The records below are entered as Walter Throne who translated the entries wrote them with the exception of abbreviations made whenever possible.

Original records, written in German employing old German script, were difficult to read due to fading and the unique penmanship of the writer. I have used the vowel followed by an "E" for vowels with umlauts (two strokes or dots above the vowel).

1. Heinrich HOELL of Hazleton, s/o Caspar HOELL of Kurhessen, Roeshausen, Kreis Rothenburg, age 22 1/2 years.

Elizabeth SACHS, d/o Adam SACHS of Iva, Kreis Rothenburg, Kurhessen, age 20 years. Sep 17, 1865.

2. Wilhelm KUECH, widower, of Hazleton (witnesses: Heinrich KRAPF & Philipp ROOS), s/o Wilhelm of Zuhs Kurhessen, age 42 years.

Elizabeth BRILL, widow, d/o Christoph BRILL, age 46 years. Sep 24, 1865.

3. Christian SCHAAL, of Hazleton, s/o Gottlieb SCHAAL of Unterreisach Wurtemberg (Witnesses: Johannes ZILENDER, George HILDEBRANDT), age 28 years.

Elizabeth BACHMANN, a widow, d/o Johannes BACHMANN, age 22 years. Sep 30, 1865.

4. Jacob SCHWOB, of HAzleton, s/o Johann Adam SCHWOB of Beaver Meadow, age 31 years.

Miss Elizabeth REISS, d/o Jacob REISS, of Mitterode, Kurhessen. Age 25 years. Witnesses: Peter DOERSCHUCK, MAria DOERSCHUCK, Heinrich BACH. Dec 21, 1865.

5. Heinrich HINKELMANN, of Hazleton, s/o Johann HINKELMANN, of Doernberg, Hessen-Kassel, age 25 years.

Miss Louise KOENIG, d/o Hermann KOENIG, of Iba Kurhessen, age 25 years.Witnesses: Heinrich SCHUCHERDT and Johann HINKELMANN. Dec 24, 1865.


1. Johann WEISSENBORN, of Hazleton, s/o Ernst WEISSENBORN of [....] Brenkhausen, Kurhessen, age 29 years.

Miss ann Elizabeth SAUER, d/o Heinrich SAUER of Quakake, this land, age 22 years. Witnesses: [entry too faded to read]. Jan 22, 1866.

2. August[?] UTHER, of Hazleton, s/o Johannes UTHER, of [....], Kurhessen, age 24 years.

Miss Elisabeth ROSE, d/o Phillip ROSE, of Hazleton, age 19 years. Witnesses: Andreas RINGLEBEN, Wilhelm [...]. Jan 6, 1866.

3. Marthin SPECHT, of Hazleton, s/o Johannes SPECHT, of Hazleton, age 25 years.

Miss Elisabeth SUESSMANN, d/o George SUESSMANN, of Hazleton, age 23 years. Witnesses: Adam SCHELM, Marthin FEY. Jan 14, 1866.

4. Peter SCHWOB, of Beaver Meadow, son of Johann Adam SCHWOB of Beaver Meadow, age 25 years.

Miss Martha Elisabeth ROECHER, d/o Moritz ROECHER of Hazleton, age 17 years. Witnesses: Peter DOERCHICK and Maria DOERSCHICK. Jan 25, 1866.

5. Friedrich BANSE, widower, of Hazleton, s/o Johann George BANSE of [.....], age 33 years.

Anna Margaretha GUENTHER, d/o Michael GUENTHER, deceased, age 25 1/2 years. Witnesses: Marthin DRISCHMANN and Balthaser KUESTHARDT. Feb 11, 1866.

6. Carl HECKMANN, widower of Stockton, s/o Friedrick HECKMANN of Hazleton, age 38 years.

Catherina Elisabeth BOLAND, father deceased of Kurhessen, age 23 years. Witnesses: Nicholas BORNEISEN and Friedrick HECKMANN. Apr 8, 1866.

7. Christian KOERBER of Tresckow, s/o Christian KOERBER, deceased, of Sintonfingen, Wuertemberg, age 28 years.

Elizabeth Sybille BREITHAUPT, father deceased in Hazleton, age 23 years. Witnesses: Jacob BRAEN and Johannes SCHIMPF. May 10, 1866.

8. Adam DIEHL of Stockton, s/o Heinrich DIEHL deceased of Stockton. Age 21 years.

Dorothea BACHMANN d/o Christian BACHMANN of Hazleton. Age 20 years. Witnesses: Johannes SCHADE, Adam BACHMANN. June 24, 1866

9. Johannes RUDOLPH of Hazleton s/o Vinzenz RUDOLPH of Hazleton. Age 25 1/2 years.

Martha Elizabeth KOENIG d/o Johannes KOENIG. Age 20 years. Witnesses: Johann WETZEL, Johannes SCHMAUCH. July 4, 1866

10. Heinrich KLEE of Hazleton s/o Johannes KLEE of Konroda, Kurhessen. Age 34 years.

Margaretha BOETCHER d/o Hirschel BOETCHER of Sachsen-Weimar. Age 23 years. Witnesses: George KOETTER, Maria BRODT. August 6 1866. [Note: This entry has the maiden name of PILGA crossed out abd BOETCHER written above it. Also the name of the father Valenthin PILGA is crossed out and Hirschel BOETCHER is written above it.]

11. Peter REIMUELLER of Jeansville s/o Conrad REIHMUELLER of Friedewald, Kurhessen. Age 30 years.

Catharina ERDMANN d/o Nichlaus ERDMANN. Age 19 years. Witnesses: Caspar SCHAEFER and Heinrich PFORR. August 12, 1866.

12. Johannes WOFRUM of Stockton s/o Wilhelm WOLFRUM of Suess, Kurhessen. Age 26 years.

Martha Elisabeth BANSE d/o Johann George BANSE of Horshenhoff, Kurhessen. Age 25 years. Witnesses: Baldhaser KISTHARDT and Christoph KRAPF.

September 9, 1866.

13. Baldhaser HERWIG of HAzleton s/o Nicolas HERWIG of Friedewald, Kurhessen. Age 23 years.

Martha UNBEWUSST d/o Vallenthin UNBEWUSST of Fillmore*. Age 21 years. Witnesses: Adam SCHIRMER and Martha BORNER{?}. September 16, 1866. * Fillmore is the original name of ECKLEY.

14. Jacob HEINZ, widower, of Pottsville s/o Friedrich HEINZ of Spoeck, Baden. Age 52 years.

Maria GRAF d/o Caspar GRAF of Bruchsaal, Baden. Age 32 years. Witnesses: Friedrich HEINZ and son Friedreich. September 16, 1866.

15. Christian Friedrich SCHAEFER of Tresckow s/o George SCHAEFER of Tresckow. Age 26 years.

Maria PENDER d/o George Jacob PENDER of Leidenbach, Wuertemberg. Age 25 years. Witnesses: Heinrich SCHAEFER and Anton MUELLER. October 14, 1866.

16. Christian Leonhard STEIN of Hazleton s/o Michael STEIN of Markove[?] Baden. Age 21 years.

Maria GRIESING d/o Johannes GRIESING of HAzleton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Siemon STEIN and Michael STEIN. October 14, 1866.

17. Franz GLIESLE of Treskow s/o Johann GLIESLE of Ettingen[?]. Age 26 years.

Christine KRAPF d/o Justus KRAPF of Tresckow. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Martha Elise KRAPF and He. HAASE. October 16, 1866.

18. F[reeman?] Carl Friedrich Thoedor v. OTTENFIELD s/o Allesander v. OTTENFIELD of Berlin. Age 24 years.

Wilhelmine SCHUMACHER d/o Johann Conrad SCHUMACHER of Bremen. Age 20 years. Witnesses: M[?] KIRSHNER and Wife. December 20, 1866.


19. George HILDEBRANDT of Stockton s/o Conrad HILDEBRANDT of Kleinensee, Kurhessen. Age 22 1/2 years.

Anna Martha BACHMANN d/o Christian BACHMANN of Hazleton. Age 17 1/2 years. Witnesses: Georg ZIERDT and Adam BACHMANN. February 3, 1867

20. Adam BOCK of Hazleton s/o Johannes BOCK of Hilmes, Kurhessen. Age 30 years.

Maria HEISE d/o Sebald HEISE of Kulsterode[?] Kurhessen. Age 25 years. Witnesses: Christian BOCK, Mathias TRAUTH. MArch 20, 1867.

21. Heinrich WASSNER of Stockton s/o Peter WASSNER of Frankenthal, Baiern. Age 28 years.

Catherina ADAM, widow, d/o George ADAM of Iba, Kurhessen. Age 31 years. Witnesses: George RUDOLPH, Philipp SCHMIDT. March 13, 1867.

22. Jacob KEIPER of Hazleton s/o Leopold KEIPER of Wilkes-Barre. Age 25 years.

Dorthea RINGLEBEN d/o Andrea RINGLEBEN of HAzleton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Leopold KEIPER and Philipp KEIPER. Age 22, 1867.

23. Johannes JAEGER of Mellonsville s/o Johannes George JAEGER of Kleinensee, Kurhessen. Age 26 years.

Elizabeth KERSTNER d/o Conrad KERSTNER of Lautenhausen, Kurhessen. Age 26 years. Witnesses: Jacob KRAPF and Anna Barbara FEY. June 15, 1867.

24. Jacob KRAPF widow of Stockton s/o George KRAPF of Imsbach, Rheinbaison. Age 31 years.

Martha MUENSTER d/o George MUENSTER of Lisbenhausen, KURHESSEN. Age 29 years. Witnesses: Heinrich WASSNER and Johannes OCHS. September 2, 1867.

25. James NICHOLSON of Jeddo s/o Alexander NICHOLSON of England. Age 26 years.

Maria HALLON d/o Thomas HALLON. Age 25 years. Witnesses: Wilhelm KOEHLER and Edward KOEHLER. September 21, 1867.

26. Friedrich DIEGEMANN of Hazleton s/o George Heinrich DIEGEMANN of Stockton. Age[?2]1 years.

Anna Eva JAEGER d/o Johann JEAGER of Hazleton formerly of Kleinensee, Kurhessen. Age 21 years. Witnesses: Jacob PIPPERT, Johannes GRIESING. October 21, 1867.


27. Ernst KUECH of Stockton s/o Wilhelm KUECH of Stockton. Age 22 years.

Elizabeth (Zillender) BACHMANN d/o N. BACHMANN of Stockton. Age 23 years. Witnesses: Johann GEMEINDER, Hartmann KUECH. March 1, 1868.

28. Eduard OBERLAENDER of Hazleton s/o Johann N[...]lan OBERLAENDER of Conygham Valley. Age 29 years.

Maria KOEHLER widow Dan. KRAPF d/o Johann KOEHLER. Age 31 years. Witnesses Abe. KINCHER and wife. March 1, 1868.

29. Abraham MANN of Blenthill, Berks County. Age 23 years.

Fey Anna KUHNS d/o Stephan KUHNS of Butler Township. Age 20 years. Witnesses:[....] Berks County. March 7, 1868.

30. Heinrich WEBER of Stockton s/o Conrad WEBER of Rimshausen, Kurhessen. Age 26 years.

Martha VOGELSANG d/o Johannes VOGELSANG of Stockton. Age 18 years. Witnesses George SCHEINER, George BARTH. December 1866[?].

31. Johannes HILDEBRANDT of Stockton s/o Conrad HILDEBRANDT of Kleinensee, Kurhessen. Age 26 years.

Elizabeth GEORGE d/o George GEORGE of Iba, KURHESSEN. Age 18 years. Witnesses: George ZIERDT, George HILDEBRANDT. March 15, 1868.

32. Lorenz HASSENPFLUG of Stockton s/o Heinrich HASSENPFLUG of Kurhessen. Age 21 years.

Anna Helena KUECH d/o Wilhelm KUECH of Stockton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Leonhardt RUDOLPH, Johann GEMEINDER. March 22, 1868.

33. Johannes RABE of Hazleton s/o Friedrich RABE of Nuffersangen, Kurhessen. Age 27 years.

Louise MUELLER d/o Heinrich Christoph MUELLER of Battenbisch, Darmstadt. Age 28 years. Witnesses: Christoph SPECHT, Johannes KIRCHER. April 7, 1868.

34. Friedrich Gottfried SCHEFFELE of Sugarloaf s/o Sebastian SCHEFFELE of Bissingen, WUERTEMBERG. Age 27 years.

Margaretha REINHARDT d/o Heinrich REINHARDT of Wammen, Kurhessen. Age 19 years. Witnesses: Johann Christopher LINDEMANN, Johann RUDOLPH. May 10, 1868.

35. Friederich HAERLI of Weatherly s/o Diedrich HAERLI of Waldsdorf, Baden. Age 44 years.

Rosine SINSENBACH whose father is from America. Age 46 years widow of Carl DIEDERLEIN. Witnesses: Frau Maria WILLGAMS. October 6, 1868.

36. Philipp BRANDAU of Stockton s/o Gottfried BRANDAU of Stockton. Age 26 years.

MAria WETTRAU d/o Philipp WETTRAU of Stockton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: George BARTH?, Johannes STEGNER. October 11, 1868.

37. Christoph BAUM of Hazleton s/o Johannes BAUM of Hazleton. Age 24 years.

Elizabeth RIESS d/o Heinrich RIESS of Newark. Age 24 years. Witnesses: Johannes ALTMULLER, Baldhaser HERWIG. October 11, 1868.

38 Carl MANS of Hazleton s/o Wilhelm MANS of Hazleton. Age 22 years.

Luise Catharina WETTERAUH d/o Christian WETTERAUH of Hazleton. Age 18 3/4 years. Witnesses: Heinrich MANS and Carl DAMER.

39. Carl LAHM of Hazleton s/o Heinrich LAHM ofWandelheim, Darmstadt. Age 29 years. Elizabeth BEYER d/o Jacob BEYER of Butler Valley. Age 19 years. Witnesses: Peter DOERSCHUCK, Jacob SCHWOB. November 8, 1868

40. Friederich BRINGMANN of Hazleton s/o Heinrich BRINGMANN of Beaver Meadow. Age 28 years.

Susanna BOETCHER d/o Johannes BOETCHER of Tamaqua. Age 21 years. Witnesses Heinrich SCHMAUCH, Jehms PURCEL. November 15, 1868.


41. Adolph LUHMANN of Stockton s/o christian LUHMANN of Nendorff, Mecklenberg. Age 21 years.

Minna KRAPFF d/o Johannes KRAPF of Stockton. Age 17 years. Witnesses: Johannes HELLWIG, Johannes GRIESING. 7 February 1869.

42. Carl WETTERAU of Hazleton s/o Johann WETTERAU of Iba, Kurhessen. Age 24 years.

Catherina KRAPFF d/o Johannes KRAPF of Tresckow, Carbon County. Age 22 years. Witnesses: Conrad KRAPF, Johannes JAEGER

43. Johannes BOETTGER of Hazleton s/o Johannes BOETTGER of Hohenkirchen, Kurhessen. Age 25 years.

Maria Elizabeth BAUM d/o Johann BAUM of Hazleton. Age 19 1/2 years. Witnesses: Baldhasar KRAPF, Christopher BAUM. 14 February 1869.

44. Adam HUEHNHOLD of Hazleton s/o George KUEHNHOLD of Bussaroda, Kurhessen. Age 27 years.

Catherina KERSTNER* d/o Conrad KIRSTNER* of Lautenhausen, Kurhessen. Age 24 years. Witnesses: Johannes HELLWIG, Hermann KUEHNHOLD. 7 March 1869. * Could be Kirschner.

45.Andreas KEGEL of Lattimer s/o Daniel KEGEL of Iba, Kurhessen. Age 24 years.

Charlotte ENGELMANN d/o Peter ENGELMANN of Lattimer. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Daniel SACHS and Heinrich SACHS. 14 March 1869.

46. Friedrich KELLER* of Weatherly s/o Johann Adam KELLER* of Ebersbach, Grossherzogtum, Baden. Age 26 1/2 years.

Anna Margaretha REISS d/o Heinrich Jacob REISS of Lautenhausen, Kurhessen. Age 27 years. Witnesses: Franz WEISSERT and Frau Magdelena GEBHARDT. 16 March 1869. * Could be KOELLER

47. Carl Henry MEHLBEERE of Hazleton s/o Jacob Gustav MEHLBEER of Berka Sachsen-Weimar. Age 26 years.

Maria KRAUSE d/o Heinrich KRAUSE. Age 17 years. Witness: Frau KRAUSE. 1 April 1869.

48. Jacob DEIS of Stockton s/o Johann DEIS of Niedereisenhausen, Hessen-Darmstadt. Age 28 years.

Elizabeth BACHMANN widow d/o Johann BACHMANN of Stockton. Age 26 years. Witnesses: Adam BACHMANN, George HILDEBRANDT. 15 April 1869.

49. George MEYKRANTZ* of Hazleton s/o Johann MEYKRANTZ* of Hazleton. Age 24 1/2 years.

Catherina SCHAFER d/o George SCHAFER of Hazleton. Age 21 years. Witnesses: Caspar SCHAFER and Anton MUELLER. 13 June 1869. *could be MEIKRANTZ

50. Johann Peter REISS of Beaver Meadow s/o Jacob REISS of Ermannrode, Kurhessen. Age 28 years.

Cathrine Elizabeth SCHMAUCK d/o Heinrich SCHMAUCK of Beaver Meadow. Age 20 years. Witnesses: none given. 13 June 1869.

51. Elias PFUHL of Pardee Mines s/o Heinrich PFAHL of Bottendorf, Kurhessen. Age 23 1/2 years.

Catherina REINING d/o Canrad REINING of Grossenihner, Kurhessen. Age 24 years. Witnesses: none given. 8 August 1869.

52. Baldhasar SCHMIDT of Hazleton s/o Heinrich SCHMIDT of Hazleton. Age 22 years.

Anna Barbara BRANDAU d/o Adam BRANDAU of Asmashausen, Kurhessen. Age 23 years. Witnesses: Heinrich SCHMIDT and Heinrich BRANDAU. 31 August 1869.

53. Bartolomeus SCHUMACHER of Ebervale s/o Philipp SCHUMACHER of Hessen-Darmstadt. Age 22 years.

Maria MESS d/o Siemon MESS of Butler Valley. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Carl VOGEL and Christian STELLWAGEN. 4 September 1869.

54. Friedrich LAPP of Hazleton s/o Adam LAPP of Hazleton. Age 23 1/2 years.

Anna DIEGEMANN d/o Heinrich DIEGEMANN of Stockton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Carl HECKMANN and Johannes LAPP. 18 December 1869.


55. George WEBER of Stockton s/o Wilhelm WEBER of Suess, Kurhessen. Age 24 years.

Christine Elizabeth WIEGAND d/o George WIEGAND of Berka, A/W. Age 21 years. Witnesses: Jonann WOLFRAM and Johannes WEBER. 3 April 1870.

56. George BARTH widower of Stockton s/o George BARTH of Suess, Kurhessen. Age 47 years.

Levina SCHMALZ widow d/o Hartmann SCHMALZ of Berka, A/W. Age 46 years. Witnesses: Christian SCHNEIDER and Johann WEBER.

57. Heinrich MANS widower of Hazleton s/o Wilhelm MANS of Hazleton. Age 48 years.

Anna Gertrude RINGLEBEN d/o Wilhelm RINGLEBEN of Hazleton. Age 18 years. Witnesses: Marthin WENDEL, B. DOMER.



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