Nescopeck Township, Luzerne County, PA

Mt. Zion is located about four miles southeast of the town of Nescopeck on the old turnpike. It was orginally called the Nescopeck church. Though the church is in Nescopeck Township, at times it was reported to be in Sloyersville and Briggsville.

At one time called the 'THREE CHURCHES', originally Reformed, then Union Lutheran and Reformed, and at a later date an Evangelical, and then a Methodist Church was established and churches built. The Evangelical and the Methodist Churches, and the buildings, also, lost due to the lack of interest and the buildings went to the winds and the storms. There is no semblance of the last built churches anymore. The cemetery is well kept and peaceful. The present church is a Union Lutheran and Reformed Church.

In 1800 the services were preached in homes.

The first church was built in 1811. It was a log building, weather-boarded, and painted later, with galleries on three sides. This building was replaced in 1868 by a brick building. It was not a large 1851 having only 75 Lutherans and 25 Reformed.

There are no records for the time period from 1816 to 1822.

The land on which the church was built was deeded to the congregation in 1816 by George Keen.

The following inscription appears on the cover of the record.

"September 27, 1812"
"A Book to record the Offerings"
"Conrad Biebelheimer - Treasurer of Offerings and Contributions"

On the reverse side of cover appears

    1. "Church Book for the Nescopeck Congregation to Luzerne County"
    Church Book for the Nescopeck Congregation - begun by Rev. Thomas Pomp. V.D.m. Reformed Pastor in Easton, 1809. (VDm means: Verci Dei minister or Minister of the word of God)

    2. In this book shall be recorded the Baptisms and names of the Parents and also the Sponsors.

On the last page of the church book is a record of an election held for elders and deacons...there is no date.

Elder - Peter Gut, Sr.; 11 votes. Michael Roeber; 11 votes.
Deacon - Peter Gut, Jr.; 11 votes. Jacob Rodler; 10 votes

The Cemetery

Nescopeck Cemetery, was also called Sloyersville Cemetery, is now Mt. Zion Cemetery, Briggsville, Nescopeck Township, Luzerne County, PA.

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