Carverton Cemetery

Surname Given Name Notes
LaBar Elizabeth  
LaBar Elwood L  
Laphy Blanche A  
Laphy Charlotte  
Laphy Cora  
Laphy Frederick  
Laphy Margaret Ann  
Laphy Mary  
Laphy Micheal father of 1 son & 5 Daughters
Laphy Victoria  
Larish David William A2C US Air Force Korea
Larish Ellerslie  
Larish Jeanette Wife of David W
Larish Verna  
Leek Anna  
Leek Arthur L  
Leek Bertha C  
Leek Emma R  
Leek Isaac G  
Leek Louis C  
Leek Maud E wife of Arthur
Leek Raymond E  
Lewis Betty  
Lewis Clara  
Lewis Elizabeth G  
Lewis James  
Lewis Mary  
Lewis Ralph D  
Macky Roland W CO. water tender US Navy
Mahoney Lydia P  
Massaker Delbert F  
Massaker Dorothy M  
Massaker James A  
Massaker James A  
Massaker Leona P  
Masters Bertha R wife of Edward J
McCraken Clarence H Pa y1 US Navy WW1
McCraken Mina C  
McGahagan Elizabeth  
McGahagan John  
McGahagan Ruth wife of John
McHale Vincent D  
McHale Charles D Flt O US Army Air Corps WW 2
McNeal John J Pvt US Army
Michael Ida May  
Miller Margaret L  
Miscavage David C HN US Navy Vietnam
Miscavage Lawrence W PFC US Army WW2
Montanye Caroline wife of ? Montanye
Montanye Elizabeth wife of H Montanye
Montanye Eunice Miller & Mary Montanye; 9 mths
Montanye Halsey  
Montanye Miller 73 yrs 7 mths 15 dys
Montanye Payne P  
Montony Shafer Co K 210 Pa Inf
Montonye William  
Moore Charles H  
Moore Charles W  
Moore E Blanche  
Moore George N  
Moore Jennie E wife of George N
Moore Mary Ann wife of Sanford
Moore Phylinda  
Moore Richard M  
Moore Sanford 73 yrs 4 mths
Moore Emma M  
Moore Irene L wife of Nelson A
Moore Jacob A  
Moore Lyman A  
Moore Nelson PA Pvt 8 Co 155 Depot Brig WW1
Moore Olive Jane  
Moore Raymond C  
Moore Weltha J  
Morris Sarah E  
Moss Elilzabeth wife of Thomas
Moss Ellen wife of William
Moss Emily dau of William & Ellen
Moss John son of Thomas & Elizabeth
Moss Sarah A dau of Thomas & Elizabeth
Moss Thomas  
Moss William  
Mulford Horatio 53 yrs 3 mths 8 dys
Mulford Jemima wife of Nathan 70 yrs 7 mths
Mulford Nathan 65 yrs 10 mths
Mullison Katie wife of Merrit W
Mullison M W  
Munson Asa 87 yrs 2 mths
Munson Jane 56 yrs 8 mths 19 dys; wife of Asa
Munson Jeanette dau of Asa & Jane; 87 yrs 8 mths
Myers Sarah A  
Myers Sarah M Reed sister of Elijah
Nelson Archie Son Of Charles F & Sarah A Wilson
Nixon Anna M Wife of Thomas
Nixon Esther W  
Nixon John T  
Nixon Thomas S  
Norton Burton  
Norton Irene  
Norton Pauline  
Norton Ross  
Nulton Elizabeth wife of Isaac
Nulton Isaac  
Oakley Barney  
Oakley Elvira N  
Orf Eva M  
Orf Henry R  
Parks Charles H Mess Srgt Co G Camp Lee
Parks Georgeanna wife of Walter
Parks Walter Ide  
Parrish Eli  
Parrish Emma R dau Eli & Sarah J; 3 yrs 6 mths 7 dys
Parrish Sarah J  
Parsons Edward Pvt Pa unassigned Vol
Patrick Andrew  
Patrick Andrew Sr  
Patrick Anna J  
Patrick Julia E  
Patrick Mary wife of Andrew
Patterson Adaline  
Patterson Henry  
Patterson Mary wife of Henry
Phillip Madson 4 yrs 7 dys
Phillips Charles Harris  
Phillips Dora L  
Phillips Eugene  
Phillips Henry D Pa Pvt 4 Cas Co WW1
Phillips Isaac H Co F 7th Pa Reg; 61 yrs 8 mths
Phillips Jacob  
Phillips Lydia J wife of Eugene
Phillips Martha wife of charles
Phillips Rachel wife of Isaac; 72 yrs 7 mths 7 dys
Phillips Ruth A  
Pollock Bruce  
Pollock David  
Pollock David K  
Pollock Eliza wife of David
Pollock George B  
Pollock Hortence  
Pollock Stephen  
Pring Gladys Frantz  
Prynn Naomi H  
Prynn Richard W  
Randell Mary wife of Charles
Rausch Hazel H  
Reap Nettie M wife of Henry
Reed Elijah  
Reed Isaac  
Reed Martha A  
Reed Mary wife of Isaac
Reed Mary J  
Reeve David A  
Reeve Emily H  
Reeve Martha Chandler  
Riaubia Madaline F  
Rice Elizabeth Atherholt wife of Ziba
Richards George R  
Richardson Sally May  
Robbins Adam Pvt Co ? 50 regt Pa Vol
Robbins Elijah Pvt Co C 143rd Regt
Root Alyce  
Root I Richard  
Ross Charley  
Ross Eve wife of James
Ross Maggie  
Ross Rachel A  
Ross Samuel F  
Ryman Abram E  
Ryman Liva J  
Sands Herman J  
Sands Ida G wife of Herman
Sands James  
Sands Julia  
Sax Amos B  
Sax Edwin L  
Sax Fannie E  
Sax James E  
Sax M M  
Sax Mary I  
Sax Mary M  
Sax Pluma A wife of James E
Sax William  
Saxe Charles E  
Saxe Esther  
Saxe Miles son of William & Mary
Saxe Rose Ida  
Saxe William Penn  
Schneider Joan Amy  
Schooley Catherine wife of Isaac
Schooley Christian A  
Schooley Clarence R Son of CA & Sarah
Schooley Edna A dau of CA & Sarah
Schooley Elizabeth Isaac & Catherine
Schooley Elizabeth wife of Marvin L; 82 yrs 3 mths 2 dys
Schooley Esther A wife of George L
Schooley George L  
Schooley George W son of Isaac & Catherine Atherhout
Schooley Isaac  
Schooley Mary E  
Schooley Mary E Shaver wife of G W Schooley
Schooley Nelson son of Joseph & Lydia
Schooley Sarah Wilcox wife of Christian
Schooley William C  
Schooley Elizabeth  
Schooley Major David  
Scovell Capt Orr 80 yrs
Scovell Nancy  
Scovell Orr Jr 30 yrs
Scovell Sarah  
Scovell Sarah H  
Searfoss Catherine wife of Jonas; 56 yrs 4 mths 10 dys
Searfoss Jonas 80 yrs
Searfoss Sylvester son of Jonas & Catherine; 16 yrs 8 mths 22 dys
Shafer Madison  
Shafer Martha A  
Shafer Maurice  
Shafer Thelma D McHale  
Shafer Vincent D  
Shaffer Phebe wife of Madison
Shales Caroline P Huff wife of Henry
Shales Charles T  
Shales Evelyn  
Shales Harold US Navy
Shales Henry P  
Shales Mary E wife of Miles D
Shales Mildred wife of Charles
Shales Miles D 51st Reg PA Volunteers
Shales Miles N  
Shefft Winfield  
Shupp Clara M wife of Fred Shupp
Shupp Fred A  
Shupp George  
Shupp Grace O  
Shupp Sarah  
Smail Adam D  
Smail Alice M  
Smail Alina Searfoss  
Smail Herbert  
Smail Kathryn  
Smail Paul D  
Smail Sall  
Smith David E  
Smith Edward J  
Smith Jean Barber wife of David E
Smith Louisa P  
Smith Martha L  
Snyder Jane Amy  
Soska Andrew F PA Pvt US Air Force
Spencer C W  
Spencer Ella M  
Spencer Estella  
Spencer Herbert  
Spencer Lewis J  
Spencer Orin  
Spencer Ruby Wife of Herbert
Spencer Sarah J wife of CW
Spencer   wife Of Orin
Stackhouse Marvin J S2 US Navy WW2
Stair Anna  
Stoss Frank  
Stoss Genevieve Eaton  
Stoss Loel  
Stoss Myrtle  
Stoss Russel I Corp US Army WW2
Stoss VI Gene Baby Lowell
Stoss Violet J  
Sutton Aaron L  
Sutton Ernest son of Wm & Lillian
Sutton George M  
Sutton Mary wife of Aaron
Swank Blanche E  
Swank Eloise M  
Swank Lawrence N  
Tayler H C  
Tayler I M son of H C
Tayler Laura M wife of H C
Thompson Eva J  
Thompson Frank S  
Thompson Georgia M  
Thompson Loren W WW1 Plaque
Toslin Frank A  
Toslin Margaret Mae wife of Frank A
Totten Frank E  
Totten Mary E  
Trembath Karl Colley  
Trembath Sue Dilcer  
Troy George and Family. No Dates
Troy John F  
Troy Nellie L  
Vosburg Carrie  
Vosburg Eleanor M  
Vosburg Mina  
Vosburg W. Wesley  
Vrhel Josephine wife of Ludwig
Vrhel Ludwig  
Wagner Jane D wife of John; 54 yrs
Wagner John T 1 yr 11 mths 13 dys
Walker Benjamin  
Walker Candis Harris wife of Benjamin D
Walker Lazarus S Co C 8 regt PA Vol.
Walker Martha  
Warin Betty  
Warin George J  
Whitebread Harold F  
Whiting Baby Billy  
Williamson Almira Frantz wife of Daniel
Williamson Catherine wife of James H
Williamson James H  
Williamson Leona wife of Sanford
Williamson Sanford M  
Williamson Stanley  
Williamson Daniel  
Wilson Archie Nelson son of Charles F & Sarah J 2 yrs old
Wilson Bertteena Garnet wife of Harold E
Wilson Charles F  
Wilson Harold E  
Wilson Robert Garnet Son of Harold & Berttenna
Wilson Sarah Burgess wife of charles daug of N W Burgess
Wood Charles  
Woolard Leroy T Pfc US army WW2
Wyant John  
Wyant Lewis  
Wyant Louis  
Wyant Louisa  
Wyant Roseanna Powell  
Wyant William C  
Zarzecki Marie H  
Zibuck Anna  
Zibuck Arlene  
Zibuck Isadore Father
Zibuck Tom  

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Those that are marked Hard to Read or have a ? after the information could have more information but were unreadable when I did these stones. This List is to be used only as a guide and Not a Source without being further checked by yourself.

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