45 AM/bap 16 Sep 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Johannes CHRIST, ....HOPPE.

Catharina dau of George ROHRBACH (Ausbach, Kurhessen) and Maria SCHMINKE . B. 17 Aug 1866/bap 16 Sep 1866. Sp: Catharina SCHMINKE.

Johannes son of Christian WOLFSKEUL ( Atzerude[?], Kurhessen) and Elizabeth REINHOLD (Buserode, Kurhessen). B. 29 Aug 18, 1866 at 5:00 A/bap Sept 23, 1866 in Cranberry. Sp: Johann HELWIG and wife Elizabeth nee BOELTHER.

Catharina dau of Johannes SIPPEL (Kurhessen) and Dorothea Elizabeth nee GIESSER (Erkshausen, Kurhessen), B. 19 June 1866 at 9:00 PM/ bapt 23 Sept 1866 in Hazleton. Sp: Catherina GIESSER.

Nathan son of Schems FAULER (USA) and Catharina nee THOMAS (USA). B. 18 Apr 1866 at 9: PM/ bap 19 Aug 1866 in Treskow. Sp: Johannes THOMAS and Johanna TONNES.

Franziska dau of Karl LAPP (Solz, Kurhessen) and Margaretha nee JAEGER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen), B. 11 Sep 1866 at 11:00 AM/bap 7 Oct 1866. Sp: Anna Catharina Franziska nee JAEGER.

Daniel Adam son of George KRAUSE (Iba, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth CHORRORCK (Unhausen [?], Kurhessen). B.15 Sep 1866 at 8:00 PM/bap 14 Oct 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Adam and Daniel KRAUSE.

Julie Margaretha dau of Friedrich KNYRIM (Hessen Kassel) and Maria nee BUECHMUELLER (Zafingen, Switzerland). B. 15 Aug 1866 at 12:00 N/bap 14 Oct 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Margaretha DORNEMAN and Margaretha BUCHMUELLER.

Baldhasar son of Johann FICHTER (Nentershausen, Kurhessen) and Bertha KUEMMEL (Suess, Kurhessen). B. 15 Oct 1866 @ 10:00 AM/bap 15 Oct 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Baldhasar FICHTER.

Margaretha dau of Conrad RUDOLPH (Friedewald, Kurhessen) and Margaretha nee BEISHEIM (Blankenbach, Kurhessen). B.3 Oct 1866 @ 4:30 AM/bap 21 Oct 1866. Sp: Peter EHROW and Gertrude nee KRAPF.

Heinrich son of Johannes KUERGEL (Kurhessen) and Cathareina elizabeth nee GUENTHER (Kurhessen). B. 23 Sept 1866 @ 7:00 PM/bapt 21 Oct 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Heinrich GUENTHER and Julius GUENTHER.

Eva Helene dau of Andreas ROSE (Philadelphia, PA) and Anna SCHONS (England). B.14 July 1866 @ 3:00PM[?]/bap 21 Oct 1866. Sp: Parents.

*Dorothea Catharina dau of Marthin SPECHT (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee SUESSMANN (Hazleton).B 2 Nov 11:00 AM[?]/bap 2 Nov 1866. Sp: Dorothea SUESSMANN. * an emergency baptism

Anna Gertrud dau of Friedrich HER(K)MANN (Sontra, Kurhessen) and Julianna BODENSTEIN (Sontra, Kurhessen). B. 6 Oct 1866 @ 1:00 PM/bap 4 Nov 1866 Stockton. Sp: Mrs. Griessing.

Anna Gertrud Elizabeth dau of Lui EISENFELDER (Bamberg[?] and Maria nee DRECHSLER (Guenthershausen). B. 23 Jul 1866 @ 6:00 AM/bap 11 Nov 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: Mrs HELLWIG.

Martha dau of Peter Yorh [?](Germany) and Helene HERZOG (Germany). B. 29 Oct 1866 @ 10:00 AM/bap 14 Nov 1866 Milnesville. Sp: Mrs. Schmidt nee Sandrith (?).

Johannes George son of Johannes SIEGEL (Suess, Kurhessen) & Martha Elizabeth BIKNIG(?) (Umhausen, Kurhessen). B. 9 Nov 1866/bap 14 nov 1866 in Milnesville. Sp: Johannes George SIEGEL.

Christiane dau of Johann Gottlieb SAEGER (Sindelfingen[?] possibly in Kurhessen) and Christiane REIMU(E)LLER (Friedenwald, Kurhessen). B. 16 Aug 1866 @ 12:30 PM[?]/bap 25 Nov 1866 in Tresckow. Sp: Christian KOERPER and Sibille KOERPER.

Daniel Wilhelm son of Johannes SCHAEFER (Vokerode, Kurhessen) and Franziska BODENSTEIN (Sontra, Kurhessen). B. 13 Oct 1866 @ 5:00 AM /bap 25 Nov 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Daniel KOENIG.

Anna Elizabeth dau of Heinrich HINKELMANN (Toernberg, Kurhessen) and Louise nee KOENIG (Iba, Kurhessen). B.?/bap 25 Nov 1866 in Stockton. Sp: Anna Elizabeth HINKELMANN.

Adam George dau of Hartmann LINDEMANN (Nachtloss, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee ADAM (Sontra, Kurhessen). B. 12 Oct 1866 @ 12:30 AM/bap 25 Nov 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Adam and George LINDEMANN.

Johannes Daniel son of Schesch Gesse BENN (U.S.A.) and Dorothea MEIKRANTZ. 12 Nov 1866 @ 12:30 PM/bap 25 Nov 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Johann & Eva Dorothea MEIKRANTZ.

Anna Martha dau of George PFANNKUCH (Motzfeld, Kurhessen) and Elizabeth nee HAHN (Motzfeld, Kurhessen). B. 12 Nov 1866 @ 10:00 PM/bap 2 Dec 1866 Stockton. Sp: George Rudolph & Anna Catharine MAUSEHUND.

Maria dau of Johannes WEBER (Suess, Kurhessen) and Regina Margaretha nee RUETH (Suess, Kurhessen). B. 18 Nov 1866 1:00 PM/ bap 2 Dec 1866 Stockton. Sp: George BARTH & Rebeka BARTH nee RUETH.

George son of Friedrich WEHNER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen) and Catherina nee KISTERN (Rohrigshof, Krein Salzungen, Herzogtum, Sachsen-Meinigen). B. 13 Oct 1866@ 11:00 PM/bap 9 Dec 1866 Harleigh. sp:George WEHNER.

Johanna Henriette Dorothea dau of Louis THOMAS (Prussia) and Rachel nee GREISWALD (U.S.A.). B. 18 Aug 1866 @ 5:00 PM/bap 9 Dec 1866 Tresckow. Sp: Johanna THOMAS.

Maria Elizabeth dau of Stephanus KEIPPER (U.S.A.) & Maria Caroline nee KLINGLING. B.2 Oct 1866 @ 12:00 N/bap 12 Dec 1866. Sp: Elizabeth ULRICH.

Margaretha dau of Jacob PIPPERT (Unhausen, Kurhessen) & Catherine elizabeth nee JAEGER (Kleinensee, Kurhessen). B. 30 Nov 1866 @ 8:30 AM/ bap 25 Dec 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Margaretha LAPP.

Johannes son of Heinrich EICHLER (Herfa, Kurhessen) & Julianna KRAUSE (Kleinensee, Kurhessen). B. 6 Oct 1866 @ 9:00 PM/bap 25 Dec 1866 Hazleton. SP: Parents.

Zacharias son of Carl BANSE (Kurhessen) & Anna Margaretha nee GUENTHER (Kurhessen). B.3 Dec 1866 @ 10:00 AM/bap 25 Dec 1866 Hazleton. Sp: Zacharias Friedrik GUENTHER.

Anna Catharina dau of Caspar SCHAEFFER (Obernsant, Kurhessen) & Margaretha nee HECKROTH (Sontra, Kurhessen). B. 17 Sep 1866 @ 11:00 PM/bap 25 Dec 1866 Mt. Pleasant. Sp: anna Catharina SCHAEFFER.

George Fridrich son of HERSISON[?] HILL (U.S.A.) & Caroline nee MUELLER (U.S.A.). B. 10 Dec 1866 @ 12:00 M/bap 25 Dec 1866 Mount Pleasant. Sp: the Parents.

*The following confirmation lists for 1861 are found after the Death Register in the original volume. Although it has been crossed out by the pastor it is presented here.** Keep in mind that confirmations of young people are done around the ages 12 years through, probably, 15 years of age.

** A note by a Walter Thorne (translator)



Davis SCHAEFFER        Stephan KEIPPER

Charles YOUNG          Catharina FETZER

Heinrich SPOHR         Adam DIEHL

Johannes ZICKLER       Wilhelm SCHALLES(R?)


Heinrich BOE(TT)CHER             Heinrich BAUM

Anna Sabina KRAUSE               Maria ULLRICH

Anna Margarethe STAUFFENBERG     Maria Elizabeth GRIESING

Katharina KRAPF                  Katharina NUSSBAUM

Anna Eva JAEGER 


Name of confirmed       Father            Date of Birth

Maria BRILL             Johannes          March 13, 1852
Catharina SAUER         August            April 1, 1852
Elizabeth KESSLER       Johannes          Sept 20 1852
Charlotte BAUM                            June 7, 1852
Catharina KOEHLER                         Dec 1, 1850
Catharina SCHMINKE     Johannes           Jul 7, 1852
Catharina ROECHER      Moritz             Sep 8, 1853
Dorothea SUESSMANN     George             Jul 4, 1852
Anna RINGLIEB          Wilhelm            Aug 7, 1852
Margaretha RINGLEBEN   Andreas            Aug 24, 1852
Sophia HILDEBRANDT     Simon              Jan 14, 1850
Elizabeth MEIKRANTZ    Johannes           Nov 7, 1852
Anna HORNUNG           Christian          July 5, 1853
Catharina REIMENSCH  Ludwig RIEMENSCHNEIDER Apr 5, 1854
Maria SCHMAUCH         Heinrich           March 15, 1852
Catharina SCHEIN       Cornelius          Jan 8, 1853
Christina BACHMANN     Adam               Jan 11, 1853
Sophia GAERIG          Gottlieb           Nov 16, 1852
Catharina RINHOLDT     Hermann            Apr 20, 1853
Maria KRAUSS           Heinrich           Jul 15, 1852
Anna SACHS             Adam (?)           Oct 18, 1852
Ernst ROTH             Johannes           May 28, 1852
Conrad RUDOLPH         Vicenz             Sep 18, 1852
Johannes HEIDENRICH                       Dec 4, 1851
Jacob FICHTER          Jacob              Sep 15, 1851
George BERNHARDT       Carl               March 28, 1851
George WETTRAU         George             Feb 15, 1853
Johannes KOEHLER       Anton              March 12, 1853
George HORNUNG         Johannes           Jul 23, 1853
Hermann SIEGFELD       Carl               Feb 26, 1851
Reinhold RICKERT       Reinhold           Apr 4, 1852
Robert KLEIN           Philip Jacob       Mar 27, 1852
Heinrich JACOB         Heinrich           Nov 4, 1853     
Additional Information added:

Communion Service Participants at the Grace Reformed Church, Hazleton 1865

Barth, Elise                                    Barth Johann     
Bindschneider, Jacob & wife                     Bittner, George, wife, daughter
Bock, Heinrich                                  Boerner, Johannes
Boerner, Margarethe                             Borneisen, Nicolaus & wife
Brill, Carl & wife                              Brill, Catharine
Drischmann, Marthin & wife                      Engelhart, Justus
Griesing, Martha                                Hacher, Elisabeth
Hacher George                                   Heydenreich, (widow)
Heydenreich, Alexander                          Heydenreich, Catharine
Heydenreich, Martha                             Hinder, Karl & wife
Hornung, Conrad                                 Hornung, Wilhelm
Kircher, Margaretha                             Kisthart, Elisabeth
Krapf, Amanda                                   Krapf, Charlotte
Krapf, Christoph                        Krause, Christian & wife Anna
Catharina Ottner, Gertrude                                Reiss, Elisabeth
Rudolph, V. & wife                              Sauer, August & wife Barbara
Sauer, Elizabeth                                Schaefer, Conrad & wife
Schwob, Maria                                   Specht, Christoph & wife
Staufenberg, Margarethe                         Tainer, Elisabeth
Ulrich, Baldasar & wife                         Ulrich, Wilhelm
Unbewusst, Adam & wife Christina E.    Unbewusst George & wife Anna Catharina
Ungemacht, Babye. (?)                           Weitz, Hermann
Wettrau, Christian                              Wettrau, Margarethe
Wolfskeul, Elisabeth  
This List was donated by June Nessler.

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