1937 Hazleton City Directory
Published by RL Polk & Co.

h=homeowner or household head; HH=Hazleton Heights; labr=laborer; r=resides at; LVRR=Lehigh Valley Railroad; rr=rear(this house was behind another which face the given street); WH=West Hazleton; WPA=?

~~~~Page 67

            Brodoski, Mary (wid Peter) h 812 Seybert

            Brodoski, Stella silk worker, r812 Sebert

            Brody, Samuel (Anna) peddler h 80 S Pine

            Brogan, Chas F labr, r 130E Cranberry Ave

            Brogan, Cletus r111 S Wyoming

            Brogan, Dennis (Katie) labr h 111 S Wyoming

            Brogan, Francis G (Hilda M) labr, h 130 E Cranberry Ave

            Brogan, Helen M operator@ Bell Telephone, r Drifton

            Brogan, Lorraine student, r130 E Cranberry Ave

            Brogan, Mary A supervisor @ Bell Telephone r 111 S Wyoming

            Brogan, Robert J (Ida E) driver h 234 E Beech

            Brogano, Joseph r 618 Monges

            Brogano, Louis (Angelina) miner, h 618 Monges

            Brogano, Nicholas (Catherine) labr, h 622 Garfield

            Brogano, Rose shirt worker, r 618 Monges

            Brogano, Theresa shirt worker, r 618 Monges

            Brohovsky, Charles h 314 E Green WH

            Broietti, Angelo (Anna) miner, h 537 E 6th

            Brommer, Allen F (Florence I) electrician, r 583 N Locust

            Brommer, Florence I Mrs clerk@ FW Woolworth Co r 583 N Locust

            Brommer, Francis A (Elizabeth) blksmith, h 722 Peace

            Brommer, Frederick H (Eliz) PWA emp, h 235 E Tamarack

            Brommer, Geo W (Anna) blksmith@ 425 W 4th, h 583 N Locust

            Brommer, Mildred nurse, 583 N Locust

            Bronsavage, Adele shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 30 E Broad

            Bronsavage, Anthony labr, h 309 Winters Ave WH

            Bronsavage, Jos (Mildred) labr, h524 Arthur

            Bronsavage, Michael labr @ LVRR, r 309 Winters Ave WH

            Bronski, Blanche silk wrkr, r 833 Carson

            Bronski, Jos (Cath) miner, r 833 Carson

            Bronski, Walter silk wrkr, r 833 Carson

            Bronson, Wm H (Jean) insurance agent, h 553 W Maple

            Brooks JH & Co (Members NY Stock Exchange) Clark L Drasher Resident Partner, Investment Securities Markle Bk Bldg, 2 W Broad, Tel 3100

            Brooks, Jas R (Florence E) agent @ Prudential Ins Co, h 406 Allen WH

            Brooks, Mary (wid Thos), h 443 E Mine

            Brooks, Patrick J (Katie J) WPA emp, h 256 S Poplar

            Brooks, Sarah M director @ Publication Associates, r 424 W Broad

            Brosious, Mary Mrs housekeeper, r rr98 N Broad WH

            Broski, Dorthy student, r 529 E Diamond Ave

            Broski, Jos (Tillie) bus oerator @ Hazleton Auto Bus Co, r 535 E Diamond Ave

            Broski, Jos Jr student, r 535 E Diamond Ave

            Broski, Michael (Mary) silk worker, h 5329 E Diamond Ave

            Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Hazleton Division # 316 , meets 2d and 4th; Sunday at 43 N Wyoming

            Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, Mt Echo Lodge; meets 1st and 3d Tuesday afternoon at Union Hall, 43 N Wyoming

            Brotherhood of Railway Conductors, Daniel Stewart Sec,;meets 1st Sunday afternoon at Union Hall, 43 N Wyoming

            Brotherhood of Trainmen,;meets 2d and 4th Sunday afternoons at Union Hall, 43 N Wyoming

            Broton, John (Helen) chauffer, h 265 N Wyoming

            Brown, Albert E stationer @ 31 N Laurel, r 803 W Diamond Ave

            Brown, Arthur P dentist @ 134 W Broad R3, res same

            Brown, Bernard H (Della M) mechanic, h 118 E Clay Ave WH

            Brown, Bernard J foreman, r 36 W Broad WH

            ~~~~Page 68

Brown, Bernard V (Margt M) labr, h226 S Pine

Brown, Bridget hsekpr, r 329 E Diamond Ave

            Brown, Bridget (wid Jas) h 16 W Holly

            Brown, Bridget E (wid Malcolm) r 329 E Diamond Ave

            Brown, Carrie (wid Albert) r 66 S Wyoming

            Brown, Cecil (Eliz M) r 581 Lincoln

            Brown, Chas W (Marion) dentist, 101 W Broad, r704 N Church

            Brown, Clarence E (Cath) janitor @ Hazleton Hall Assn, h 213 E Green

            Brown, Cyrus E (Mary) driver for Rosen's Furniture, r Drums Pa Hazleton Road

            Brown, Donald (Helen) druggist, h 320 E Broad WH

            Brown, Donald garage wkr, r 213 E Green

            Brown, Dorothy Mrs semastress @ Hazleton Cleaners & Dyers Inc.,h 134 W Broad, Apt 3

            Brown, Dorthy E student, r 539 N locust

            Brown, Edward J teacher, r 332 W Broad

            Brown, Eliz J bkpr @ YMCA, r 620 S Poplar

            Brown, Elmer (Louise) labr, h 238 N Broad WH

Brown, Ernestine E r 410 Chestnut

            Brown, Frank E gas sta @ 451 E Broad, r 16 W Holly

            Brown, Fred A (Ruth F) electrn 2 Hazleton City School Dist, h 650 N Laurel

            Brown, Fredk (Leah) janito @ PPL, h 260 S Poplar

            Brown, Geo (Mary H) miner, h 38 E 1st

Brown, Geo Jr student, r 38 E 1st

            Brown, Harold B (Margt T) clerk@ Bell Telephone, h605 N Locust

            Brown, Harry A (Rebirda) grocer, 307 W Walnut

            Brown, Harry P (Ethel) trainman, h20 W Magnolia

            Brown, Hugh V.Pres United Mine Workers of America, Dist No. 7 244 W Broad, Tel 2850

            Brown, Jas P (Martha E) binder @ Lusher & Lusher, r 672 N Locust

            Brown, John R (Helen) labr, r 546 N Wyoming

            Brown, Jos W (Lucille M) driver, r 9 W Noble

            Brown, Margt r 16 W Holly

            Brown, Marian V teacher Sr HS, r 332 W Broad

            Brown, Mary weaver, 16 W Holly

            Brown, Mary (wid Jas) r 304 N Broad

            Brown, Mildred stenogr, r 20 W Magnolia

            Brown, Nancy r 243 S Wyoming

            Brown, Nancy E student nurse @ hazleton State Hosp, r650 N Laurel

            Brown, Neil clerk @ Leader Store, r 243 S Wyoming

            Brown, Neil J (BridgetV) labr, h 243 S Wyoming

            Brown, Patk B (Mary C) stripping contractor @ 36 W Braod WH, h same

            Brown, Raymond J r 36 W Broad, WH

            Brown, Richard clerk, r 260 S Poplar

            Brown, Rita r 243 S Wyoming

            Brown, Robert S student, r 202 N 3d WH

            Brown, Ruth clerk @ Leader Store, r 204 E Green WH

            Brown, Samuel driver@ Hazleton AutoBus, r 202 W 3d WH

            Brown, Samuel H sheet metal wkr Anthracite Seperator Co, r803 W Diamond Ave

            Brown, Seth W mgr @ Rubber Service Co, r 134 W Oak

            Brown, Thos (Mary) pumpman, h 322 W Broad

            Brown, Walter H r 332 W Broad

            Brown, Wm H (Maizie M) bldg contractor, h 566 Lincoln

            Brown, Wm H Jr (Martha) carpenter, h 572 Wibur Ct

            Brown, Wm J (Mary J) trainman, h 539 N Locust


~~~~Page 69

Brown, Winifred weaver, r 16 W Holly

            Brownson, E Marjorie teacher @ DA Harman Jr High, r 732 W Diamond Ave

Brownson, George W Chief of Police @ Hazleton City Hall 36 N Church St, Tell 700,               h 732 W Diamond Ave

            Brownson, Kenneth G student, r 732 W Diamond Ave

            Broyan, Cath grad nurse, r591 Carson

            Broyan, Frances grad nurse, r591 Carson

            Broyan, Frances E folder @ Reidler Knitting Mill, r 709 McNair

            Broyan, Frank (Frances) h 709 McNair

            Broyan, Theresa (wid Jos) h 591 Carson

            Bruch, Donald W (Alice G) transmission man @ ATT&T, h 586 N Locust

            Bruch, Sarah (wid Chas) r 424 W Broad

            Bruchs, Sophia B (wid John) r 167 S Wyoming

            Brucker, Wm labr, r 591 Grant

            Brueningsen, Fredk (Leta) salesman, h 667 Seybert

            Brugger, Adolph W (Josephine) miner, h 843 Winters Ave WH

            Brugger, Eugene baker @ Great A&P Tea co, r 843 Winters Ave WH

            Brugger, Nelson r 843 Winters Ave WH

            Brumbaugh, Harry F Rev (Hazel J) pastor of Diamond ME Church, 519 N Locust

            Brunette, Mary R cleaner @ Markle Bank Bldg, r 242 S Pine     

Brunn, Edith silk wrkr, r 547 Carson

            Brunn, John r 547 Carson

            Brunn, Louis A (Mary J) labr, h 547 Carson

            Brunn, Ruth student r 547 Carson

            Bruno, Lucy C clerk @ WT Grant, r Kelayres

            Bruno, Paul P (Armenia) sub teacher r 609 N Church

            Bruns John B road supt @ Central Penna Quarry Stripping & Construcyion Co, r                         Tamaqua

            Brust Dental Laboratory (Herman J and Frank L Brust) 101 W Broad Room 412

            Brust, Eliz F credit mgr @ P Deisroth's Sons, r 126 S Church

            Brust, Frank L (Brust Dental Lab), r 37 S Laurel

            Brust, Geo eng, h 126 S Church

            Brust, Herman J (Irene; Brust Dental Lab) h 92 S Wyoming

            Brust, Herman J (Irene M) labr, h 94 S Laurel

            Brust, Kath L teacher @ Poplar St School, r 126 S Church

Brutofski, John (Mary) miner 105 E Cranberry

            Brutofsky, Jos G barber A gustav Maceyko, r Tresckow

            Brzychcy, Frank silk weaver, r 335 Winters Ave WH

            Brzychcy, Geo (Agnes) miner h 335 Winters Ave

            Bube, Gottfried mason, r 632 Grant

            Bube, Harry G restaurant and liquors @ 456 E Broad, h222 E Mine

            Bube's Grill (Harry G Bube) 456 E Broad

            Bubrowski, Alex r 858 Seybert

            Bubrowski, Peter (Mary) labr, h 858 Seybert

            Bubrowski, Peter Jr helper, r 858 Seybert

            Bucci, Angelo r 236 E Mine

            Bucci, Anna (wid Jas) h 236 E Mine

            Buchert, Alex USN, r 318 Putnam WH

            Buchert, Chas student, r 318 Putnam WH

            Buchert, Florence shirt wkr @ Shirtcraft, r 318 Putnam WH

            Buchert, Mary (wid Jos) h 318 Putnam WH

            Buchholz, Aug J (Eva) painter, h 405 E Carleton Av HH

            Buchholz, Clara seamstress @ P Diesroth & Sons, r 611 Lincoln


~~~~Page 89

            Cimbala, Elizabeth D saleslady @ Dottie's, r Milnesville

            Ciminelli, Anthon labr, r 146 Thirwell Ave HH

            Cinderella Slipper Shoppe, Ed Oram mgr 135 W Broad

            Ciocca, Angelo (Christina) l;abr, h 553 W 20th

            Ciocca, John r 1016 (?) Peace

            Ciocca, Josephine machine oprator, r 553 W 20th

            Ciocca, Mary L student r 553 W 20th

            Ciocca, Victor (Mary) labr h 1016 Peace

            Ciocci, Clara bookkeeper r 654 Hayes

            Ciochon, John F (Anna) weaver, h 1002 W 11th

            Ciotola, Angelo student, r 740 Carson

            Ciotola, Anna Mrs r 521 N Wyoming

            Ciotola, Anthony student, r 521 N Wyoming

            Ciotola, Augustino student r 521 N Wyoming

            Ciotola, Constantino clerk, r 521 N Wyiming

            Ciotola, Frank (Cecilia) labr, h 740 Carson

            Ciotola, Nazerine (Rose) labr, h 738 N Carson

            Ciotola, Nazerine Jr r 738 Carson

            Ciotola, Neil (Eliz) labr h 740 Carson

            Ciotola, Walter r 740 Carson

            Cipriano, Anthony L (Anna) serv sta @ rr804 N James, h same

            Cipriano, Eleanor M r 14 W 1st

            Cipriano, Jos M (Nancy L) miner, h 14 W 1st

            Ciramo, Jos (Anna) labr, h 130 W Samuels Ave HH

            Citizens Publishing Co (John M Janosov) 37-39 Chestnut

            Citro, Helen G saleslady@ SS Kresge, r Freeland

            City Cleaners & Dyers, Lillian Marshall branch mgr, 471 W Broad

            City Electric Co (Frank Kamerdze) elec equip, 31 E Broad

            City Hall (see HazletonŮCity of), 38 N Church bet W Green and W MAple, Tel 700

            City Ice & Coal Co (Roy Allen) 423 W 5th br 530 W Green

            City of Hazleton (see HazletonŮCity of Miscellaneous Section)

            City Produce Co (Hyman Rubin), 146 W Chestnut

            City Tire Co, Jas J Mc Nelis, 15 W Chestnut

            Cladufelter, Margrt Mrs hskpr, h 536 Clevelan

            Clapps, Angeline student, r YMCA

            Clark, Austin J (Grace) labr, h 237 W Thirwell Ave HH

            Clark, Cornelius (Clara J) labr, h 75 S Wyoming

            Clark, Fannie (wid Frank) r rr178 S Pine

            Clark, Helen M grad nurse r 28 W Chapel

            Clark, Jas B r 28 W Chapel

            Clark, John A usher @ Capitol Theater, r 28 W Chapel

            Clark, John J mgr The Star, h 54 S Wyoming

            Clark, John L (Nellie J) h 28 W Chapel

            Clark, Jos (Rose) miner, h 624 Monges

            Clark, Margt grad nurse, 21 E r Beech

            Clark, Mary H Mrs home service sec @ Red Cross, h 614 W Diamond Ave

            Clark, Oswald A (Margt) carpenter, h 351 E Muir HH

            Clark, Sylvia dietician @ Hazleton State Hospital, r same

            Clark, Winifred dom @ Hazleton State Hospital, r same

            Clatch, Anthony (Millie) h 767 N Laurel

            Clatch, Dominic (Louise) driver, r 642 Seybert

            Clatch, Fred (Jennie) labr, h 677 N Vine

            Clatch, Marie grad nurse, r 642 Seybert

            Clatch, Michael (Violet) labr, h 612 Seybert

            Clatch, Rocco twister, r 624 Cleveland

            Clause, Anna shirt worker, r 727 N Vine

~~~~Page 90

            Clause, Dominick (Mary) labr, 727 N Vine

            Clause, Florence shirt wkr @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r265 N Wyoming

            Clause, Herbert (Beulah) labr, h 574 Penn Ct

            Clauser, Aleck, labr, r 327 W Chapel

            Clauser, Anna (wid Henry) beer saloon @356 W Walnut, h same

            Clauser, Aug r 356 W Walnut

            Clauser, John (Anna) miner, r 356 W Walnut

            Clay, Ada F seamstress r 535 Penn Ct

            Clay, Gordon plant mgr Snyder's dairy, r 121 W Diamond Ave

            Clay, Harry H (Anna) labr, h 600 W Maple

            Clay, Henry J (Anna E) h 535 Penn Ct

            Clay, J Adam (edna) labr, h 441 W Spruce

            Clay, Oscar H (Marie) driver Karn's Transfer INc, h 531 W Broad WH

            Clay, Robert J r 535 Penn Ct

            Clearfield, David (Pearl) dept mgr, h 565 N Laurel

            Clemack, Julia winder@Louis Rossel & Co, Inc, r Crystal Ridge

            Clemens, Frank brakeman, r 126 E Mine

            Clemens, Robert G (Maude E) principal @ Pine St School, h 539 N James

            Clemens, Robert K Jr parts clerk @ Chas Rice Motors Inc, r 539 N James

            Clemens, Roy A (Carrie) cond, h 184 S Pine

            Clement, Carmen r 583 Harrison

            Clement, James (Gabelle) labr, h 583 Harrison

            Clement, James Jr student, r 583 Harrison

            Clement, John r 583 Harrison

            Clement, Mary shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 583 Harrison

            Clepper, Albert (Mary) silk wrkr, h 542 N Vine

            Clewell, Jas C (Eliz; Clewell & Vogt Bros) h 575 N Vine

            Clewell & Vogt Bros (Jas C CLewell, Harry W & Fred J Vogt) roofers, rr 48 S Wyoming

            Clews, Harry G (Blanche) clerk h 202 E Holly

            Clifford, Walter pipe line walker, r 57 S Laurel

            Cloke, Eliz C maid, r 190 N Laurel

            Cloke, Florence H clerk @ Markle Bk & Trust, r 586 N James

            Cloke, George C h 915 W Diamond Ave

            Cloke, Simon (Rebecca0 labr, 586 N James

            Cloke, Wm (Emma) labr, h 590 N Locust

            Clouser, Harmen driver for Vince Montone, r Tamaqua, Pa

            Cluck, Christian carpenter, r 625 Grant

            Clyde, Cameron H clerk @ Hazleton Auto Bus Co, h 129 Broad WH

            Clyde, Jas H student, r 519 W 4th

            Clyde, Lester W r 519 W 4th

            Clyde, Walter C (Clara L) labr, h 519 W 4th

            Clyde, Walter C Jr clerk @ Wilson & Co, r 519 N James

            Clyde, Wm J (Cath) mach @ Anthracite Separator Co, h 535 W 1st

            Clyde's Garage (Clyde Walck) 72 N Lee Ct

            Cnama, Bertha shirt wkr @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 113 N Wyoming

            Coburn, Eliz A student nurse, r 324 E Elm

            Coburn, John G (Lillian) labr, h 324 E Elm

            Coburn, Jos T (Dorothy M) labr, h 336 E Elm

            Coburn, Richard P fireman, h 71 S Poplar

            Coburn, Robert T (Jennie) carpenter, r 71 S Poplar

            Coburn, Thomas R (Mary) janitor @ St Johns Primitive Methodist Ch, h 69 S Poplar

            Coburn, Walter E pres East End Eng & hose Co No 3, r 324 E Elm

            Coca Cola Bottling Works OJ Beckerman, mgr 219 W 10th

            Coen, Wm D (Marie J) service rep, h 205 W Maple

            Cogan, Clarence S (Mabel E) labr @ Snyder's dairy, r Peace

            Cogan, Francis E (Mabel E ??) driver, h 612 Peace


~~~~Page 91

Cogan, Howard W (Cath A) labr, h 713 N James

            Coggiano, Angeline r 168 W Carleton Ave HH

            Coggiano, Vincent (Donatilla) h 168 W Carleton Ave HH

            Cohill, Arth F (Beatrice) painter @ Howard E Swoyer, h 52« N Wyoming

            Cohill, Dorthy M bookkeeper @ Home Furnishing Co, r 52« N Wyoming

            Cohn, Harry (Helen; Samuel A Cohn & Bro) r 137 N Church

            Cohn, Henry H announcer @ Hazleton Broadcasting Serv, r 117 S Vine

            Cohn, Morris (Sarah) poultry, h 117 S Vine

            Cohn, Ray Mrs h 100N Wyoming

            Cohn, Reuben L (Lillian R) clk @ Wyoming Valley Water Supply Co, h 225 W Chapel

Cohn, S A & Bro (Saml A & Harry) auto garage, 19 W Hemlock

            Cohn, Samuel A (Anna S; Samlo A Cohn & Bro) h 141 N Church

            Cohn, Samuel A & Bro (Saml A & Harry) hdw 100-02 N Wyoming

            Cohn, Samuel L poultry, r 117 S Vine

            Colacci, Anthony mason, h 99 S Pine

            Coladonato, Dominick labr, h 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Donna C r 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Jelsonina shirt wkr @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Lawrence D sign painter @ Giant Pure Food Store, r 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Leo C carpenter, r 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Marie J shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 591 Cleveland

            Coladonato, Rocco student, r 591 Cleveland

            Colangelo, Louis (Anna) grocer @ 774 Peace, r same

            Colangelo, Martin (Mary) huckster, h 776 Peace

            Colangelo, Mary (wid Anthony) r 774 Peace

            Colasurdo, Mary shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 555 Pardee

            Cole, Edna F Mrs h 204 W Broad

            Cole, Edw J mngr @ Home Improvement Sales Co, r 226 E Beech

            Cole, Eileen T shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 226 E Beech

            Cole, Jas M student, r 226 E Beech

            Cole, Raymond H billman @ Altamont Hotel, r Conyngham

            Cole, John F (Theresa) eng, h 226 E Beech

            Colecio, Mildred (wid Anthy) r 730 N Vine

            Coleman, Benj (Caroline) h 27 E 1st

            Coleman, Henry (Marie) cigars 223 E Diamond Ave, h same

            Coleman, John L (Lena) labr, h 26 W Clay Ave WH

            Coleman, Julia (wid Andrew) h rr28 E Oak WH

            Coleman, Roy (Madeline) labr@ Benjamin Iron & Steel Co, h 200 S Cedar

            Coleman, Thos r 26 WClay Ave Wh

            Colicigno, Michael (Mildred) weaver, h rr 529 Hayes

            Coll, Bernard carpenter, r 127 S Wood wart Ct

            Coll, Bridget A bookkeeper, r 627 N Wyoming

            Coll, Dennis V (Agnes A) labr, h 883 N Locust

            Coll, Hannah M h 627 N Wyoming

            Coll, Harry A (Mary T) labr, h 366 S Poplar HH

            Coll, Hugh A State road inspr, r627 N Wyoming

            Coll, Isabel A r 627 N Wyoming

            Coll, Jas mech @ North Sales Co, r Beaver Meadows

            Coll, Jas J (Rose) machinist, h 419 W Oak

            Coll, Jas J Jr. student, r 4189 W Oak

            Coll, John clk @ Great A & P Tea Co, r 991 E Chestnut

Coll, Mary R nurse at Hazleton State Hospital, r 419 W Oak

            Coll, Michael V (Clara) adv agt @ Capito Theater, r 811 W Diamond Ave

            Coll, Thos P (Genevieve) labr, h 419 E Mine

            ~~~~Page 92

Coll, Verona (wid Jos F) h 1010 E Broad Laurel Hill Terrace

Coll, Wm A (Grace) agt Prudential Ins Co, r McAdoo

            Collice, Anthony shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 25 E 1st

            Collice, Danl student, r 25 E 1st

            Collice, Jenny r 25 E 1st

            Collice, Margt bkkpr, r 25 E 1st

            Collice, Marie Mrs shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons, r 25 E 1st

            Collice, Peter (Loretta) h 25 E 1st

            Collins, Arth B (Betty L) labr, h 993 Peace

            Collins, Betty R clk FW Woolworh, r Harwood

            Collins, Colletta M sten @ Prudential Ins Co, r 799 Alter

            Collins, Eliz (wid John) h 213 S Pine

            Collins, Eug T (Rose M) labr, PP&L Co, h 223 S Pine

            Collins, Jas A (Mary) supt @ Prudential Ins Co, h 567 N Vine

            Collins, Jas A Jr studentr 567 N Vine

            Collins, John K (Martha) h 137 S Church

            Collins, Jos V (Theresa) clk @ P.O. h 799 Alter

            Collins, Marie student, r 567 N Vine

            Collins, Mary T r 799 Alter

            Collpitts, Jas r 33« S Wyoming

            Collpitts, John (Eliz) piano tuner 33 S Wyoming, r same

            Colombia, Jos (Julia) labr, h 554 Hansel

            Colombo, Anthony (Ceclia; Black & White Serv garage) h 23 E Maple

            Colombo, Dominick J (Angeline; Diamond Florist) r 570 Carson

            Colombo, Frances clk @ Diamond Florist, r 579 Arthur

            Colombo, John (Mary) agt Met Life Ins, r 202 S Pine

            Colombo, Jos (Mildred) clk Black & White Garage, r 579 Arthur

            Colombo, Louis 579 Arhtur

            Colombo, Marie 579 Athur

            Colombo, Mary (wid Louis) h 579 Arthur

            Colombo, Pasquale (Grace) grocer 502 E Cranberry Ave, r rr 579 Arthur

            Colondo, Mildred Mrs shirt worker @ S Liebovitz & Sons,

            Colonial Candy Shop (Peter Rodino) confr 54 N Wyoming

            Colonna, Emil (Emilie) clk h 43 E Diamond Ave

            Columbus, Jas mgr Famous Candy Kitchen, r 58 S Laurel

            Combustion Engineering Corp Chrisitan Schillinger sales rep power plant equip @ 8 W                         Broad Room 1109

            Comcheck, Jos (Annie) beer saloon 9 W Clay Ave WH, r same

            Comcheck, Wm labr, h 116 W Clay WH

            Comerford Theatres Inc 123 W Broad Rm 3

            Community Welfare Chest Inc of Middle Coalfield Dist (See Welfare Federation Inc)

            Comp, Foster (Clara) labr, h 83 S Wyoming

            Comp, Margt bookkeeper, r 83 S Wyoming

            Comp, Ralph driver Bittenbender & Co , r 83 S Wyoming

            Comp, Wm (Rose) driver r 34 E Mine

            Comshick Frances h 86 N Fulton

            Conahan, Agatha R r 123 S Vine

            Conahan, Anna (wid Patk) h 123 S Wyoming

            Conahan, Cath (wid Dennis) r 120 S Pine

            Conahan, Cath (wid Leo) h 214 E Noble

            Conahan, R tel opr @ Jere Woodring & Co, r 25 W 7th

            Conahan, Ceclia T student r 669 N Vine

            Conahan, Cletus J r 123 S Vine

            Conahan, Cormas F (Margt) auto brake instr, h 138 S Poplar

~~~~Page 123


            Dotties, (John J Salutko) women's wear 9 E Braod

            Doud, Cath (wid Henry) r 522 N Locust

            Doud, Hubert W (Esther M) labr, h 587 N Church

            Doud, Jeanette M clerk @ Henry's Laundry Co., r 587 N Church

            Doud, John J asst mgr @ Ben Franklin Foundation Inc, h 334 E Walnut

            Doud, Kate (wid John) h h 334 E Walnut

            Doud, Owen W helper, r 587 N Church

            Doudt, Edward (Sarah E) labr, h 138 E Green WH

            Dougherty, Anna M r 60 NWyoming

            Dougherty, Anthony J dentist 60 N Wyoming, r same

            Dougherty Apts 60-62 N Wyoming

            Dougherty, Betty C dom, r 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, Celia G h 60 N Wyoming

            Dougherty, Cletus student r 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Danl J (Cath; Hazle Oil) h 5 E Broad WH

            Dougherty, Dominick C (Mary) h 580 N James

            Dougherty, Edmund miner, 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Edward clerk @ Great A & P Tea C, r 309 E Broad WH

            Dougherty, Eliz (wid Peter) h 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Francis clerk @ Great A & P Tea C, r 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Francis J 640 N Laurel

            Dougherty, Frank (Emilly) h 221 E Green

            Dougherty, Frank J (Emma) agt Met Life Ins Co, h 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Gerald P bellman @ Hotel Loughran, r 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, Grace (wid John) h 620 N Laurel

            Dougherty, Grace R r 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, Helen r 123 N Pine

            Dougherty, Helen D opr @ Bell Tel r 434 E Samuels Ave

            Dougherty, Jas h 110 S Sherman Ct

            Dougherty, Jas (Cath) miner 19 E Beech

            Dougherty, Jas A (Mary A) labr, h 455 E Walnut

            Dougherty, Jas A (Mary E) miner, h 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, Jas J ( Bella) h 309 E Broad WH

            Dougherty, Jas L h 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, John r 576 N Laurel

            Dougherty, John (Bessie) trainman h 815 W 8th

            Dougherty, John A dept mgr @ Great A & P Tea C, r 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, John A (Delia) labr, h 180 S Fulton Ct

            Dougherty, John H (Violet M) clerk, h 732 W 2d

            Dougherty, John J WPA employee, r 816 W 11th

            Dougherty, John L labr, r 189 S Wyoming

            Dougherty, John P (Rose A) carp, 434 E Samuels Ave, HH

            Dougherty, Jos (Mary) attendent, 2 144 E Mine

            Dougherty, Jos F statinery eng, r 26 W Birch

            Dougherty, Jos J labr, r 28 W Birch

            Dougherty, Jos V serv sta, r 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Kathyrn clerk @ Tide Water Assoc OIl, r 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Leo J (Anna) stationery eng, h 28 W Birch

            Dougherty, Margaret E opr @ Bell Tel, r 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Marion clerk @ Gibbs People Service Store, r YWCA

            Dougherty, Mary nurse, 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Mary (wid John) h 123 N Pine

            Dougherty, Mary J teacher @ Locust St Schooll, r 110 S Sherman Ct

            Dougherty, Mercedes M r 26 W Birch

            Dougherty, Michael (Theresa M) WPA employee, r 777Alter

            Dougherty, Neal J labr, r 640 N Laurel

            Dougherty, Nellie r 434 E Samuels Ave HH

            Dougherty, Patk J (Esther) brakeman, h 144 E Mine


~~~~Page 124

            Dougherty, Peter J (Rose E) labr, h 640 N Locust

            Dougherty, Peter J teacher @ Hazle Twp HS, r 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Peter J Jr clerk, r 640 N Laurel

            Dougherty, Philomenia K suprv @ Bell Tel, r 620 N James

            Dougherty, R Rita r 434 E Samuels Ave HH

            Dougherty, Robert student r 471 W Broad

            Dougherty, Robert L (Mary F) supt, h 112 E Broad

            Dougherty, Rose clerk @ Leader Store, r Beaver Meadows

            Dougherty, Rose r 123 N Pine

            Dougherty, Thos F (Leona D) labr, h 615 N Wyoming

            Dougherty, Thomas P (Della D) salesman, h 265 N Wyoming

            Dougherty, Thomas V clerk, r 144 E Mine

            Dougherty, Vern labr, 309 E Broad WH

            Dougherty, Vincent r 566 N Vine

            Dougherty, Wm J (Sue) chauf h 688 N Vine

            Dougherty, Wm J (Mary) labr, h 26 W Birch

            Douglas, Anna Mrs h 650 N Wyoming

            Douglas, Anna (wid David) clk @ Leader Store, h 651 Manhattan Ct

            Dout, Wm E (Adeline) labr, h 191 S Lee Ct

            Douvario, Ann P Mrs r 199 S Cedar

            Dow, Vincent Auto mechanic @ Power City Motor, r Tamaqua

            Dowgla, Albert K Student, r 621 N Wyoming

            Dowgla, Eliz E r 621 N Wyoming

            Down Jesse (Elva) miner, h 341 W Mine

            Downend Ralph S (Florence E) salesman h 651 Alter

            Doyle, Alfonse (Nellie) labr @ PP&L, h 52 S Fulton

            Doyle, Anna clerk, @ P Deisroth & Sons r184 S Laurel

Doyle, Doris E r 125 W 5th

            Doyle, Edw J (Marie T) plumber, h 83 S Laurel

            Doyle, Elaine 360 W Broad

            Doyle, Frances R bookkeeper, @ P Diesroth's, 184 S Laurel

            Doyle, Hannah Mrs saleswm @ Julian Golman Store, 360 W Broad

            Doyle, John B (Loretta) driver @ C& R Prov Co, 427 W 10th

            Doyle, John B elevator opr @ Hazleton National Bank Bldg, 360 W Broad

            Doyle, Mary (wid John) 427 W 10th

            Doyle, Michl E (Hannah R) labr 125 W 5th

            Doyle, Ralph B messenger 125 W 5th

            Doyle, William B (Eliz C) foreman, 112 S Cedar

            Doyle, William F labr. 112 S Cedar

            Dozeski, Metro (Eliz B) bus driver, 240 W 1st

            Dozeskie, Jos driver Hazleton Planning Mill Co, r Beaver Meadows

            Dragonette, Herman (Lillian) rr 816 N Vine

            Dragoni, Anthony (Mary) 595 Cleveland

            Dragoni, Florence student, 595 Cleveland

            Drake, Helen H teacher@ Green & Vine Jr HS, 104 S Cedar

            Drake, Jennie L 314 « W Green

            Drake, Kath (wid Elwood) 563 N JAmes

            Dran, Fredk T (Mary) ins agt rr 142 W Samuels Ave HH

            Dran, Michl 137 W Muir Ave HH

            Drasher, Ada M Sten, 606 Peace

            Drasher, Anna M 779 Alter

            Drasher, Clara E (wid Wm) 779 Alter

            Drasher, Clark L (Marion) Resident Partner @ JH Brooks & Co, 714 W Diamond Ave

            Drasher, Donald 648 N Vine

            Drasher, Foster (Dora M) labr, 618 W 2d

            Drasher, Frank (Anne) labr, 203 N 3d WH

            Drasher, Frank (Cath) miner 606 Peace

This Town History was donated by Nanci Pane.  Unfortunately, "The submitter does not have any other information or listings other than what is contained on these pages. The Hazleton Area Public Library may have further information. "
If appropriate to include the address and phone no. of the library is : 55 N. Church St., Hazleton, PA. 18201
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