Place-Name Interpretations

In researching the old records of German churches, mostly Lutheran and Reformed Churches, in northeastern PA, you may have come across names of places you never thought existed. Do not despair. The pastors wrote the names of places phonetically as their parishioners pronounced them. If you have ever researched these old church records, you may have ended up scratching your head. Thanks to the work of Mr. Walter J. Thorne of Hazleton, we now have interpretations. Here are the places in Luzerne County that may have given you pause to consider:

AUDENRIED: Audenrieth

BEAVER MEADOW: Beaver Medow; Beaver Meaton; Beaver Maetou; Beaver Meitow; B.Medw; Beav.-Maedow; Beaver Meddow; Tibermettis; Beaver Maiton; Beaver-Meadow; Beaver-Medew.

BLACK CREEK: Schwartskrick; Schwarzakrick; Schwartzkruck; Schwartakrueck.

BUTLER VALLEY: Buttler Townsh.; Buttl.; Budler Taun.; Budler Waelle; Budler-Willa; Budler Wulla; Waellen.


CRANBERRY: Granberry; Granberry Mine; Gremberre; Gramberre; Grambere; Grembeer.

CRYSTAL RIDGE: Krystal Ridge; Cristelritsch; Christritsch.

DRIFTON: Triften

EBERVALE: Ebervill; Ebbervill.

ECKLEY: Ekley; Eckley

FILLMORE: (original name of Eckley) Vielmor; Vilmoor.


JEDDO: Schettow

JEANESVILLE: Janesville; Schoensville; Schonvill.

JUNEDALE: Yorktown.

LATTIMER: Lidemour; Lettemoor.

LAURELHILL: Lauerhill; Larelhill.

MIDDLETOWN: (now Jeddo) Mittelthaun.

MILNESVILLE: Mellonsville; Melonsvill.

MINERSVILLE, (Schuylkill Co): Meinersvill.

MT. PLEASANT: Mountblessend; Montbesson; Montblesson.

PACKER TOWNSHIP (Carbon Co.): Baker Twp.

PARDEESVILLE: Pardee Mines; Pardee New Mine; Partee New Mines.

POTTSVILLE (Schuylkill Co.): Potsvill

QUAKAKE (Schuylkill & Carbon Counties): Quakruck; Quaikruck; Queakruck; Quackraik; Quaekruik; Quakrick; Quaekruk.

STOCKTON: Stokton.

SUGARLOAF: Suhrkloff; Schurkloff; Sucherkloff; Schuckloff; Cchukloff.

SEYBERTSVILLE: Seibertsvill.

TAMAQUA (Schuylkill County): The-Mague; Tamak; Tomakwe.

TRESCKOW: Treskow; Trescotown.

WEATHERLY: Watherly; Wheaterly; Watterley; Wetterlie; Watterly.

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