1935 Hazleton City Directory

Published by RL Polk & Co.

h=homeowner; HH=Hazleton Heights; labr laborer; r=resides at;

rr=rear (these houses where behind a house facing the given street);

WH=West Hazleton;

Page 129

Doud, Owen W helper, r 587 N Church

Doudt, Edward (Sarah E) labr, h 138 E Green WH

Dougherty, Anna M milliner, r 60 N Wyoming

Dougherty Apartments 60-62 N Wyoming

Dougherty, Anthony J dentist @ 60 N Wyoming, r at same

Dougherty, Bessie (wid Peter) h 566 N Vine

Dougherty, Celia G h 60 N Wyoming

Dougherty, Cletus student r566 N Vine

Dougherty, Cletus C r 124 S Vine

Dougherty, Daniel miner, r 644 N Vine

Dougherty, Daniel J (Catherine) branch manager Hazle Oil Co, h 5 E Broad WH

Dougherty, Dominick C (Mary), labr h 580 N James

Dougherty, Ezra labr, r 556 N vine

Dougherty, Francis J student, r 640 N Laurel

Dougherty, Frank (Emily) labr, h 221 E Green

Dougherty, Frank J (Emma) agent Met Life Ins Co, r Freeland

Dougherty, Genevieve M Mrs clerk @ dept of Agriculture, r Freeland

Dougherty, Gerald bellman r 697 Alter

Dougherty, Grace (wid John) h 620 N James

Dougherty, Grace R r 697 Alter

Dougherty, Helen D operator Hehigh Telephone Co, r 364 S Poplar HH

Dougherty, James carpenter, h 110 S Sherman Ct

Dougherty, James A (Mary E) miner, h 697 Alter

Dougherty, James J (Catherine) h 126 E Clay Ave WH

Dougherty, James J (Stella) h 309 E Broad WH

Dougherty, John labr, r 576 N Laurel

Dougherty, John (Bessie) trainmen, h 815 W 8th

Dougherty, John A dept mgr @ Great A&P Tea Co, r 471 W Broad

Dougherty, John A (Bridget) labr, h 180 S Fulton

Dougherty, John F clerk @ George A Frank, r 815 W 8th

Dougherty, John H (Violet M) clerk, h 732 W 2d

Dougherty, John J student, r 697 Alter

Dougherty, John K manager, r 815 W 8th

Dougherty, John L labr, r 189 S Wyoming

Dougherty, John P (Rose A) carpenter, h 434 E Samuels Ave HH

Dougherty, Jos F stationary engineer, r 26 W Birch

Dougherty, Jos J labr, r 124 S Vine

Dougherty, Julia C clerok, r 620 N James

Dougherty, Kathryn clerk@ TideWater Oil Co, r 5 E Broad WH

Dougherty, Leo J (Anna) stationary engineer, h 28 W Birch

Dougherty, Margaret E operator @ Bell Telephone r 566 N Vine

Dougherty, Mary (wid Michael) h 26 W Birch

Dougherty, Mary teacher @ Locust St School, r110 S Sherman Ct

Dougherty, Mercedes M r 26 W Birch

Dougherty, Neal J labr, r 640 N Laurel

Dougherty, P Joseph (Mary) Stage director at Crew Levick Co, h 144 E Mine

Dougherty, Patrick J (Esther) brakeman, h 144 E Mine

Dougherty, Peter J (Rose) miner h 640 N Laurel

Dougherty, Peter J teacher Hazle Twp HS r 566 N Vine

Dougherty, Philomena K suprvr Bell Telephone r 620 James

Dougherty, R Rita r 434 E Samuels Ave HH

Dougherty, Robert L (Mary F) foreman, h 112 E Broad WH

Dougherty, Rose clerk @ The Leader, res Beaver Meadows

Dougherty, Thomas F (Leona D) labr, h 615 N Wyoming

Page 130

Dougherty, Thomas V clerk, r 144 E Mine

Dougherty, Vincent student, r 566 N Vine

Dougherty, Wm J labr, r 26 W Birch

Dougherty, Wm J (Sue) labr, h 688 N Vine

Douglas, Anna (wid David W) h rr 650 N Wyoming

Douglas, David (Anna) labr, h 65 N Manhattan Ct

Douglas, Hannah Mrs clerk @ The Leader Store, r rr650 N Wyoming

Dout, Wm E (Adeline) labr, h 191 S Lee Ct

Dowgala, Elsie E r 52 N Bennett Ct

Dowgala, Victor F (Anna) miner h 52 N Bennett Ct

Dowhovich WB Rev, Pastor Patromate of Our Lady RC Church,

Daily Mass 7:30 a.m.; Sunday Masses 8-10 a.m.; Benediction 3 p.m.; Holy days Matins 8 a.m., High Mass 9 am, h 210 Blaine (McAdoo), Tel McAdoo 790

Down, Jesse J (Elva) miner, h 329 E Chapel

Doyle, Alfonse (Nellie) labr, h 52 S Fulton

Doyle, Anna clerk @ P Deisroth's Sons, r 184 S Laurel

Doyle, Dennis labr, h 24 E Chestnut

Doyle, Doris E r 127 W 5th

Doyle, Edward J (MarieT) plumber, h 83 S Laurel

Doyle, Frances R bkkpr @ P Diesroth's Sons, r 184 S LAurel

Doyle, Hannah Mrs saleswoman @Julian Goldman Store, r 360 W Broad

Doyle, John driver C&RProv Co 30 S Laurel

Doyle, John B (Lorettta) salesman, h 697 N Locuswt

Doyle, Lucille T r 112 S Cedar

Doyle, Mary (wid John) r 697 N Locust

Doyle, Mary C nurse, r112 S Cedar

Doyle, Michael E (Hannah R) labr, h 127 W 5th

Doyle, Ralph B mess boy, r 127 W 5th

Doyle, Wm B (Eliz T) h 112 S Cedar

Doyle, Wm F emp CWA, r 112 S Cedar

Draggonet, Herman (Lily) labr, h 788 Alter

Dragoni, Anthony (Mary) shoe repair h 595 Cleveland

Drake, AW pres AW Drake Mfg Co, r Hotel Altamont

Drake, AW Mfg Co, A W Drake pres ; Wm I Ravert v-pres genl mgr; Mrs Margt Berger sec-treas toys mfrs 241-249 S Laurel

Drake, Helen H teacher Green-Vine Jr HS, r 112 N Wyoming

Drake, Kath (wid Elwood) h 563 N James

Dran, Fred T (Mary) r 137 W Muir Ave HH

Drasher, Ada M Stenogr r 606 Peace

Drasher, Chas E r 312 E Mine

Drasher, Chas E (Eliz) labr, r 585 McKinley

Drasher, Clara (wid Wm) h 312 E Mine

Drasher, Clark L (Marion) Resident Partner JH Brooks & Co, h 714 W Diamond Ave

Drasher, Dorthy G saleswoman, r 526 W Green

Drasher, Ezra r 526 W Green

Drasher, Foster (Dora M) labr, h 618 W 2d

Drasher, Francis (Minnie) r rr152 N Laurel

Drasher, Frank (Catherine) miner, h 606 Peace

Drasher, Frank Jr (Anna L) r 606 Peace

Drasher, George W salesman@Eidam Bros, r 210 W Broade

Drasher, Geraldine M silkweaver, r 608 Peace

Drasher, Guy (Marie) plaster contractor , h 1240 E Broad Laurel Hill Terrace

Drasher, Harry W (Eliz) plasterer, h 1240 E Broad Laurel Hill Terrace

Drasher, Harvey E (Ruth) h 129 Putnam WH

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