The following is a portion of the Miner=s Mills Phone Directory in 1894. This covers a portion of the G, H & W

Henry C. Tuck & Company, Druggists, No 7 South Main Street

Private Apartments for Fitting Trusses.


Gock John, laborer, h. Mock nr Coal

A Michael, laborer, bds. Mock nr. Coal

Goodwin John, laborer, h. Pine Ridge row

Gorry John, laborer, h. Center, nr. Chandler av.

Goss Edward, laborer h. nr. Abbott

Graham Joseph, miner, h. New, nr. Center

Gray Ashfield J, laborer, h. Center, nr. Chandler av.

A James, fireboss h. Main nr. Center

Griffiths Isaac T., laborer, h. Union nr. Mock

A David, miner, bds. Main nr. Center

A William laborer, h. New nr. Mock

Gruby Augustus, laborer, h. Shaft, nr. Coal

Gustin Edward N. Weighmaster, h. Main nr. Pine

A William A. Foreman, h. New nr. Center

Habrski John, laborer, bds. R. Mock nr. Coal

Hagan Charles C. slatepicker, bds. Shaft nr. Coal

A Frederick, laborer, h. Shaft nr. Coal

A Millie bds. Shaft nr. Coal

Hall Elizabeth widow John, bds. Mock nr. Ridge

Hammond Maggie J. widow Michael, confectionery, Mock nr. Chandler av. h. Do.

Hanahan Michael stonemason, h. New nr. Mock

Harrington Daniel laborer, bds. Shaft nr. Parsons road

A Daniel miner, bds. Fiddler=s la, near Thomas




Weller Frank A. laborer, h. Parson=s rd. nr. Mock

Welsh Dora, bds. New nr. Mock

A Ellen bds Main nr. Center

A John miner, h. Main nr. Center

A Patrick doorkeeper, bds. Main nr. Chester

A William J. miner, bds. New nr. Mock

Wertman Charles W. driver, h. Parson=s rd. nr. Shaft

White John A. miner, h. Pine Ridge row

A Silvia D. widow Jacob, bds. Chandler av. Nr. Mock

Williams David A. laborer, h. Chandler av. nr Mock

A Henry laborer, bds. Chandler av. nr. Mock

A John E. engineer, bds. Spring nr. Main

A Louise widow, Richard, h. Union nr. Mock

A Martha bds Pine nr. Main

A Owen J. laborer h. Ridge nr. Mock

A Owen J. laborer, bds. Ridge nr. Mock

A Sandrach, miner, h. Pine nr. Main

A Rachel widow David, h. Chandler av. Nr. Mock

A Reece h Chandler av nr. Center

A Robert laborer, h. Mock nr. West

A Thomas D. miner, h. Mock nr. West

A William laborer, bds. Mock nr. Main

Dr. Atkinson=s Colic Mixture, a Safe, Certain and Speedy Cure for Spasmodic and Flatulent Colic in Horses and Cattle. Sold by H.C. TUCK & CO., 7 S. Main St.

Wilson Alvin U. blacksmith, bds. Mock nr. Coal

A Emma widow Henry, bds. Pine Ridge ro

A Frank J. stonecutter, bds. Mock nr. Coal

A Gertrude A. student, bds. Mock nr. Coal

A George laborer, bds. Coal nr. Thomas

A Henry W. stonecutter, h. Mock nr. Coal

A John laborer, bds. Parson=s rd. nr Shaft

Wintersteen Bessie T. teacher No. 6 School, bds at Plains

Worman Ira F. laborer bds. Center, nr. Main

A Jefferson R. laborer, h. Center nr Main

Yoblinski Joseph laborer, h. West, nr. Mock

Yoncer Lewis miner, bds. Main nr. Center

A Peter miner, h. Main nr Center

Zbiluch George, laborer, bds. R. Mock nr. Coal

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