Carverton Cemetery

Surname Given Name Notes
Ales Frances A  
Anderson Alvah R  
Anderson Ann wife of Asa
Anderson Annie wife of William
Anderson Asa M  
Anderson Betha Knorr  
Anderson Emma J wife of Asa
Anderson Fred G maybe anderson
Anderson George  
Anderson John  
Anderson Louisa Reeve wife of Alva
Anderson Pearl  
Anderson Rachel Atherholt wife of John
Anderson Rhoda Ann Reeve  
Anderson William H  
Anderson William R son of William & Rhoda
Anthony Emma E  
Anthony Ralph R Jr  
Atherholt Asa  
Atherholt Catherine wife of Jacob
Atherholt Charlotte 71 yrs
Atherholt David 87 yrs 4 mths 2 dys
Atherholt Edith  
Atherholt Jacob  
Atherholt Lyman son of Jacob & Catherine; 10 yr 2 mth 3 dy
Atherholt Jenny E  
Atherholt Ruby F  
Atherholt Ziba H  
Augustinski Elizabeth B wife of Zigmund; died before July
Augustinski Zigmund W  
Bailey Dennis N Y L A next to Harriett
Bailey Harriet  
Baker Lois Sax  
Baker Will Fowler  
Barber Alice Baer  
Barber Frank L  
Barber Gene  
Barber Joseph V  
Barber Lula Baer  
Barber Martha B  
Barber Mary A Yedinak  
Barber Mary J  
Barber Reed E  
Barber Walter Michael  
Barnes William Potter  
Barratt Ambrose W  
Barratt Harriet Montayne wife of Ambrose
Berlew Ellen R wife of William & dau of I & C Kirkendall; 20 yrs 6 mth 7 dys
Blease John T  
Blease Mary A  
Brace Hannah A wife of James
Brace James  
Brace Ruth E  
Brace Walter F  
Brink Bertha M  
Brink John J  
Brown Cecil G  
Brown George P  
Brown George Sr No Dates Available
Brown George W  
Brown Harry  
Brown Hilbert  
Brown Kate  
Bunn Albert  
Bunn Clarence A  
Bunn Gertrude  
Bunn William R  
Burgess Adaline  
Burgess Adaline Patterson wife of Nelson W; 80 yrs 9 mths 15 dys
Burgess Corey H  
Burgess Ella D  
Burgess Fannie  
Burgess Frank M  
Burgess Lillian  
Burgess Nellie F  
Burgess Nelson W  
Burgess Nelson W 55 yrs. 5 mths 12 dys
Burgess Sarah E  
Bush Adam  
Bush Margaret wife of Adam aged 72 yrs
Cameron Camilla In Dilcer Plot
Cameron Charles In Dilcer Plot
Cameron Kate  
Chistman Arron  
Chistman Mary S  
Clark Edgar L  
Clark Myrtle A  
Conley Eva Parsons  
Cook Charles M PFC US Army WW1
Coolbaugh Ethel Elizabeth  
Coolbaugh Luther A  
Coon Beatrice N  
Coon Bertram  
Coon Charlotte  
Coon Cora A  
Coon Evelyn R  
Coon Florence O Dover  
Coon Frank W  
Coon Freda C  
Coon George L  
Coon Harvey F  
Coon Herman B  
Coon Ira L US Army WW1
Coon L L  
Cosner Abigail wife of William
Cosner Jeremiah  
Cosner Michael  
Coursen Carrie  
Coursen Elva L wife of Isaac L
Coursen Isaac H  
Coursen Isaac L  
Coursen Louisa A Lane wife of Isaac H
Coursen Mabel Dau I H & L A
Coursen Russell  
Covert Flossie  
Covert Jacklin dau of Robert
Covert Joseph  
Covert Robert J  
Culver Cathrerine wife of David
Culver David  
Dailey Charles P Pvt 9th Pa Inf
Dailey George W  
Dailey Lucinda C wife of George
Daley Margaret J  
Daley Robert F Pa S Srgt 42 REinf BN WW2
Davis Elizabeth 73 yrs
Deremer Daniel  
Deremer Ethel  
Deremer Paul  
Derrah Samuel  
Dilcer Carl  
Dilcer Charles  
Dilcer Dorothy  
Dilcer Kate  
Dilcer Maud Engel  
Dilcer Samuel B Sr Pa Sfc US Army WW1
Dilcer Susan Snell  
Dixon Ruby A  
Dover Doris M  
Dover Elizabeth S  
Dover Robert Penn F2 US Navy WW2
Dover William H  
Drake Asa C  
Drake James B  
Drake John 64 yrs 11 mths 8 dys
Drake Mary Shaver wife of James B
Drake Ophelia E wife of Henry
Drake Roanna H  
Duckworth Richard A  
Durland Shiela E wife of Henry M
Eaton Sarah wife of John
Edwards Bertha A  
Edwards Stella dau of Jr & Margaret
Emil Fred Son of Fred Sr.
Emil Fred Albert Sr  
Emil Melvina  
Emil Susan Marie  
Engle Martin A  
Engle Mary G wife of Martin
English Anna  
English Caroline wife of Thomas
English Edward J  
English Harold  
English Harry B son of Thomas & Caroline
English Helen  
English John M  
English Mary  
English Thomas  
Fink Abbie J wife of Noah Fink
Fink Bessie R wife of Jessie H
Fink Blanche E  
Fink Eunice N  
Fink Jessie H  
Fink Mae R  
Fink Noah F  
Fink Ralph M Pvt US Army WW1 (military Marker)
Fink Ralph M could be same as above. 1 was military marker
France Belinda J wife of Walter 29yr 2 mths 29 dys
Frantz Amos  
Frantz Andrew J son of Samuel & Lydia
Frantz Andrew Laird Pa AIC US Air Force Vietnam
Frantz Charles W  
Frantz Clarence  
Frantz David 63 yr 6 mth 4 dys
Frantz Doris L  
Frantz Elizabeth wife of Solomon 42 yrs 7 mths 29 dys
Frantz Elizabeth wife of Jonas 43 yrs 8 mths 18 dys
Frantz Elizabeth Jones  
Frantz Emerson Son of Clarence & Lula
Frantz Emma no other info
Frantz George  
Frantz George W  
Frantz Infant Son son of Solomon & Elizabeth 1 mth 20 dys
Frantz Ivan Laird  
Frantz J Wesley  
Frantz Jacob  
Frantz Jacob W  
Frantz Jonas 82 yrs 17 days
Frantz Jonas  
Frantz Jonas D son of David & Mary 15yrs
Frantz Jonas J  
Frantz Joseph 49 yrs 23 dys
Frantz Lillian dau of Clarence & Lula
Frantz Lloyd Park  
Frantz Lucinda Elizabeth Frantz
Frantz LuLa B Knorr wife of Clarence
Frantz Lydia Rose  
Frantz Maggie A dau of Joseph & Elizabeth 6yrs 3 mths 11 dys
Frantz Margaret A wife of Jonas 87 yrs 1 mt 4 day
Frantz Mary Ann wife of Jacob
Frantz Pearl  
Frantz Pearl Diamond  
Frantz Permelia Mulford  
Frantz Rowland E Son of Clarence & Lula
Frantz Ruth I  
Frantz Samuel C  
Frantz Sarah A wife of David 73yr 1 mth 19 dys
Frantz Sarah Wilson  
Frantz Solomon 67 yrs 15 dys
Frantz Thomas M W  
Frantz William J  
Frantz Wilson  
Frear Zachariah L Co E 120 Regt NY Volunteers
Gardner Elmer Sr Married Apr 29 1950
Gardner Mary  
Gardner Mildred E Married Apr 29 1950
Gaughan John  
Gaughan Mary  
Gay Abram H  
Gay Clifford T  
Gay Edith H  
Gay F D Co A 13th Pa Inf War with Spain
Gay Fred J Son of Mary & Harris
Gay Harris G  
Gay Harry G  
Gay Kathryn E  
Gay Mary J Mullison  
Gay Mary L wife of Clifford
Gittens Dorothy M  
Gittens John W Sr  
Good A J  
Good Charles H Son of AJ & Lucinda
Good Clayton C Son AJ & Lucinda
Good Conrad S Son of Aj & Lucinda
Good Elizabeth wife of Samuel
Good Giles son of S & E
Good Hiram son of S & E
Good Lucinda Wife of AJ
Good Olive Ann dau of Milton & Elizabeth 6yrs 7 mths 4 dys
Good Ransum son of S & E
Good Samuel  
Good Sarah E Dau of AJ & Lucinda
Good Solomon son of S & E
Good Thomas J  
Gray Charles I 2nd husband of Melvina Emil
Gray James  
Grieves Robert M  
Griffiths David J  
Griffiths Lydia A  
Gross Donald C  
Gross Eliza B  
Gross Stella H  
Gross William E  
Hampton Harold J  
Hampton Willliam J  
Harding Floyd Pa Pvt 1st BN REPL tng center WW1
Harding Mary E wife of Floyd
Harned Harry  
Harned Lillian  
Harris Ann wife of Samuel 23 yrs
Harris Ann Jane dau of LD Harris
Harris Burton L  
Harris Charles 96 yrs
Harris Chester  
Harris Clara  
Harris Cordelia Frantz wife of Elias
Harris Dennison Elijah & Sarah 2 yrs
Harris Elias H  
Harris Elijah aged 87 yrs
Harris Eliza  
Harris Floyd son of Elias & Cordelia
Harris Fred Mosier PA PFC 61 QMBN WW2
Harris Giles 18 yrs 7 mths 19 dys; son of Chester & Jerusha
Harris Hariam son of Lewis & Mary 15 yrs 27 days
Harris Harry H  
Harris Jerusha 31 yrs 9 mths 15 dys; wife of Chester
Harris John Pvt Co E 2nd Regt US Inf
Harris Lewis B  
Harris Louis  
Harris Malinda Moore  
Harris Maria  
Harris Martha 73 yrs 11 mths 20 dys
Harris Mary L wife of Lewis
Harris Mary Wheeler wife of Chester
Harris Minnie wife of Harry
Harris Roseanna H Heft wife of Ziba
Harris Sally Ann dau of Samuel & Ann
Harris Samuel  
Harris Sarah wife of Elijah 87 yrs 3 mths
Harris Sarah E Elijah & Sarah 5 yrs old
Harris Susie  
Harris Ziba B  
Hawk Julia A niece of Elijah & Sarah Harris
Hay Edwin Forrest  
Hay John  
Hay Margaret Louise  
Hay Phebe A wife of John
Heck Ann May Richardson  
Heck Anna  
Heck Ernest Carl  
Heck Jacob Jr son of Jacob Sr
Heck Jacob Sr  
Hefft C Edna sister of Mary
Hefft Charles W son of Dan & Mary; 3 yrs 9 mths 5 dys
Hefft Daniel 69 yrs 7 mths 13 days
Hefft Elizabeth Dau of Jacob & Sylvina; 33 yrs 3 mths 8 dys
Hefft Elizabeth G  
Hefft Freddie son of Dan & Mary E. 2 mths 27 days
Hefft Hiram son of Jacob & Sylvina; 3 ys 9 mths 7 dys
Hefft Jacob 82 yrs 7 mths 13 dys
Hefft Jacob Fuller  
Hefft Kathryn  
Hefft Maria V  
Hefft Martha Ann dau of Jacob & Sylvina; 10 yrs 20 dys
Hefft Mary dau of Jacob & Sylvina; 2 yrs 8 mths 10 dys
Hefft Mary  
Hefft Mary E Reeve wife of Daniel; 89 yrs 1 mth 2 dys
Hefft Sherman G  
Hefft Sylvina wife of Jacob; 71 yrs 5 mths
Heft Cora  
Heft Daniel  
Heft Elias  
Heft Elizabeth wife of Daniel
Heft Elizabeth Baker wife of Hiram
Heft Elizabeth Wilson wife of Elias
Heft Emma Wrislar wife of Philip
Heft Eva B  
Heft Francis A wife of M J
Heft Hiram H  
Heft James L  
Heft Jennie M  
Heft John  
Heft Mary J wife of Charles; 58 yrs 24 dys
Heft Mitchell J  
Heft Philip S  
Heft Rebecca Wilson sunken dates
Heft Sarah R dau of Charles & Mary J; 28 yrs 8 mths
Heft Samuel  
Hess Charles K Pvt US Army Korea
Hess Hettie M Scott  
Hess Isaac PA PVT 13 Battery Field Art.
Hess Joseph Clifford PA Corp 206 Field Art BN 43 INF Division
Hilgert William PA PFC Battery A 16 Field Art
Holdon Edward  
Holdon Sarah wife of Edward
Howell Ruth E wife of W V; 21 yrs 8 mths 3 dys
Hoyt Daisy P  
Huff Kathryn H  
Hughes John C  
Hughes Rose Marie wife of John C
Irvin Thomas son of Andrew & Mary A Irvin
Irwin Abraham son of Thomas & Clarissa
Irwin Clarissa wife of Thomas
Irwin Lovinia Dau of Thomas & Clarissa
Irwin Thomas  
Jackson Bessie  
Jackson Mary A  
Jackson Samuel  
Jackson Sarah wife of Samuel
Jacoby Clara A  
Jacoby Kenneth  
Jacoby Milred  
Jacoby Robert R  
Jacoby Walter  
Jones Sylvester A  
Jones Thomas  
Jones Mary wife of Thomas M
Jones Thomas E  
Jones Thomas M  
Kane Mary E  
Kane Michael E  
Keller Frank Joseph Pa fireman 3 Cl Usnre
Keller Wealthy Wrislar wife of Jacob; 50 yrs
Kelly John  
Kelly John ?  
Kelly John Jr  
Kintz Ida M Dailey wife of Ulysses
Kintz Oscar M  
Kintz Ulysses G  
Kintz ? Grandma next to Kintz plot
Kintz ? Grandpa next to Kintz plot
Kirkendall Albert H son of I W & C
Kirkendall Allie H  
Kirkendall Catherine Williamson wife of Isaac
Kirkendall Emma J  
Kirkendall Isaac L son of Isaac & Catherine; 21 yrs 6 mths 5 dys
Kirkendall Isaac W 60 yrs 8 mths 29 dys
Kirkendall James W  
Kitchen Howard L  
Kitchen Infant Dau  
Kitchen John B  
Kitchen John B  
Kitchen Katherine Sax  
Kitchen Louisa Shaver wife of J. B.
Kitchen Ruth K  
Kitchen William A buried in Youngstown Ohio, son of Ruth K & Howard L
Kitchen maybe   dau of DG & Lizzie Kitchen ?
Knorr Charles  
Knorr George  
Knorr Herbert  
Knorr Katie dau of Theodore & Lucinda; 9 yrs 3 mths 20 dys
Knorr Lucinda wife of Theodore; 45 yrs
Knorr Margaret  
Knorr Mary  
Knorr Rose  
Knorr Sarah C dau of Theodore & Lucinda; 47 yrs 2 mths 23 dys
Knorr Sarah J wife of Theodore; 59 yrs 6 mths 7 dys
Knorr Stephen O Son of Theodore & Lucinda; 11 yrs 7 mths 20 dys
Kromelbein George H Tec 4 US Army WW2
Kuentzler Gustav  
Kuentzler Katy S Schooley wife of Gustav
Kuntzler Estella J Schooley wife of Henry

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Those that are marked Hard to Read or have a ? after the information could have more information but were unreadable when I did these stones. This List is to be used only as a guide and Not a Source without being further checked by yourself.

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