Pittston Directory 1918-1919

h=owns home; res=resides; bds=boards; lab=laborer; clk=clerk;
U S A=United States Army; W P=West Pittston; wid=widow of

Page 38:
Abromavage, Samuel, lab, h 963 Wyoming av, Exeter boro
Abromavage, Samuel Jr, lab, h 1009 Wyoming, Exeter boro
Abrout, Matthew, lab, 17 Tompkins
Ace, George F., fireman h 529 1/2 Luzerne av, W.P.
Achenbrand, Grace F., res 70 William
Aches, Anthony, miner, bds 51 Lincoln av, Exeter boro
Ackerly, Aileen E. student, res 134 Broad
Ackerly, Harry B. electrn helper, h 134 Broad
Ackley, Emma (wid Lorenzo), res 26 Philadelphia av, W.P.
Ackmanavage, Joseph, lab, h 64 Mitchell, Sebastopol
Acme Laundry, Joseph Kennedy,propr, 48 Luzerne av, W.P.
ACME ROOFING CO, K S Miller, Manager, F R Crist President, Manufacturing
Agents for Building Supplies. Structural and Roof Painting a Specialty, 17
Dock. (see page 3)
Acwaleno, Charles, lab, h 43 Jenkins av
Adamkiewicz, Stanley, miner h, 701 N. Main.
Adamonis, Peter, bds, 93 Union.
Adams, David L, lab, h 315 Berry, W P
ADAMS EXPRESS CO, M J Kelly mngr, 100 N Main.
Adams, Henry E, boilermkr, h 420 Delaware av W P.
Adams, Joseph, lab,h 323 Baltimore av, W P.
Adams, Strphen, lab, h 139 Lincoln.
Adams, Stephen T, lab, h 45 Oak.
Adams, Wm, lab, h 338 Fremont, W P.
ADELSON, MOSES D, Scrap Iron, Steel and Metals, Office and Yards 20-22
Tompkins. res S Main, Wilkes Barre, Pa.
Adrian, Albert F, miner, h 9 Reynolds, Hughestown.
Adrian, Arthur H, clerk, h 31 Frothingham.
Adrian, Augustus H, clk CE Howell, res Scranton, Pa.
Adrian, Clarence F, mach, res 133 Center.
Adrian, Edward H, cigar mkr, h 130 Mill.
Adrian, Edward W. U S A, res 130 Mill.
Adrian, Frank A. lab, h 4 Prospect.
Adrian, Frieda, ck, res 136 Mill.
Adrian, Frederick, lab, h 104 Rock, Hughestown
Adrian, Genevieve, res 133 Center.
Adrian George, mach, res 136 Mill.

Page 39
Adrian, Hazel, winder, res 133 Center.
Adrian, Henry, lab, h 288 Parsonage, Hughestown
Adrian, Howard, lab, res 142 Searle, Hughestown.
Adrian, John, lab res 83 Center.
Adrian, Louis, miner, h 142 Searle, Hughestown.
Adrian, Louis E, lab, res 133 Center.
Adrian, Mabel A, mill wkr, res 130 Mill.
Adrian, Mary (wid Fred'k) h 136 Mill.
Adrian, Rose (wid Henry) res 15 Reynolds.
Adrian, Sarah, rs 288 Parsonage, Hughestown.
Adrian, Wm, carp res 15 Reynolds, Hughestown.
Adrian, Wm F, miner, h 133 Center.
Adrian, Wm H, miner, res 133 Center.
Adrian, Wm O, bartndr, res 288 Parsonage, Hughestown.
Afrado, tozzi, lab,h 232 Damon, W P.
African Methodist Episcopal Church Rev John H Danbridge pastor, Boston av
nr Wyoming av, W P.
Agati, Concetto, lab h 26 Price.
Agnew, Jesse, res 100 Searle.
Agnew, Martha, clk, res 100 Searle.
Agnew, Wm R, engr, h 100 Searle.
Agnew, Wm R Jr, res 100 Searle.
Agolino, Joseph, miner, h 182 E Railroad.
Agudas Acheim Congragation, Gaston Weinberg rabbi, 60 Broad.
Aiello, Alexander, shoemkr 516 Exeter, W P.
Aiello, Beatrice, res 516 Exeter
Aiello, Harry, grocer 511 Exeter, W P.
Aiello, Phillip, grocer 509 Exeter, W P.
Aita, Dominick, clk, res 26 Tederick, Cork Lane.
Ajelsky, John, miner, h 61 Penn av, Exeter boro.
Akales, Anna, (wid Wm), h 108 Butler
Akales, George J, clk Clarke Bros, res 108 Butler
Akales, Mary, res 108 Butler
Alaimo, Rossario, carp, h 233 Johnson.
Alaimo, Samuel, meat market 138 S Main, h same
Alaimo, Samuel Jr, clk, Samuel Alaimo, res 138 S Main.
Alb, Charles, soldier, U S A, bds 35 E Oak, Brownstown.
Alb, Joseph, lab res 35 E Oak, Brownstown.
Alba,Charles, miner, h 51 Jenkins av.
Alba, Guiseppi, lab, h 182 E Railroad.
Alba, Joseph, miner, h 55 1/2 Jenkins av.

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